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As you may be aware, the initial release of the evasi0n untethered jailbreak broke a few minor features in iOS 6, most visibly the native Weather app on the iPhone and iPod touch. Word from the developers is evasi0n’s exploit corrupted an important plist settings file for System apps like Weather, Siri, and the App Store. Lucky for our tech savvy readers, there’s an easy fix that can replace the broken plist file in minutes. The script we are working with come from pod2g himself…

While pod2g and Planetbeing have submitted an updated package to Cydia which should fix the issues with the corrupted plist file (as well as fixing a deeper issue that may have caused a noticeably long boot up sequence for some uses), you can fix the Weather issue yourself by copying a script into terminal.

If you have MobileTerminal installed, you can actually run the script straight from your device itself. Otherwise you can tunnel into your device in iFunBox, or log in through SSH.

Step 1: Copy the following script from your device’s browser:

chmod -x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy
killall -9 mobile_installation_proxy
rm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
launchctl stop
launchctl start

while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
sleep 1
while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
sleep 1

sleep 10

chmod +x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy

Step 2: You can’t paste directly into MobileTerminal, so we’ll have to work around this first. Open MobileTerminal, press the information button, and enter the shortcut menu. You will be able to paste the script into a new shortcut. Make sure the script is entered correctly, as the iPhone’s copy tool may miss the beginning or the end of the script.

paste script weather

Step 3: Open MobileTerminal and log in as root. The command is ‘login root’ and the default password is ‘alpine’.

shortcut menu weather fix

Step 4: Open the shortcut menu on the left hand side of the screen and select the new shortcut you created.

mobileterminal weather fix

Step 5: Set the device aside and let the script do its work. Once the command is finished, it should reboot automatically.

weather fixed

After your device reboots, you can open the Weather app to make sure everything is working correctly. This may also fix issues associated with Siri and the App Store, though I haven’t noticed any of the issues on either of my devices. While you’re in MobileTerminal, you should take the opportunity to change your terminal login information.

Let us know if you have any issues in the comments section below.


Edit: Added a semicolon to the end of the script to ensure the reboot sequence happens.

  • Didn’t have to fix my weather app. 😛 Works just fine after the jailbreak.
    iPhone 4 GSM 6.1


    • you_fook

      Same here, although my FaceTime isn’t working after JB. I’m on WiFi too. Looking into it, it may have a problem with 3G Unrestricter. Although I can’t imagine that being the problem because like I said I’m on WiFi and have unistalled it and still have a non working FaceTime on my 4S…..

      • Try uninstall 3G unrestrictor and see.

      • you_fook

        I did, that wasn’t the problem. I had an activation issue. I had to turn FaceTime off and then back on to reactivate it.

      • Good to hear you fixed it.

      • you can just use via skype oovoo or ect. to connect with more devices 🙂

      • you_fook

        I barely video call anyone, so it’d just take up space on my phone. Nothing wrong with Skype, I’d just never use it.

      • I prefer FaceTime and iMessages, but all my peers use android.
        My preference stems from when I had a Nokia N900 and Facebook chat and Skype was built into the SMS app. And Skype was built into the phone app.

    • AlbertaClipper

      Me too

    • rebbot the phone and then open weather app

    • Ernest John Darjuan

      Me Too :((
      How Can I Fix This 🙁

  • Is there a list of iPhone 5 compatible tweaks/themes?

    • Why don’t you use GOOGLE, it’s your friend.

      • Kurt

        Because Apple fanboys think they are cheating on their bf Steve Jobs when they use Google.

    • Yes, I have found it to be wrong on different occasions.

  • Nice, the script works well!

  • Guest

    Cannot work on 4S

    Become white apple!

  • Doesn’t work! Still doesn’t work.

    • Is your device a 4S?

      • jw_ledwell

        Mine is a 4s :/ I did everything that this page said to do in terminal, rebooted and my weather app still won’t work.

  • Thanks mike

  • Guest

    Cannot work on 4S

    Become white apple!

    pls help

    • Just hold down the home and power button and let it restart again.

  • pnh

    Any chance they’re going to have a patch for this? I don’t have the time to mess with this script.

    • If you’d have read it all you’d know that there will be an updated package in Cydia soon…

  • Cannot work on 4S!

    • It does work, you are doing it wrong, please wait for the update so you do not break anything.

  • gcat10

    Anybody else get stuck on the Apple logo screen after a reboot? I have to do a hard reset on my iPhone 4S/iOS 6.1 to get back to my home screen.

    • JRaynor

      same here you are not alone i have to remove the jailbreak since i could not stand it anymore, i’m going to try it again after some updates this one doesn’t look as good as the one for 5.1

    • This is a problem with the jailbreak it self. The evad3rs probably know off this, and will probably fix it.

      I for one would encourage them to calm down and do it in their own pace, let the rest.

    • arlind mulaj

      Me to but after 10min waiting it works.

    • Yep, my 5 did the same thing. Didn’t fix the weather app on hard reset either. I’m thinking this won’t work on 5’s.

      • im stuck at the apple logo screen now. what can i do now ?

  • Works! iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 – just make sure you guys copy ALL lines of the script

  • Yogi

    Dumb Q…Where do i find the mobile terminal?

    • Cydia – search – mobile terminal

    • DosXX


      • Yogi

        I’ve searched…can’t find it. Procedure please

      • This is for power users only, please wait so yo dont break something.

      • Yogi

        ok will do. Thanks! Hope it won’t be long

      • I do not know the effects of a broken mobile.installation.plist
        Id hate for the for loop to fail because mobile terminal was used incorrectly.

      • DosXX

        Go to cydia and search for mobileterminal (one word) and install it.

        Also I can say that this does work on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 after a reboot.

      • It identifier is mobileterminal-applesdk You can install it over SSH using APT, but if I were you, I’d wait to the update to the Evasi0n Untether package on Cydia

    • Install via Cydia, but as you ask that question I encourage you to wait for the automatical fix that will be published in cydia.

  • tommycullum

    I believe the issue affects OTA 6.1 updaters. After a full restore and a re-jailbreak, Weather app works fine for me now. 4S

    • I did not OTA, I have the problem. I am a power user. I don’t care to fix it before an update is published.
      Idd just save it as a script and chmod it, then run it via SSH. But Im not going to.

      • frorre

        you can just tap on the weather widget in NC and then its fixed 🙂 activate weather in NotificationCenter and tap on it and it will open the weather app and you can close it and open it as usual after that 🙂

      • That does not work for me.
        I do not use the weather app at all, only the widget that is related to it anyway.

    • Yes your right, you have to full restore, but what about the update in cydia.

      It is voor people that uses the tethered but i am now untethered so what now?

      yeah can not remove it or update?

  • Guest

    It’d be nice if a Cydia fix would just be done to correct this.


    • It will be published soon on Cydia. It will probably show up as a update to evasi0n.

      • Stupid ass

        Stupid ass

      • Stupid ass

        It will be posted on Cydia not evasion as an update smart ass. Go read iPod2g blog

  • Doesn´t work on iPhone 5

  • still not working -.-!

  • dave

    any idea when the update will be pushed/available in cydia? (for those who aren’t maybe as comfortable/lazy doing it the manual way)

    • I encourage you to not try anticipate it as fast.
      They have done so much, and probably want to make the update very perfect. And fix some other small things too.

  • Carlos Briones

    This fixed my Weather App! What were the issues with Siri and the App Store?

  • Me

    It worked on my iphone 5…it didn’t reboot automatically though. I had to press return first.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Thats correct, I got tired of waiting, so after a 2 minutes I just pressed the home button and it rebooted. Didn’t fix the weather app though. iPad mini 6.1…

      • DosXX

        iPad Mini shouldn’t the weather icon. This fix is for iPhone and iPod touch users.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        The weather app automatically installed after the jailbreak. So I experience the same issue. But now my Cydia.pp opens up in iPhone size mode and is unusable…any one experiencing this? This is the second time it happens, I dont want to re-jailbreak again..

      • FabianPVD

        The fix also works for the iPad Mini.

    • Same here. Had to type enter for it to reboot.

      EDIT: The script ran okay, but has NOT fixed Weather app on my iPhone 5. I triple-checked the script matches and it does.

      EDIT2: Added an extra line below ‘reboot’ in the script and ran it again and now my phone is stuck on boot screen w/ Apple logo. Fantastic.

  • Anthoni2

    Not work!!!

    • your fault!!!

    • It does work, you are doing it wrong, wait for the update so you do not break anything.

  • This fix worked for me on my iPhone 4!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    How about a tweak that does all this automatically…

    • Read the post again..

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        How can I find it.. what should I search in cydia…?

      • It’s not out yet

  • Owny

    I have a problem that Siri not recognized my apps and apps not opened by Siri after jailbreak Evasion on ios 6.1

    • DosXX

      That happened to me to yesterday. Then I downloaded some more jailbreak tweak and siri now can find my apps. She says ” It doesn’t look like you have an app named safari” right?

  • Gamer4Life

    Its not rebooting,what should i do?

    • Just press ENTER when it says “reboot”.

  • got it working– thanks!

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Cydia.pp opens up in iPhone size mode and is unusable…any one experiencing this? This is the second time it happens, I dont want to re-jailbreak again..I’m using the iPad mini 6.1…

    • get into safe mode with sbsettings then delete retinapad 😛

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Dont have sbsettings but ill try programming Activator to let me.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Well look at that, worked! Thanks so much! Really wasn’t looking forward to re-jailbreak and install all my tweaks again!

      • You are welcome, I had the same problem 😀 But you never need to re-jailbreak Thanks to safe mode 😀

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Yeah, it just never came in mind to go in Safe Mode. And yeah I always had a feeling it was either RetinaPad or FullForce messing with it. Just glad everything is fine now Thanks again.

  • This doesn’t work on an iPhone 5.

    • Tencents

      Doesn’t work on my iPhone 5

  • Thanks! Worked for me except the reboot didn’t happen. Had to manually reboot after a long time. Also got stuck on the long startup logo issue and had to hit Power + Home to reboot fresh. Loaded up fine then and the Weather App is now working. Didn’t have an issue with Siri and only had one glitch connecting to the store once but I am not sure that was because of this but regardless the App Store works fine also.

    • Figured out why it didn’t reboot. did not have a line after the last line ‘reboot’ so it didn’t enter it. It caused some other issues as well with rebooting and getting back into mobile terminal as well. Seems to be working much better now.

      • Interesting. I added a semicolon to the end of the script that should fix this.

  • Ernie Marin

    well i’ll wait for the update, iphone 5 is a bit more prone to errors since this is the first jailbreak for it ever and in a way we are still in the testing phase, or at least i am with most of my old iphone 4 cydia apps, and there also some great weather apps on appstore that at least for me have worked, not as good as the stock app, but good enough until a fix, however so far i’ve had no issues with appstore or siri, and if i ask for the weather in siri it gives me the forecast with no problems.

    • Only issue I’ve had with Siri is the chatbot in AssistantExtensions freezes my iPod whenever I try to use it, and I have to reboot my iPod

  • For those who are getting stuck at the apple logo just hard reset and hold down the volume up button to boot into safe mode and then turn off and turn on to boot in regular mode. Only works if mobilesubstrate is installed which is if you have sbsettings

  • Saw this on gizmodo. Worked great on my iPhone 5, after my phone rebooted the weather app opens without crashing ect…

  • Ahmed Hassan

    Didn’t work for me, and now the notification center doesn’t work ? any help ?

  • pauleebe

    This is cool, but I’ll just wait for the update that will arrive in Cydia soon 🙂

  • My weather worked at the beginning, but stopped working eventually… I’ve just done that. It’s rebooting now….

    DID NOT HELP ME. iP5 6.1

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      This might not be the place but is anyone experiencing huge battey drain after evasi0n (jailbreak) I’m on an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1
      Cydia Tweaks & Apps installed:
      IntelliscreenX 6
      3G unrestrictor

      All tweaks & apps all running the latest version.

      • Kevin Wang

        Uh… IntelliscreenX, Auxo and Zephyr alone could drain your battery super fast because those tweaks have fancy graphics and would most definitely drain your battery.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Thank you I since than fix the issue

  • I ran this script on my 4S, 6.1 and my phone never came out of reboot, even after hard reset. No bueno. Stuck on Apple logo.

    • you cant hard reset jb iphone
      it will hang

    • Same here. Worked great on an iPhone 4, GSM, iOS 6.1. Hangs on iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1. A few hard resets and it booted back to the way it was before, weather app still not working. I just ran the script again. Going to see how long I can wait this out.

      • No dice. It force-aborted the startup and shut off after like 10 minutes. Rebooted back into the springboard with no fix applied.

      • I heard that this doesn’t work if we have installed AppSync 🙁

      • Figured it out. I didn’t have appsync installed, but something went wrong when I made the bash script. I deleted mobile.installation.plist and LaunchServices-045.csstore manually. If you have appsync, uninstall it and (re?)install UIKit Tools with the new update for evasi0n. If you reboot and it still has the same problem, go ahead and delete the two files I mentioned. Reboot afterwards and everything should be fine. 🙂

      • Angryduderighnow

        Same here on 4s…. Fkin shiet

    • power off your device. Plugin your iphone sync cable on your computer, then hold down the home button and connect your device and keep holding the home button the you can restore your device.

  • Isn’t working for me :-/
    Test device iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 (Switzerland)
    & my boot time is fine tho..

    • yeah same here.. & I head although the evasion caused weather app crash the tweak “AppSync” causes not to work this and the Evasion fix which has added to cydia 9 hours ago. They are saying that we had to remove AppSync for the fix 🙁

      • There is a fix !
        Worked for me:
        1. if u have Appsync installed deinstall it
        2. install iFile
        3. iFile –> /var/mobile/Libary/Caches
        4. delete &
        5. Now reboot
        6. Open weather app 😉
        7. u could now install appsync again it will work, but i wouldn’t recommend it…

      • David T

        Thanks so much, now it works for me 😉

      • we have to install appsync in phone? without appsync weather cannot work?

      • no u definitely dont have to install appsync ! just skip 1 & 7

      • Mad Boy

        Worked just fine, a very nice tip! Thanks… In my language ‘Obrigado’.

      • I follow your instructions worked fine Gracias.!

      • Works for me too. Tks!
        iPhone 5 – iOs 6.1

      • Fixeed the weather but my apps dissapeared 🙁

      • Yeah just for a second they are coming back… It’s because one of the plist files is a record of all installed apps…

      • Worked like a dream, still worked after reinstalling appsync for ios 4.x-6.x. thank you.

      • Cool it worked.reinstalled appsync works flawlessly

  • Guest

    Why was my comment deleted? This script caused my phone to become stuck at the Apple logo on script-prompted reboot. That seems like an important consideration.

    • No idea. There is the unrelated issue of a longer than normal reboot sequence that could have affected your phone.

  • What about missing phone app? Mine disappeared after jailbreak in phone 5

  • Does your Wifi sync work on 6.1? mine doesn’t seem to yet it was fine on ios 5

  • I Cant find the update on Cydia yo help

  • twited21

    Hmm is anyone else finding the stock weather app on their ipad4 or just me

  • i ready do this And Still not working on my iphone 5 . Can Anybody Help me please :/ ?

  • Fixed my weather app on iPhone 4S, but stuck on Apple logo. So I’ve done hard-reset(two buttons)

  • dave

    ive don’t the manual fix 3 times already (twice via mobile terminal, and once via direct SSH) — it reboots, weather works — both times, ive uninstalled mobile terminal and rebooted, and weather does not work again. I did it the ssh way (after installing openssh) and it worked, but when I removed openssh via cydia and rebooted, weather is not working again — so, do I need to leave mobile terminal (if using that method), or openssh (if using that method instead) INSTALLED, in order for this fix to stick? if I reboot with mobile terminal/openssh left installed, weather keeps working, but its the second I remove either/or that it stops (weather).. any ideas?

    • It shouldn’t affect the plist file either way. I suspect voodoo.

  • I live in Hawaii. No need a weather APP

  • Ok, just want to explain what I did and help some of you that are having problems. At first i inserted the script as per the above instructions and it didn’t reboot. I pressed the home button and it rebooted, it was taking quite a bit of time to reboot “apple logo”, i then did a hard reset and tried again but it would not boot, stuck in the apple logo. I did a hard reset again and this time I pressed the volume DOWN button and it finally booted up, the weather app was NOT fixed. This is the trick to get it done, reboot, press the Up volume button while it’s rebooting, you will be greeted by the springboard in safe mode. You will then launch mobile terminal “in safe mode”, type su followed by your password or the standard password which is alpine. open shortcuts and click on the shortcut you created “instructions in the post above” then it gets to the end, about 30 seconds, press enter and then press the home button to come out of mobile terminal. if the device doesn’t reboot by itself do it yourself by pressing the power button. reboot into normal mode and you will see that the weather app is fixed

    • Tony P

      This did it for me. Thanks, Carlos. My Weather App is fixed now, but Siri is still dead, though. I’m using 4s with the latest iOS 6.1

    • denysfi

      I can confirm, it works. But I don’t have any problem with Siri.
      iPnone 5, iOS 6.2

  • Clem

    Thank you!!!! I originally did not have this problem, but 10 hours later it showed up. Your workaround was great, thanks again!!!

  • did not fix it after reboot. Do i have to do anything to remove the script? will it harm anything if i leave the script?

    • The script isn’t loaded onto your device. The script is just a command to delete the plist file, so it’s forced to generate a new one that wasn’t affected by the jailbreak. It’s like clearing a cache.

  • Eddie Morales

    Make a video of this. It’s confusing, please

  • This just caused some severe issues with my iPad 4. Now all my apps are opening and then shrinking down to a little tiny window. Wish I didn’t mess with this in the first place. I had just gotten my iPad to the jailbroken point I wanted. Now it appears I willl be resoring in a minute.