Flex — the jailbreak app that allows you to create your own jailbreak tweaks — is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. As we showed you in our hands-on walkthrough, the app allows you to create patches and run them on the fly to modify aspects of iOS.

Flex has been met with a bit of controversy. Some developers believe that the tweak is too powerful for the average user, and thus shouldn’t be released. Others believe it’s an awesome attempt to get users familiar with how iOS works on a low-level. Wherever you stand, it can’t be denied that Flex is an awesome looking tweak with an excellent UI to boot.

Flex can be had now for $3.99 on Cydia. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

  • jose castro

    i would but no iphone 5 jailbreak ;(

  • Belu Mira

    the biggest problem is that you could cause the OS to crash and enter a respring loop. There should be a brief description about each unit, but with so many classes it’s almost impossible.

    • like the video states, it will not enter into a recovery loop as there is mobilesubstrate that will enter the device into a safemode where you can dissable what you did, or remove it from your device.

      • Belu Mira

        Well then this is the best JB tweak ever!

      • Guest

        Clueless people… MobileSubstrate’s Safe Mode can’t save you from every situation…
        Also Recovery Loop? This is nothing userland so not a problem at all, you freaking genius.

  • Guest

    Definitely one of the best things in the cydia store so far.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to get my hands on flex.

  • “In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

  • Adonis

    I like the fact of being able to disable the patch or simply delete the Flex app if I mess something up. Belu has a very good point. It doesn’t protect you if you cause the OS to crash sending the device into a respring loop.

    • truehybridx

      Then reboot your device holding volume down to disable MS and remove the offending patch 😛

  • ExRoot

    Looks interesting but scary to someone like me!!!

  • Guest

    very fckin happy hehe

    https://www.dropbox DOT com/s/9gripbfwjw2802d/Foto%2001.02.13%2020%2042%2008.png

    • inc188

      showing off… i like it

    • Joostiphone

      Eeeh your a private beta tester?

    • Joostiphone

      Oh and if you are wondering where to get his cool wallpaper: http://www.ssiphone DOT com/iPhone5-Wallpaper/show/Blue-Minimalistic-Drops/f0h/#.UQy9B79XWSo

      • Blake

        Anyone can put a cydia icon on their homescreen -_-

    • Guest

      I bet people are dumb enough to believe it

    • Matthew

      Ok is is fake or are you a beta tester of evasi0n.

  • Will this run on ipad mini?

    • christodouluke

      should do

  • i just to know if this allow me to make adjustments to my lockscreen…i want to make calls from my lockscreen

    • christodouluke

      Make calls how? probably not

      • you_fook

        Actually you can, Saurik created a tweak called CyDialer. It costs $1.74.

      • christodouluke

        Not with flex, dummy

      • you_fook

        Very true, I am at times a dummy. Although he could probably create a tweak with Flex that allows such.

      • thats what i was trying to find out lol

  • swagkingcole

    Evad3rs, please stop teasing us.

  • I can see this being somewhat dangerous, if someone were to “make” a dodgy weak, and then share it to the world, it could do some damage. On the flip side, someone great with programming could alter the code, put something malicious in there and then again, share to the world

    • truehybridx

      Thats why its centralized and can be moderated

      • That’s if it is moderated. Do the devs scoure through the code of each tweak that gets shared?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I think flex is a hard to use springtomize

    • And with a far larger scope. Flex can affect apps on your phone or tablet.

  • you_fook

    If this as good as Theos is then I may have to pick this up. Although Theos is used for creating apps and not tweaks, but still I can do it all from my 4S. My real question is, is it compatible with iOS 6.1?

  • this is only for hard core users

  • I used Flex to make a tweak that disables portrait videos. Now all my videos play in landscape regardless of the rotation lock. One of the more preferred features that was present pre-4.x.

    • Which app & library did you find that in?

      • I shared it, it’s available on the Cloud, categorised under Springboard.

        And if you’re interested it was in Springboard (obviously) and the class was MediaPlayer.


      • Mark

        I saw your tweak. 🙂

        just sayin

  • Amelo

    Flex will be the future of jailbreaking.

  • Cjmarc

    Very cool. Definitely a bit intimidating but it’s going to be fun to explore this once the jb is released! I have a feeling I’m going to be downloading a helluva lot of tweaks!

  • Braidon

    I would love to be able to put the safari reader in the native twitter app

  • can we customize the Bluetooth in iPhone using flex?

    • EpicFacepalm

      By “customize Bluetooth”, what do you mean? Complex tweaks are not possible with Flex FYI.

  • Mark

    I find it slightly difficult to use, or maybe I’m just lazy to find classes and methods.

  • John Allen

    Is it possible to make a quick compose/reply for messages with this like you have for twitter and facebook?

  • This app is amazing! It brings coding down to a user level.
    A something I would add is the ability to contact the author. I have a couple of questions to ask, but I can’t.
    I would also put the downloaded patches in their own app folders like on the cloud to make it easier to organize.
    Also, authors should really give good descriptions saying what iOS it works on and if it is an App Store app, what version it is.

  • Canteen a

    If I process a new app then delete and reinstall flex why does flex not ask to re-process app a second time? Did I not delete all files? I did in all the usual places. Anyone can assist in completely removing this app? Please and thanks

  • does someone want to help me remove the ad in the MusixMatch app
    i discovered u need to check the “presentbanner” within musicmatch library
    but it is onstable now.

  • Seems good

  • Angosmyth

    Hi is there any chance that one of you kind people can make a patch on flex to put my spotify app in landscape. I am looking for this a long time now but can’t seem to find a way around it. This would be much appreciated. Thanks