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One of the utilities you aren’t going to find in iTunes is a fully featured BitTorrent client. While BitTorrent doesn’t have the best reputation in mainstream media, not all torrents constitute piracy and not all piracy occurs over BitTorrent. A good BitTorrent client is handy to have, and their absence on iTunes provides savvy users with another reason to jailbreak.

iTransmission 3 isn’t just an update of the popular iOS BitTorrent client with support for iOS 6 thrown in. The jailbreak app comes complete with an improved UI, an updated backend, and exclusive compatibility with iOS 6…

iTransmission 3iTransmission 3’s main screen.

The interface in iTransmission 3 has thankfully been simplified. There’s a screen on the main page for monitoring your transfers, and a banner along the bottom to access all the functions. The banner includes buttons for adding torrents, refreshing the display, setting limits on bandwidth use, and a link for other preferences and settings.

Unfortunately iTransmission 3’s interface currently lacks support for the iPad’s large display; a feature I already miss from iTransmission 2. I really like being able to manage my downloads from my iPad’s big screen, so I made do with FullForce.

iTransmission 3 accepts direct magnet links, as well as any torrents you can access through the built-in web browser. I was able to access my Humble Bundle account through the browser. All I had to do was click on the link for a torrent file to start a download, and it appears in my transfers.

iTransmission 3 download

On a good torrent, iTransmission 3 is wickedly fast. I snagged the Retina resolution copy of Signal To Noise, a 54MB PDF, in just under three minutes on a modest DSL connection. Obviously speeds will depend on the number of seeds and peers you can connect to, but the software itself seems to be capable.

As you would expect, there are options for limiting the maximum number of connections, connections per torrent, upload and download limits, and the ability to set whether you want the app to use Wi-Fi or Cellular. If you have any kind of data caps from your ISP, you will want to monitor the limits you set closely.

You can find iTransmission 3 in the ModMyi repo in Cydia. The app is completely free.

Do you think iTransmission 3 is a step up from the previous version? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Raggaha Taymong Gamyoi?

  • Nice article. iTransmission looks amazing

  • I have used I transmission 3 to download a 250mb file on my wifi connection and I was able to get 1.7mb/s download speeds , just don’t use to many connections or it may crash the app or your device

  • Rickm_jr

    Hey guys is there a tweak or app that allows me to view the bit rates of music in the music app? I know I can view them in iTunes but seeing it on the go is better.

    • Hm. That’s an interesting idea. I’ve never seen that in a tweak, but I would suggest getting in touch with the developers behind Music Controls Pro. Suggest it as a feature.

    • dmlsthe1

      I use mewseek. It won’t show up in iTunes but you can navigate to it’s download folder in an iPhone explorer like iFunbox to copy into iTunes

  • the man

    So help me understand here. You guys openly are against pirating of Apps and cydia content, however you will openly promote the use of a bit client? This is cleary a pirate tool for music & movies among other things. i am not saying I am for or against pirating just wondering how you justify picking and chosing what theft to support?

    • He did clearly say it’s sole feature isn’t piracy. I use torrents all the time for free stuff mainly due to the better speeds I can get

      • the man

        Most and I mean most average computer users use bit clients for piracy. I would bet 95% of client traffic is pirated material. I agree that it can be used for other things but most don’t. Like I said, I’m not stating my ground on piracy, I’ve done my share of tv and movie downloads. I just don’t see how they can promote one thing and not the other. The fact is people are pirating, all the pirate repos were overloaded on evasi0n release day just like every legal one. Why promote a tool that most will use to steal if you are against it?

      • Don Reid


      • Why? For the people who don’t use it for piracy. If there was nop promotion then how am I meant to know it’s there?

      • I don’t pirate, and I think BitTorrent is a cool technology.

        Most people who pirate have moved to streaming sites and DropBox, because they’re easier to use and ISPs don’t currently monitor for it.

        Should we not mention DropBox?

      • Well you’re kind of justifying something over a false stereotype. I can use my car to mow down a hundred people but that doesn’t make it a weapon, nor does it stop websites how are pro-gun control from using them or promoting them

      • the man

        You’re not comparing apples to apples. A car to now people down is not the same because that’s not its primary use. The primary use by far is to pirate. The primary use of a car is driving. Please come with a decent comparison.

    • Good point steffan essar

    • Just to make a point. If you go to this post on the Dev Team blog, you can see a link to a BitTorrent for PwnageTool: That’s a link, posted by MuscleNerd himself.

      Torrents aren’t always used for piracy.

      • True. Just like appsync isn’t always used for piracy either. Be consistent

      • the man

        I said it right in my post. I realize they are not ALWAYS used for pirating. All these people here who want to say they don’t pirate anything is horse poop. You mean to tell me you’ve never used napster, limewire, but torrent for a single song, movie or TV show? You are one in a million guys. Every record store on the planet has closed because of iTunes right??

      • I have never used napster, limewire, or bittorrent to download a commercial song, movie, or TV show. I’d probably save a lot of money if I was a pirate, but then I wouldn’t be paying content creators (like myself) for their time.

        There’s a fair bit of piracy, but there’s also a lot of people who buy from big box stores, iTunes, Amazon, and streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. These services are highly successful, so not everyone can be pirating…

    • BitTorrent isn’t a tool for installing cracked software. It’s a tool for transfering or distributing files, like DropBox.

    • Soul purpose is not to pirate stuff that is simply an assumption on your end. Tons of free stuff and good stuff. It’s like saying the soul purpose of safari private mode in iOS is to surf porn. It’s not but you are free to think that.

  • Troy

    Why do you need a torrent client for an iPhone??

    • Well, otherwise it would have taken ages for me to directly download the high resolution comic I’ve purchased to my iPad. 🙂

    • I think it’s good way to save a lot of time waste.. Instead keeping the desktop torrent client opened, downloading and pushing my internet speed, i can do that during my sleep when im not using my desktop, i can seed and everything during the sleep. Simple as that

  • Itransmission seems not connecting to seeders, only peers. Try downloading a torrent with seeders only.

  • Joe Hanson

    I’d rather know than not know what’s out there. I’m all about the technology. When I came to this article it was not about “Ohh, what free shit can I pirate now.” It was based on the principal of “That’s interesting, a bit torrent client on iOS 6. Neat.” But then again, I am a newcomer to the jail breaking scene and it may be old news. On the other hand the fact remains, I wouldn’t know where to find a torrent that wasn’t something pirated… except a flavor of linux iso.

    • The Humble Bundle site allows users to torrent content they’ve paid for. It lets you download large files without having to put strain on their servers directly.

  • a smit

    when is someone going to release an app that lets me control my bittorrent box (which runs ubuntu w/ transmission) ? the web interface for transmission when in ios-safari kinda sucks (no hotlinking, have to log in each time, etc)

  • 72728

    Download iTransmission+ Goodplayer+ iFile= free movies 🙂

  • breagz

    Does iTransmission 3 come with background capabilities? I’ve always felt this was the only thing that was lacking from iTransmission 2. I had to keep the app open in order for torrents to continue downloading.

    • SexualChocolate


      • breagz

        Thanks Mark Henry.

      • Are you sure?
        My downloads stop whenever I switch between apps or lock my phone.
        Is there another tweak that needs to be downloaded along with it?

      • smtp25

        Are you sure or just saying yes because you think it does

  • Can someone plese tell me HOW TO USE IT? Neither iTransmission 1 nor 2! I’ve tried e’m all…never got any of them working!

  • smtp25

    I get this error “Unable to save resume file: No such file or directory”? google says you just create the download directories with iFile but hasn’t worked for me.

    Anyone else?

  • JC

    Can this download torrents automatically through RSS feeds (ie. like RSS downloader in uTorrent)?
    If not, is there a client on ios that can?

  • It stops downloading when the app is not in focus or when the screen locks… Any idea on how to keep the downloading running in the background!?!!

    • Arun Kumar

      1) Go to /Applications/ using iFile…
      2) And edit Info.plist and paste this function at the bottom before “”




      3) Switch off and restart the Ipad. Now iTransmission runs on the background and have connections with peers even on the background.
      4) Remember to close the app manually when your downloading/seeding is complete.

      • has anyone able to have this working? I tried this — had error “Invalid: Encountered non-empty on line 133”

      • Kevin Carolan

        I think I fixed it seems to work with this pasted before





        Make sure to paste it between and then save and reboot your device then it should be fixed. Comment if it worked for you.

      • Svitopir

        Works for me
        Thanks man 🙂

      • Tanvir

        Doesn’t work. Help please

      • Tanvir

        It it should be like this ?







  • Arun Kumar

    To Run ITransmission in Background

    1) Go to /Applications/ using iFile…
    2) And edit Info.plist and paste this function at the bottom before “”




    3) Switch off and restart the Ipad. Now iTransmission runs on the background and have connections with peers even on the background.
    4) Remember to close the app manually when your downloading/seeding is complete.

  • when u remove the torrent file but dont delete the data how do u view the data,there isn’t a file of the data! someone help please!

  • I was able to use it before under ios 5.. Updated to ios 6 and can not use it anymore… It prompts an error message that isa an invalid torrent file. I have been getting torrent from the same site..

  • Zayed


  • Todd Jones

    Does ya ipad have to be jailbroken to use this?

  • Joseph Jojo Roper

    So we saw that it isn’t optimized for the iPad’s large display, I also use full force on my ipad but that’s only for portrait mode, any tweak that allows me to also use it in landscape mode? Or how can I do it using flex 2

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Retina resolution?