evasi0n 80 percent completed

Sunday is not that far away. Depending on where you are in the world, it could be as little as a day away. With that in mind, it’s great to see status bar on evasi0n.com, which signifies the completeness of the upcoming jailbreak, continue to rise.

Earlier today we reported that the status had approached 75%, with the Linux version of evasi0n still being in the works. Now, the Linux version is completed, and private beta testing is proceeding full steam ahead…

With all three platforms completed, extended beta testing is not far behind. Although nothing is certain, this progress bodes well for the tradition of a Sunday release day. We will continue to keep you updated as evasi0n comes close to fruition.

In the meantime, why not prepare your devices, and check out some of best tweaks for the upcoming iOS 6 untethered jailbreak?

  • Steve Wing

    1st time i ever donated for JB and now i just can’t wait to see if it helps.

  • Can’t any longer anymore for the jailbreak hahaha

  • Best Tweaks .1 Auxo – 2. Zephyr – 3. NC Settings (Way Better than SBSETTINGS)

  • multichava1

    Does this jailbreak will be functionally with iPod touch 5th generation?

  • Mijan Bokth

    45 Minuit to go…

    • shoken

      still only 1:30 pm Sat here in the US

      • what time zone are you?

  • guys anyone can tell me how to Donate for them ???

  • you_fook

    What do you think Apple could do? Jailbreaking is legal. Apple couldn’t do anything if they wanted to. And how exactly is Apple playing with our lives? Apple doesn’t force you to buy iPhones, iPods, or even iPads. Also how is idownloadblog.com an Apple subsidiary? Check the bottom of every page it says “Copyright iDownload Blog 2013 by Sebastien Page. This website is not affiliated with Apple.” so please explain.

    • Basharat Ali

      Sorry just see your reply.
      I forgot to add in my post I m apple fan boy. I have almost every apple device. I tried to shift on android but come back to apple again. Anyway dude I paid almost 1000 bucks got iPhone 5 64gb. But I was big able to add even a theme since many days. I can’t hide or lock any application without jail breaking. What’s this non sense. U always thinking of jailbreak is coming not coming, coming not coming.
      We all r bz with searching if jailbreaks since many months. That’s why I m saying stop playing with our lives we love apple but dont use that love either way.

  • Lnds500

    I’m getting my new iPod Touch tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll jailbreak it, but the timing is awesome

  • Jeff

    Just donated $1,500. Can’t wait for the release, thanks.

    • One-thousand five hundred US Dollars? WOW

    • Zhaneo

      LOL Are you serious? Wow

  • Prosjak

    The exact date depends on the cat Kiki 😉

  • I couldn’t donate, so I clicked on the ads several times!

    • Ken

      Good Idea to help them!

  • Jorge Gutirrez

    is this the jailbreak for 6.0.1?

  • Will we see an estimate of how much donations got to the @evad3rs paypal account?? so we can throw it into @i0n1c face 🙂

  • Hey guys so I think I messed up for this upcoming JB, I wasn’t really paying attention and did an OTA update, not sure if its ganna mess it up once it drops on Sunday. You guys think ill be safe? (This is going to be my first jailbreak ever and I’ve been using iPhones since 2009 and I’m tired of the same boring iOS and reading all your comments and all the articles, it seems like jail breaking is where it’s at lol)

  • BillVjr

    Donated a well deserved $500 to the Evad3rs…My fiancé hates how much time I already spend on my iPads and iPhone 5, she may just call off the wedding after tomorrow. Hopefully their servers can withstand the thousands of people accessing and downloading from the site at the same time and others upload it to a file sharing site to disperse the traffic.

    Who believes Evasi0n will be released at MIDNIGHT,12:00 AM Sunday EST, or not until sunrise?

  • Fahad Mahmood

    Here I am, looking forward to a jailbreak, while the rest of the world anticipates the Super Bowl.

  • I don’t think it will release tomorrow. I don’t see how you can finish private beta and extended beta testing in less than a day.

  • moustafa fakih

    its sunday already 😛

  • I can not sleep, I hope it comes out soon :0)

  • In spain the 19:00h 😉

  • On my Windows it shows 104% but 95% on Mac. Both running Firefox 🙂