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When Apple announced the results for its 2012 holiday quarter, the reaction from Wall Street was extremely negative. Despite selling a record 48 million iPhones, and recording a record $54.5 billion in revenue, the company’s stock dropped more than 10% following the news.

A lot of folks have tried to explain the phenomenon—investors are worried about its slowing growth, or its ability to handle stronger competition from the likes of Google and Samsung. But the truth is, Apple is performing better than it ever has, and better than everyone else…

apple disappointing quarter

What you’re looking at here is a chart from statista, one of the leading statistics companies on the web, that shows the net income of the top 10 most profitable US companies during last year’s fourth quarter (or this year’s first fiscal quarter). And as you can see, Apple’s on top.

Apple’s $13.1 billion quarter was not only a record for the company, but was also one of the highest quarterly profits ever to be reported by any company—ever. As Tim Cook famously said in a recent Town Hall meeting, “the only companies that report better quarters pump oil.”

Statista breaks down the CEO’s statement:

“Historically, Tim Cook was right on that point: the only companies that ever reported a quarterly profit higher than Apple’s $13.1 billion are ExxonMobil and the Russian energy giant Gazprom, who reported net profit of $16.2 billion in the first quarter of 2011.
Looking at the short term though, even oil companies fail to deliver better quarters than Apple. In the December quarter, Apple earned $3 billion more than ExxonMobil, and at least $5 billion more than any other company in the United States. That includes oil companies such as Chevron, pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase.”

While it’s true that Apple’s beginning to slow down—and it was inevitable that it would at some point—you can see how the ‘doom’ reports are extremely exaggerated. With more than $130 billion in the bank and a bright 2013 ahead of it, Apple is still very much alive and well.


  • Zack

    Then where does the Money go to ? I feel Confused …

    • Lordthree

      Apple hoards most, Dividends a little back to investors, spends some on R&D, purchasing other companies & patents, and machines for production. They recently decided to buy back a lot of shares of their own… That will be a big investment.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    How about mentioning Google, with revenue of $11.34 billion? Or Samsung with $52.43 billion in profit and $8.27 billion in revenue? I guess it’s fine to mention Apple’s competitors when mentioning their products (which often end up being mocked and ridiculed), but when it comes to this, then it’s not? Is it so much to ask for you to be consistent?

    • Classic troll

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Because daring to mention someone’s inconsistency makes me a troll. Right.

      • No because you troll apple sites. You’re not daring anyone so get off your high horse you douche. But keep assuming that no one is intelligent enough to think for themselves, see how far that gets you

      • Tr1pTr0p

        So far, the only one that has tried to asses (and failed miserably) someone’s intelligence is you. img27 imageshack us/img27/2918/screenshot20130208at074.jpg

      • Siv

        And you’re an iSheep. Congrats.

      • Yea cause you know everything about me

      • Tr1pTr0p

        What sites, liar? The only ones I visited in the past month or even more are this and Jailbreak Nation (where I don’t remember the last time I even commented). And I’m the one who is trolling? You fucking hypocrite!

    • Melvco

      The chart was made by statista, and includes the top 10 most profitable ‘US’ companies. We were just passing it along. And I’m not sure I understand the numbers your quoting.

    • theproph

      Samsung had 52 bil in revenue and 6.6 bil in profit. This is less than half the profit of Apple from a company that makes everything from dishwashers to TVs.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Higher profits mean what to you, exactly? Well, it tells me several things. For starters, keeping in mind how many different products Samsung’s currently offering and selling, their profit margins are still much lower than Apple’s… That simply shows how Apple overprices their products, which in turn significantly increases their profits. And what do you think, that Apple only sells iPhones and iPads? No, there is the iTunes music store, two App Stores, all kinds of software, hardware, services, and so on and on and on.

        Based on your “number of services and products” argument, does that mean Exxon and Chevron are somehow better because they are only in one business – “pumping oil”, as Cook said? I don’t get it.

      • dude you aren’t winning your argument. i get that you have an erection for samsung and that’s fine. we all have our likes and dislikes however the reality is still that it takes samsung selling tv’s, washing machines, phones…you name it they make it and sell it….it takes all of that for them to make half what Apple makes. your argument that Apple overcharges for their products is an opinion…yours….and really doesn’t matter but if you want to go by your opinion then let’s do so. the fact Apple sells their products for what they do and they sell a record number of 48+ million iPhones in 1 quarter is amazing. do you think samsung would be able to sell their plastic phones if they charged $199-$399 for them? quite simple…NO! that is why they sell them for $99 at a high and FREE at a low. that is telling enough that Apple can get $199 full price for a phone….over 48 million times in 3 months, yet samsung can’t make ZERO 48 million times in 3 months. think about that one…samsung gives away their phones and they didn’t give away 48 million galaxy 3’s in 3 months yet Apple sold over 48 million $199-$399 iPhones in that same 3 month period. in all Apple has maybe a dozen products, including their app stores. how many does samsung have? more than a dozen that’s for sure! not to mention more redundancy and repeats of the same product within product lines so they have dozens upon dozens of products. it’s ok i don’t expect you to just shut up and admit that you are wrong but let me just say it for ya…you are wrong.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Where do you find all this bullshit? I don’t get erections for electronic products, but if you do, you may need professional help. Apple overcharging for their products is a fact. All it takes is a good hard look at the god damn definition of the word “overcharge”!

        Samsung has already sold more than 10 million Galaxy S3s in the US alone, so I don’t get where did you find that bullshit. And part of it is your complete and utter misunderstanding of how things even fucking work! It’s not Samsung that is giving away those devices, but carriers who give it to you for free, if you sign a contract with them. How much is the S3 selling for right now? Oh, yeah, the same as the iPhone, starting at $199. And I hope that by plastic you mean high quality polycarbonate.

        Next to millions of products Samsung makes, from dishwashers, washing machines, TVs, to smartphones, and so on and on… Apple, with its “dozen” products, as you say, still makes twice as much in profits. I think you’re the one who has to think about it Go learn the freaking basics, and while you’re at it, please don’t suffocate on that apple flavored cock you’re sucking so hard.

    • memuser

      They didn’t mention Google or Samsung because their profits are not worth mentioning along side of Apples. Google and Android are a joke.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m kind of getting tired of shitty comments like this. Google’s profits are close second on that list (with more than 11 billion in profits, compared to Apple’s 13 billion), so you need to get your head out of your ass and thank Google for pushing innovation with Android, unlike what Apple has been doing for the past 3+ years with their iOS devices.

  • m3nphls

    That’s why Apple should go private. All these Wall Street folks can go suck a big one.

  • Benchmark Apps

    Tr1pTr0p starts a fight on everything I read, I look at the comments and you always start one, so I had to make a fu**in account just to push it in your face. Go to a fu**in Android forum you piece of sh**. Far out, let Apple fans have their opinions without you talking about your stupid plastic phones, sheesh!