ipad weather app

While the new evasi0n jailbreak has been causing problems with the stock Weather app for some iPhone users, it’s had quite the opposite effect for those with iPads.

As many of you have probably discovered by now, the utility actually adds the stock Weather app to the tablet’s home screen…

Yes, as MuscleNerd points out, the Weather app has actually always been there—at least since iOS 6 debuted. The new firmware brought iPad support for Siri, Apple’s sassy digital assistant, and one of her many functions, as you know, is the ability to look up local weather conditions.

The app is completely functional, but it appears to have been built using an older iPhone resolution. That’s not really a big deal, since it’s supposed to be hidden. But it does mean that it’s not going to replace your favorite iPad weather app anytime soon. It looks bad—even when viewed at 2X.

Nevertheless, it’s kind of a cool little easter egg. And who knows, it might come in handy in a pinch.

Update: pod2g gives us a quick update via Twitter

  • Zorvage

    So they basicly took all of the iPhone weather apps, and gave them to all iPads? Fuck logic

    • David Villamizar

      Dude, you clearly didn’t understand the article, right?

      • I think it was a sad attempt at a joke. If it wasn’t then that just makes me wanna punch him in the face.

    • you clearly dont understand “hidden by .plist entry”

    • Hahahaha, loved that joke, the star fish guy from spongebob 😀

      • Patrick

        Dude! Patrick

  • :/

  • I dont have the app on my iPad 2 🙁

    • theresonemorething

      i guess you need an iPad that has Siri

  • Max Katzmann

    It didn’t show up in my home screen.

  • bluesinga

    So why I dont see Weather on my iPad 2?

  • evasi0n was patched in cydia. idk what it did

  • MD

    I have an iPad 3 with Siri an The Weather app doesn’t appears

  • I don’t have it on my 3rd Gen?

  • Tiko

    hello i have iphone 5 jalibreak Weather app not working

  • I’ve an iPad 3 and i have no stock Weather App

  • crashes on launch for me – anyone know a fix?

  • it isnt working on my mini?

    • crazy_moo

      first world problem 😛

      • yeah basicly because I don’t need any apps that doesn’t work even if it’s crappy Apple stuff 😛

  • AdBlue

    I have iphone 5 on iOS 6.1 just jailbreaked it and the weather app work just fine !!

    • pauleebe

      Restart your phone it will probably crash afterwards. It’s related to the untether likely.

      • loopyduck

        Nope, still works just fine.

  • @planetbeing is working on a fix for the weather app crash.

  • I would imagine that this is connected to the stock weather app Not working on iPhones.

  • turpissima

    Try to open the ugly looking weather app with Retinapad activated on the ipad mini or another idevice. You won’t believe your eyes! And surprise: all apps look like running on my retina iPad 4

  • So, is it illegal to jailbreak your iPad now, or not?

    • you_fook

      It’s still a legal grey area. It’s technically never been illegal, but it’s also not covered under the DMCA exemption. So like anything else you do, do it at your own risk.

      • Thank you for your response. I assume if iDB is advertising that they JB’d their iPad, and are not being sued for 5000, I certainly won’t.

  • anwarkey

    I do not worry about Weather app I just want evasi0n jailbreak That’s all

  • Guest

    I have same problem. Weather app won’t work. Does anyone know how to fix? Please ….


    Is there or is there going to be appsync for iOS 6??

    • Damian W

      no, and it is better for jailbreaking future that pirate tweaks dont show in cydia anymore. If you ever want Cydia to exist in next years then you should not support pirate tweaks. One of the reasons Apple is creating such effective security system against jailbreaking is because you could pirate apps through cydia.

      • Albert Nguyen

        I agreed These developers deserve compensation for the apps or tweaks. Countless of hours of research and development to be rob. Not Fair

      • Ronald Weaver

        I agree. I understand try it before you buy it. I have about thirty packages from cydia that i bought and they were flops. But the gravy train has to end at some point. I think it will give jailbreaking a lil better rep if installous and all apple pirating software is gone. I helped my buddy JB his ip5 yesterday and he shit a brick when i told him installous was done. He has his own small business and he is self employed so yeah he has money. (shakes head)

  • Did a restore and re-JB
    Weather works now.

    Not gonna mess with cydia till things die down…
    To many errors like that cant be a good thing.

  • Pmcaa TM

    I have iphone 5 Jailbreaked and I have the same problem weather app won’t work. Does anyone know how to fix? Please… Help

  • couldn’t install a single tweak as yet

  • Mame Jacobs

    It doesn’t open anymore. It crashes.

  • on iphone 4 iOS 6.1 every thing is fine also my cracked apps work without appsync… it’s strange 😀

  • KET

    I have iphone 4 and IOS 6.0.1 and works fine

  • queen_ir3ne

    I haven’t jailbroken my iPad 4, but does doing so perhaps unlock the weather widget for Notification Center?

  • Albert Nguyen

    Why are people complaining? These guys work hard giving us the jailbreak for free and people still complaining. Deal with it. They will patch it. There are bugs they are still working out. Thanks Evad3r Team

    • Bandit

      I agree with you, mine don’t work either, but its still early and everything will work out, I’m just great full for the untether! Thanks evad3rs!

  • disqus_LlCvkTOoPa

    Does it work on the ipad 4 AX6 retina display

  • Edward Pang

    It showed up in my iPad Mini too, but the notification does not work.

  • Probably if you don’t have Siri turned on it doesn’t unhide the weather app for the ipad 3/4

  • i dont know what anybodys talking about, i dont see any stock weather app on jb iPad 3

  • iPhone 4 ios 6.1 weather app doesn’t work anymore… Hmm strange…

  • Daniel Bacon

    anyone elses weather app stop working. it intacloses every time i click on it

  • iPad 3, Siri working fine, jb with evasion, got al the changes from cydia but no Weather app icon, nor in /applications or var/mbil/applications/ could be found.. should I modify plist?

  • Ok, i got my weather app icon on the SBsettings Dock. It works perfect.

  • See the pictures on my facebook.

  • Tabatha Lovell

    I see a weather app in one of my tweaks, zephyr, in the settings app but not on my sb on ipad mini ios 6.1

  • leart

    tried the posixspwn jailbreak fom ih8sn0w to jailbreak my mini in 6.1.3 now in 2016 and bam, weather app appeared … I guess was not just evasi0n “problem” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99ae0cad071b3769ed7329f1c1142e3850b8cbc8f71fa6383a3e6be0a2f104a4.jpg