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Every time there’s a new jailbreak, the same message is preached: Save your SHSH blobs! In fact, even when there is not a jailbreak, it’s a good practice to always save your SHSH blobs. These files are absolute must haves if there ever opens up the possibility to downgrade back to iOS 6.1 once newer firmware is released. If you don’t save your blobs for a specific firmware, then the possibility of ever being able to downgrade to that firmware is slim to none.

So please, be proactive. Save your SHSH blobs right now. That way, when Apple drops iOS 6.1.1, or whatever its next firmware will be called, you will already have your blobs saved. Apple has been quick about closing its firmware signing window as of late, so once the new firmware is released, it might be too late to save the iOS 6.1 blobs.

If you haven’t already done so, there’s no need to feel ashamed, but act now. Take a look at our easy to follow step-by-step walkthrough inside, and we’ll show you just how simple the process is.

Step 1: Download TinyUmbrella from our downloads page for your operating system of choice. This tutorial was done using a Mac, but the exact same principle and steps can be used on Windows and Linux machines.

Step 2: Save the TinyUmbrella download to your desktop, and double click that app icon to run. It may take a few seconds to fully initialize.

Step 3: Connect the device that you want to save your SHSH blobs for. This can be any iOS device like an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You should do this for every device you own that can run iOS 6.1.

Step 4: In the upper left-hand corner of Tiny Umbrella, select your device under connected devices.

Step 5: Click the advanced tab, and uncheck the following two options:

  • Save ALL Available SHSH
  • Request SHSH From Cydia

Step 6: Change the save SHSH directory to an SHSH folder on your desktop, that way you can easily find, verify, and backup your SHSH blobs in a more familiar directory.

Step 7: Click the Log tab so that you can prepare to view the status of your save attempt.

Step 8: Now it’s time to actually save the blobs. Click on Save SHSH, and Tiny Umbrella will attempt to save the SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1 (or the latest iOS firmware that Apple is signing), and save it to the directory you selected in Step 6. You should receive a message that says SHSH SUCCESSFULLY SAVED if everything worked correctly.

Step 9: Open up the SHSH folder that you created on your desktop in Step 6, and verify that the SHSH blob for your device is there. Ensure that it is labeled with the correct device name, along with the proper firmware.

In the future, when Apple stops signing iOS 6.1, you can use this exact tutorial to save the current firmware that it is signing. This tutorial is geared towards saving the currently signed firmware only, thus it won’t retrieve previously saved SHSH blobs that Apple is no longer signing. If you wish to do that, you can keep the options that we unchecked in Step 5, checked.

I highly recommend that you backup the folder containing all of your SHSH blobs for all of your devices to something like Dropbox. That way, you can always find them when you need to use them.

Now you can rest easy knowing that if the need ever arrises for your to downgrade, you’ve done all that you can on your end to make sure that it is possible. Wasn’t that simple?

  • Where’s Jeffs video? It was live and he made it private for some reason.

    • Jeff

      It’s there now. Sorry.

      • Gustavo Rojas

        hey i need your help please reply to this:

        my name is gustavo i would like u to help me with my iphone 5 it wont let me restore nor update to 6.1.2 im on IOS 6.0.1 and wont let me restore i did the jailbreak process wrong i need your help

        thanks, Gustavo

  • SHSH iOS 6.1 is not available anymore for my iphone 4

    • Jeff

      It is. You need to follow the steps above.

      • Don’t think apple would release a iOS6.1.1 version very soon.

      • Jeff

        They may, they may not. The fact is, is that no one knows Apple’s plans. We didn’t think they’d release a beta 5 followed by a public release, but it did. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Mr.E

    I thought the iphone 5 couldn’t be downgraded :/

    • Jude Capili

      It can’t. But the SHSH is for the future. So you can still downgrade when soemthign like 6.2 comes out and so forth.

      • Mr. E

        Ok now I get it thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ in the future the iphone 5 might be able to be downgraded to the blobs we save now

    • Mark

      He’s not talking about downgrading here, this is to only save your 6.1 shsh for future reference, nothing more nothing less.

      • misterq1955

        Why did it not save my 6.1 on tiny umbrella instead it saved 6.1.3

      • Mark

        Too late apparently.. You can only save blobs being signed at a time, which right now is 6.1.3. (NOTE:This was posted 7 months ago)

  • Only useful for A4 devices. Cydia saves my SHSH files automatically.

    • Jeff

      Not true. For instance, what if Apple dropped iOS 6.1.1 right now before the jailbreak was available, and it broke the jailbreak? If you didn’t save your blobs for iOS 6.1, and later someone came out with a downgrade tutorial, you’d be up a creek. Not likely, but possible. Save your blobs man. It’s useful for all devices. Not just A4.

      • Yes you’r right. But what about the iPhone 5. Does it use SHSH Blobs.

      • Jeff

        Yes. That’s what I saved in the tutorial above.

      • cydialover

        i have jailbroken ios5 on 3gs and i always click ”request cydia”’ and i never had problem with that. i mean i just do ”save shsh”. but for this ios6, do i have to unmark ”request cydia”?

  • Jude Capili

    I thought cydia auto saves SHSH blobs… Doesn’t it? O_O

    • NaveedGol

      Yes but if you’ve never been jailbroken on a device or want to backup your blobs on cydia so you can downgrade in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jeff

      It does. But you don’t have Cydia on your iPhone 5 now. And you can’t always trust Cydia, either. It’s always best to have your own local copy.

      • Do you recommend TinyUmbrella over redsnow for saving shsh blobs? I saved mine using redsnow, should I save it again with TinyUmbrella?

      • Jude Capili

        I should’ve saved them when i could. T_T I can’t downgrade. Apparently Cydia doesn’t host it anymore and i can’t get my old shsh blobs from them. ๐Ÿ™

  • I download the lastest TinyU and it cant open it says its “You cant open the application “TinyUmbrella-6.10.02a” because it may be damaged or incomplete” whats wrong help please !

    • JamesR624

      FINALLY Someone with the same problem as me! Now if only SOMEONE COULD HELP US!


        download java and your good to go,thanks

    • jose castro

      re download it

      • JamesR624

        That doesn’t work. I have tried redownloading over and over again the last couple days. Nothing. Extracting the zip with the Unarchiver just gives the corrupt app. Extracting with Archive Utility just makes the Archive Utility freeze while extracting. There is a CORRUPT download for this site! Why is NO-ONE doing anything about this?!

      • I’d say something is wrong with you computer idk try another computer mine worked fine on my Mac and pc

      • JamesR624

        Wait! Do you still have Java enabled on your Mac? That may be what’s wrong. I’ve heard Apple has disabled java on OSX and TinyUmbrella is a java application. I have OSX 10.8.3.

      • Yeah

      • I’m on 10.7.5 though but if you still can’t get it to work use your buddy’s comp and put it on a flash drive


      you must download java in order to run tinyumbrella,thanks

      • JamesR624

        Doesn’t help. I have java installed and the application is still damaged/corrupt when I try to extract it. I even redownloaded and have the same problem.

      • Brandon Ledbetter

        Tiny Umbrella does not work with 64 bit versions of java. You must download and install 32 bit for the program to run. FYI you can have both versions installed, so no need to remove your current version. Also when using Tiny Umbrella do not click “fix boot” unless your device is boot cycling and you have no choice because it will stop you from entering DFU and it will instead re-direct to restore mode, from there you cannot get your blobs. Hope it helps!

        Your Welcome!

    • Right-click>show package contents. You’ll see an app inside. Open that

  • Alex

    Cydia doesn’t do it automatically ?

    • Jeff

      See my response below.

    • Mark

      Yes it does ๐Ÿ™‚ but you might want to grab a local backup just in case.

  • anwarkey

    Thank you , In Europe now on Sunday

    • Mark

      Keep refreshing your browser ๐Ÿ™‚

  • As always … Useful

  • Done for.. IPhone 4 &4S as well as my iPad 2

  • Great tutorial!

  • Thanks so much Jeff! I haven’t saved a blob since iPhone 4 haha; great to eat a video for a refresh.

  • It’s Sunday, 6 AM in India. Do anyone have any idea at what time I would be able to evadE mt iDevice? I’m sick of refreshing the page over a 1000 times now. Havent slept the whole night..

    • ali_plus

      Same here. From Pakistan, 5:30AM and waiting. I think its will take another 12-15 hours for us… ๐Ÿ˜

      • Guest

        Yea! Which device u’re gonna jailbreak? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Guy…. Check twitter. You’ll know then. Jesus!

    • sir its 11 30 PM, i am in PK

    • Sohail

      Americans Sunday is our Monday bro………………..!!!
      I’m in Afghanistan waiting for a jailbreak for my iPad 3 just like you. So be patient. You can get it at late night or may be tomorrow “Monday” .

    • bow hader

      same here

  • just did it….im ready for sb and jb lol

  • I clicked save shsh but it didnt save 6.1 then i checked log and it said something about network but i have full bars

  • BillVjr

    Donated a well deserved $500 to the Evad3rs…My fiancรฉ hates how much time I already spend on my iPads and iPhone 5, she may just call off the wedding after tomorrow. Hopefully their servers can withstand the thousands of people accessing and downloading from the site at the same time and others upload it to a file sharing site to disperse the traffic.

    Who believes Evasi0n will be released at MIDNIGHT,12:00 AM Sunday EST, or not until sunrise?

    • a smit

      wow nice guy ! im going down to mexico this march and could use a nice donation as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Can I ask what made you feel the need to give the amount you gave? Seems odd that you made a point to let everyone know the amount.

      • BillVjr

        I’m not sure why I am even going to entertain a reply to your comment, but I will anyways…It seems odd that you care so much that you took the time to question the reasoning behind my actions.

        Now to answer that passive aggressive comment of yours. I did what I did for the same reason why those who donated $1, $5, $20 (Didn’t see you commenting on their posts) because I appreciate the amount of hard work and time put into releasing the jailbreak. Also, since I CAN donate a larger amount, I do so to make up for some of the individuals, probably including yourself, who simply feel entitled to a FREE jailbreak and will not donate a thing. Also, since I am professionally involved with many areas related to software/ app development and security, I know my donation will help the fileds progress further.

      • Not passive aggressive…. It’s outright aggression now

        It’s jerk offs like you who feel more entitled because you’ve “donated” a larger amount. No one gives a fuck how much you donated, and doing so won’t get you anything extra besides a falsely inflated ego. Yup, it’s free motherfucker, and I’m ok with that.

        Aggressive enough for you?

      • BillVjr

        Looks like we got a tough guy on our hands. Looks like mommy hasn’t made it to her basement yet to change your diaper… Hide behind your computer and talk all the shit you want, because I promise you that mouth would be shut real quick if you ran off at the mouth like that in person. Oh yea, before you get even tougher and ask where I live and you’ll come to my house, I live in Philadelphia and I’ll be more then willing to pick you up at the airport.

        Just another lowlife, punk a$$ bit(h who has too much to say.

      • Ask where you live? What am I a fucking child? Nah. You hang there and keep on donating brotha. Just make sure you keep telling us how much it was.

      • BillVjr

        To answer your question, you do seem like a child. It’s ok little boy maybe someday a persons donation will not equal your bank account balance. Now go back to watching porn in your parents basement and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you when your posting on every website and crying about the fact you can’t get the jailbreak to work. Kick rocks

      • Sean Campbell

        Hey I looked in my pants today and there was blood should I go see a doctor?

      • Got Congee??

        U need a crouch doctor!!!!!

      • Umar Riyadh

        I asked them about your donation $500. The biggest amount they recieved is just $50.
        So dont tell lie anymore.

      • I thought the same thing Ryan. Why the fuck does this ass feel the need to tell me how MUCH he gave. It would have been just as easy to say he donated. The AMOUNT is irrelevant.

      • hey ryan have some respect man!! without them we are not able to do wonders with our idevices!!

      • Got Congee??

        the funny thing is about this is not u guys bitching at eachother!!!!!
        The team that he claims to donate, DOES NOT take $$donations$$ do some homework before u claim!!! I wonder if he moneyordered the wrong people??? Or was it Paypal??

      • WolfgangHoltz

        It Seems you have much bullshit to say yourself. I bet if he comes to Philadelphia to visit, you will be so scared you need mom and dad holding your hands and probably diapers too..

      • Geeze give your damn ego a rest dude!

      • Redquinton

        Yet looking at your comments you want people to spend time helping you on a basic iPhone procedure.if the guy wants to give 500 to a hard working bunch of guys good for him wish I could, if you want help ask and it will be given on this great site if you want to be a prat you will be pulled up for it you balding twat

      • i totally respect u man!! thumbs upp


        your so fucking wrong,that really piss me off

    • I think it won’t be until sometime in the afternoon , IF it’s actually Sunday.. They never actually said it is

    • Liam Mulcahy

      $500 that’s overkill man…
      But good job

      • Of course it is. But he simply wanted you to think more of him based on the amount.

    • lauren.

      even if this is a false donation, I think its pretty great that someone would donate 500 bucks.. and maybe I read the post in a different way, but I didn’t feel like he was bragging about donating that much. I respect YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cydialover

    i have jailbroken ios5 on 3gs and i always click ”request cydia”’ and i never had problem with that. i mean i just do ”save shsh”. but for this ios6, do i have to unmark ”request cydia”?

  • Why my iPhone 5 is not in the list of devices connected ? ( sorry for bad english i’m french ^^)

  • i cant even open tiny umbrella, when i double click the tiny umbrella it opens in the windows an icon of java and my pc get freeze and so slow i have to kill the process to get back my fast computer any help SORRY 4 MY ENGLISH I TALK SPANISH

  • AJ

    Hi guys,

    What is the difference if we uncheck or check “Save all available SHSH”?

  • Nuno Dionisio

    I just did the above procedure…and even via Wifi :D. Thanks a lot for the reminder.

    I found the saved blob files for 6.1, to be much smaller than previous ones (size seems to be decreasing since change to iOS 6), for my iPad2,1:
    5.1.1 – 66 KB
    6.0/6.01 – 23 KB
    6.1 – 4 KB

    Same seems to happen for iPhone3,1:
    5.1.1 – 64 KB
    6.0/6.01 – 23 KB
    6.1 – 6 KB

    Is it normal, such a big difference?

  • Would you advise staying at 6.0 like I am (no blobs saved) or update to 6.1 and save blobs??

    • SimonReidy

      Update. Just make sure you update to 6.1 through iTunes and not OTA. There’s no point not being on the latest firmware since Evasion works on 6.1.

      • SimonReidy

        Also It’s too late to save blobs for 6.0, 6.01 or 6.02 anyway (if you haven’t saved them before anyway) so it’s only going to allow you to save blobs for 6.1. All the more reason to update.

      • Mr. E

        I just tried to save my 6.0.2 blobs and it said that it was saved successfully does that mean they didn’t save correctly?

  • basiq

    Good ides is to upload the SHSH blobs to Google Drive for safe keeping. Also, always download them even if you dont think you will need them, who knows if someone else will need them for resale or something else.

  • Zhaneo

    It gives me this message…

    HAVE YOUR SHSH FOR iPad4 6.1 (10B141) THERE IS NO
    20:29:40.228 For version [iPad4 6.0.1 ()] – This device isn’t
    eligible for the requested build.
    02/02/2013 20:29:40.234 CYDIA
    20:29:40.555 For version [iPad4 6.0 ()] – This device isn’t eligible
    for the requested build.
    02/02/2013 20:29:40.570 CYDIA

    • SimonReidy

      See step 5 of Jeff’s very clear tutorial.

      • Zhaneo

        thanks guess i read over unchecked fast lol

      • SimonReidy

        No prob. It’s easy to miss things when you’re excited for an upcoming jailbreak ๐Ÿ™‚ . You’ll be grateful you have your SHSH blobs saved later though so it’s worth the hassle

  • etienne

    that was sooo easy

  • i just did it on my iphone 5. i have had an iphone since 3gs and this is my first time actually saving my shsh lol. never really cared until now since i plan on keeping my iphone 5 for the full 2 years. thanks jeff

  • guys that is iphone 5see litining cable

  • can we save it for ipod touch 5

  • disqus_dERIUjbxUZ

    when i try to save my SHSH blob on my iphone 5 running 6.0.2, the log says it was NOT saved, iphone 6.1? But when I check, my phone is still on 6.0.2… Not sure what I am doing wrong?

  • Am I the only one who cannot see the tinyU download?

  • 9:37 a.m. Moscow, Russia w8 for jailbreak, i have already updated my frimware

  • I can not seem to get Tiny Umbrella to recognize that my iphone 4 with 6.1 is connected. Any ideas?

  • It,s sunday 8am in the netherlands does anyone nows whent the jailbreak is releasing. ( sorry for my bad english)

  • disqus_QytUxloeQB

    hello i dont know what am doing rong but when i run tinyumbrella i get the following message ‘cannot start tss server’ it saying i need to run it as admin which i already do. can someone help//

    • That’s because you already have some “server” that uses port 80

      • disqus_QytUxloeQB

        is there a way to solve it coz i wouldnt know how to check for that something running server

      • I think a good google should help. Also, u don’t need the TSS server to save your blobs.

      • It’s usually Skype which is accessing port 80, to change it;
        “Open the Skype window, then click on Tools menu and select Options. Click on Advanced tab, and go to Connection sub-tab. Untick or uncheck the check box for Use port 80 and 443 as an alternatives for incoming connections option. Click on Save button and then restart Skype to make the change effective.”

      • disqus_QytUxloeQB


  • Im jailbroken on 5.1.1 blobs saved. Can i downgrade to 5.1.1 again If i Update to 6.1?

    • koonlay

      Sure. You are a very lucky dude. I didn’t save mine coz I didn’t know about it then. Cydia crashed and I could not restore back with the 5.1.1 signing closed. I got stuck on apple logo at start up. But now my SHSH blobs are saved! No more mistakes.

  • I wait jb … Now in jordan 10:37 am ….

  • Sheitsty187

    Im in Naples happy jailbreak is ready thank…

  • tyke

    I followed the instructions given above to save my SHSH blob for my iPad 4 with 6.1 and the saved file is only 3.59 KB. Is this normal?

    • Darren Toh


  • I am running iOS 5.1.1 on my jailbroken iPhone 4S. I did what was in the tutorial and worked perfectly. I noticed that it saved this file: iPhone 4,1 – 6.1.shsh. Does that mean that in the future – just in case – I will be able do downgrade to iOS 6.1 or to iOS 5.1.1 ?

  • Balteg

    It’s 9:25 AM February 3 Sunday in Canada so anyone knows the realease time

  • 99% done here..

  • It is Sunday here in New Jersey, do you know where your children are?

  • Saving my blobs… I made that FATAL mistake before. I went without jailbreak for 3 months. I will not make the same mistake twice

  • All blobs saved. Oh holy holy, holy moly

    • bow hader

      i have all blobs 5.0, 5.0.1,5.0.1b , 5.1,5.1.1, 6.0,6.0.1,6.1 on iphone4s;)

  • I just have $2,000. How is that 500 dollar man. Lol I emptied some poor souls bank account by doing so.. Hack n slash is how the world runs. And run it will. Thanks to all who donate and those who don’t, no big deal. You don’t have to. If this was about money, they would charge us. Also, “hacking” and things of that nature are usually to give the majority who can’t, some sort of control to be able to. I love watching and reading this. This is far more entertaining than watching my dogs tear into that poor kitten by the shed. And as to most of this post, it is 90% non-fiction. Just rambling on about you tools about money. Hey, who has the biggest shaft? Is that what the donation thing was about?

    • Ramble as I sit by the tv and computer awaiting the verdict… How many of us believe that the jailbreak will land today? And or tomorrow. Or as later days pass

  • Waiting.. 5:10pm here in Portugal (same as UK)

  • SureShotGER

    Can I update to 6.1 via OTA or have I download the firmware and restore to 6.1

    • ZLogs

      You have to do it over itunes and restore and update. Set it up as a new phone and then restore from backup.

      OTA is said not to be compatible with the jb.

    • AndyDontCare

      There’s been reported issues jailbreaking with an OTA-updated phone. Do it via iTunes.

  • bartuus

    Europe will not sleep :p

  • AndyDontCare

    I don’t get a message indicating success with my iPad mini, but the file is there. Worked for my iPhone 5 and that’s my jailbreaking prioirty.

  • Hi, It’s the first time I’m going to jailbreak my device so I got a question. I’ve downloaded Tinyumbrella, but when I connect my iPhone 5 to my laptop Tinyumbrella doesn’t recognize it. I did a little bit of research but didn’t find something usefull.