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The nation’s top carrier, Verizon Wireless, on Friday launched new wireless plans that are only aimed at owners of 3G-enabled smartphones and tablets. New prepaid plans expand options for “budget-minded consumers”, Verizon said.

There are two plans to choose from: one costing $60 a month and the other a $70 value, tailored to your monthly data needs…

Verizon in a media release explains that these new prepaid plans provide unlimited talk and  unlimited texts, in addition to some capped data. The cheaper plan offers 500MB of data for a monthly fee of sixty bucks. Add $10 more and Verizon will treat you to 2GB of data.

Verizon prepaid smartphone plans 20130201

The carrier underscores that the new plans are available for 3G smartphones that run on the Android, BlackBerry or iOS operating systems, which in the case of Apple includes the iPhone 4 and 4S, but not the LTE-enabled iPhone 5.

Verizon activated 6.8 million iPhones out of the 9.8 million smartphone activated during the holiday quarter of 2012. Per new Strategy Analytics data, the iPhone for the first time ever is now the best-selling phone in the United States.

The firm’s data includes all cell phones – which includes dumb phones, feature phones and smartphones. Apple, as you know, only makes smartphones so the company’s success is even more pronounced.

Nielsen (US smartphone penetration 201202)

It would seem that Verizon is taking notice of the fact that smartphones seem to be peaking in the US as market penetration passed the 50 percent mark roughly a year ago. Verizon and AT&T previously said they will look into ending device subsidies after T-Mobile announced it will start selling the iPhone later this year, but unsubsidized and on monthly installments.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam told Reuters that T-Mobile USA’s strategy is “very intriguing,” but wondered if consumers are ready to pay full price.

Although nearly 60 percent of iPhone owners pay more than $100 per month to carriers (with ten percent paying more than $200 each month), Verizon’s new prepaid plans are an acknowledgment of price indeed playing an important factor for owners of feature phones who are upgrading to their first smartphone.

  • It’s still a total rip off. I pay $45 on StraightTalk for unlimited everything and get HSPA+ speeds. Plus StraightTalk has the iPhone now, this is even a worse deal.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Exactly, I’m on the same boat. It’s much more cheaper and I still get the same speeds I did with AT&T.

      • Don’t they throttle your speeds after 2GB though? I was gonna go with Straight Talk but that’s what stopped me!

      • Daniel

        I bet they do.
        64kB/ps up and down.

      • For me it would be a big problem, after using LTE it’s really hard to use anything slower than that and with me on my phone 24/7 I love the fast data speeds. 35MBPS down (and that’s the average), you can’t beat that with a baseball bat.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Honestly it has never made a difference to me. Then again I don’t really use up as much data as I use to now that I have my ipad mini. They may throttle but I don’t think you would be able to tell. I’m actually more in it for the price value. Really cheap and specifically for my needs.

    • BS! You dont get unlimited data. Its capped at 2gb. Been there done that. Plus its only hspa speed.

  • J M

    It seems that as more and more phones includes LTE support, their available pool will diminish. Would they not be able to disable access to the LTE network if the subscriber is on these plans?

  • So optimistic

    They could throw in unlimited data to really get customers to go Verizon rather than Tmobile. Isn’t Tmobile giving LTE with that unlimited no contract package? Hmmmm..

  • Rock hardcock

    Nexus4 anyone

  • $40 unlimited data (3G), talk & text with Simple Mobile!!!!!!!
    (iPhone 4S with OS 6.1)

  • Have any of you try to use prepaid 4s ( Verizon) simcard on the Verizon iPhone 5