iPad mini (flat, finger)

Taking a break from all of the jailbreak excitement this afternoon, we have a new report out of Taiwan claiming that sources close to Apple’s panel suppliers have divulged new information about the next-generation iPad mini.

The 7.9-inch tablet has been extremely popular for Apple thus far, as supply is just now starting to catch up to demand three months after launch. And if this news is accurate, the next model is going to be an even bigger hit…

BrightWire, a Chinese investment news service, (via AppleInsider) reports:

  • Sources with Taiwan-based Apple suppliers said earlier Sunday that AU Optronics is piloting the production of the 7.9-inch iPad mini 2.
  • The model’s resolution and pixel density stand at 2048×1536 pixels and 324ppi, respectively.
  • Source: My Drivers is a Chinese website that covers IT industry news and product launches.

The resolution suggested here makes perfect sense. It’s the only one Apple could use to make an iPad mini ‘Retina’ without causing developers to have to rework their apps, and the panels should scale down just like the iPad 2 panels did.

It’s also worth noting that AU Optronics builds displays for several Apple products—including the iPad mini. And this isn’t the first report to claim the company is working on Retina mini displays. Here’s one from back in November.

While some details clash between reports, they all agree that we’re going to see a new iPad mini this year and that it’s going to have a Retina display. The latest speculation has the tablet landing in October alongside a redesigned iPad 5.

  • Next gen iPad mini supports the jailbreak is more important

    • Hightly doubtful haha. They’ll have it fixed by then I’m sure; in fact it’ll probably be released after iOS 7 comes out.

  • Apple is late on HD display.

    • Actually Retina is better then HD

      • Andy Taylor

        Ambiguous statement is ambiguous 😉

    • David Villamizar

      Apple started using high pixel density displays in mobile devices, so I think they can’t be late

      • Andy Taylor

        You’re not exactly correct there. There were plenty of devices with displays meeting the “Retina” spec around before Apple brought the iPhone 4 out – the iPhone 3GS was laughably low-res when it released. They were definitely the first to make it into a marketing point that the average consumer could understand, though. They have also executed fairly consistently on their strategy of bringing high quality displays to their entire product range.

      • David Villamizar

        Examples please.

  • If this turns out to be true, the 10-inch iPad is going to be a tough sell if it remains unchanged. It would effectively make the larger iPad larger for just about no reason (no additional pixels/screen real estate). So unless you were farsighted or had some other visual impairment, there would basically be no benefit to getting the larger one.

    That being said, it will probably mean the 10-inch iPad *will* be changed in some way (or it will be removed from the product line). It will be interesting to see what that means…

    • Cheeseisdigsusting

      But the iPad has an A6X chip vs A5 for iPad mini… Maybe it’s going to be like Mac Pro vs Macbook? One for the people who need the guts, other one for most other people.

      • Andy Taylor

        I would expect them to put at least an A6 in the new mini. They’re going to need to drive those extra pixels somehow and using the A5X would blow the power budget.

  • WatchTheThrone

    I think retina is the only thing missing from the ipad mini.
    The size, the weight is perfect!!
    Now how about some ios7 rumors, that is what it’s gonna be about this year.
    Hardware is amazing apple, can’t say the same for the software.

  • I wish to see it soon… 😛