Cydia iPhone 5

The just released evasi0n jailbreak is remarkable for a few reasons. For starters, it’s the first untethered jailbreak released for iOS 6. Secondly, it’s the first time that iPhone 5 owners have had the luxury of experiencing Cydia, and all of the jailbreak apps that come with it, on the larger screen.

We’ve seen a few folks tease us in the past with Cydia running on the iPhone 5, but never have you had the ability to experience it for yourself, firsthand. Inside this post, we’ll showcase a few of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks, and show you how they look on the iPhone’s 5 larger screen.

Video showcasing some of our favorite apps on the iPhone 5


iFile iPhone 5

IntelliScreen X

IntelliScreen X iPhone 5


Auxo iPhone 5

Apps & Preferences

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Apps

What do you think? Looks good, doesn’t it?

If you own an iPhone 5, and you wish to jailbreak, then make sure you take a look at our easy to follow jailbreak tutorial.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

  • Karan

    how to download whats app on ipod touch 6.1 in evasion software ..????

  • Milo

    nothing’s just longer

  • OK.

    Is it legal to install a cracked tweak if I already bought the app, but I cannot download it?

  • I’m betting Stefan Esser (i0n1c) is one unhappy camper. Thanks evad3rs for making it possible for us “regular” joes to be able to tweak our Idevices to our hearts content and not “selling” the exploits as he would of. With Evad3rs, Cydia, and IDB around….future is looking bright! Making my donation today! Take that Esser!

  • Jedijoe

    Dashboard x will not install on my iphone 5, keep getting the error, forbidden

  • Christophe

    But you can’t deny that zephyr bugs a lot

  • Anuj Jetwani

    Auxo app previews disappearing, any fix for it?
    iPhone 5, 6.1.

  • n0br41ner

    Do we need to pay for the updated iOS 6 version of intelliscreenX or is it just me? Cause it says i have to pay 4.99 for the update.

  • sadaN

    Im getting black previews with auxo, I made sure I restored + jailbroke it and had only auxo installed. So no conflicts,,, iOS 6.1 4S

    anybody else?

  • OrphanNonFostered

    So far this is really bad. Intelliscreen X 6 is causing my phone to freeze and I’m not sure why. And Auxo gave me problems so I had to uninstall. But intelliscreen x was $10! I feel like I just threw money in the toilet.

    • trumpet444

      I’m really wanting Auxo myself, but the no ipad version out yet has me holding off. I also saw that intelliscreen x was $10 and I thought, “damn! i could see $3-5 but $10?” Now, I completely understand that development is no walk in the park but come on….then again, what do I care, i dont see myself using it much on an ipad anyway. I could see its convenience on a phone

      • OrphanNonFostered

        Auxo does nothing for me. I’d love intelliscreen x to work on my phone but I might have to uninstall it if all my phone does is freeze. Maybe I stumbled upon conflicting tweaks.

        I have:
        hook’s law
        folder enhancer
        springtomize 2
        and intelliscreen x

        something is causing serious problems. But all of them coexisted together prior to installing intelliscreen.

  • Sufi Sayuti

    Can SwipeAway and Auxo work together on iOS 6?

  • Is anyone’s cydia opening up to only a quarter screen? What do I do?