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Winocm tweeted today that he was working on a method for downgrading from iOS 6 to 5.1.1 that will work on all devices. This is noteworthy as downgrades on most A5+ devices were either difficult, in the case of the iPad 2, or not possible in Redsn0w once Apple stopped signing the iOS 5 firmware.

Winocm is known for his work in PS3 firmware hacking and contributes tweaks such as CameraConnector to Cydia under the name ‘rms’. Winocm seems to be working on a lot of projects: A day before the downgrade tweet, Winocm posted a video of linux booting up on an iPhone 4 to YouTube (pictured above)…

While downgrading to iOS 5.1.1 may have little interest to our readers who are waiting for the upcoming evasi0n jailbreak, an iOS 6 firmware downgrade that works with A5+ processors is big news. Even if you aren’t a developer who thinks iOS 6 is a dud, depending on the scope of Winocm’s hack, it may prevent users from getting stuck on a non-jailbroken firmware in the future.

As expected, the iOS 6.X to 5.1.1 downgrade will carry the usual SHSH blob requirement. While SHSH blobs can almost always be saved in TinyUmbrella and are automatically saved whenever you boot up Cydia on a jailbroken device, you won’t be able to revert to iOS 5.1.1 if you’ve only saved blobs from firmware installed at the factory or through OTA updates.

Did you jump the gun and upgrade to iOS 6.X early? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Why they didnt do this earlier. When we needed to jailbreak our devices. nah Im not gonna downgrade because SUNDAY IS A FUN DAY

    • Unfortunately developing jailbreaks/downgrades takes a lot of time – it all relies on vulnerabilities in the system, which are getting harder to find.

    • The same reason why they didn’t make a jailbreak earlier.

    • Ali

      True that it is no longer needed, but it does not mean apple won’t release further iOS and that someone won’t “accidentally” update.
      This might come in handy in the future, specially if someone buys a new device.

  • Wait. Any device? Even iPhone 5?

    • No because the iPhone 5 was never on iOS 5.x which you need to have shsh blobs for downgrading and you can only save the blobs while apple is signing them

    • pauleebe

      No, there is no iPhone 5 IPSW for iOS 5. It will apply to the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini and newer devices if it applies to iOS 6 downgrades (i.e. 6.1.1, when released, to 6.1.0)

      • Jimothy

        He means the iPhone 4S (accidentally put 5) 🙂

      • JimothyIsAnIdiot

        no, he meant 5

      • Jimothy

        How can you downgrade the iPhone 5 to 5.1.1 when it never existed for it?

    • Blake

      It will be applicable to iPhone 5, but you wouldnt be able to downgrade lower than iOS 6.0 because there is no ipsw lower than that for i5

  • I lost my dock cable, only have lightning cables. But I want to backup my 6.1 blob for my iPad 2. iSHSHit is not updated for 6.1, any other alternative?

    • Milad Khahil

      Tinyumbrella …

      • And the cable… For the iPad 2 is ? Lost he said

      • I have a charging dock / stand / speaker for it, and I left my cable at my mums place when visiting for christmas.

        I was able to just start tinyumbrella (newest version), and it found my old old old blobs from my backup harddisk, then it gave me the option to check for blobs for the same device. And it saved the 6.1 blobs without cable.

        My iPad showed up under recent devices.

      • ty!!

    • Need to get a new cable..

    • Rafael Damasceno

      TinyUmbrella lets you fetch blobs using the UDID, by creating a custom device.

      • Thanks very much!!!!

      • Now I have it saved locally, and I can submit it to cydia later… because I am having trouble submitting it now :/

    • Wassim Omais

      Cydia will automatically save your blobs when you launch it, you can do that when you are jailbroken…..

      • No only for the current version you are on 🙁

    • Blake

      How do you charge your iPad if you don’t have a cord??

  • m

    That would be great but i think i would be better if that was done before the jailbreak is nearly done, i know its not easy. Just saying 🙂

    • Daniel Beck

      Dude, chill out people! This is potentially a big deal and could make sure that no one is ever stuck without being able to jailbreak if they don’t want to be. There will be a point in the future that this whole cycle of cat and mouse will play out again and you might actually be wanting an easy way to downgrade…maybe even to 6.1.

  • Wassim Omais

    This isn’t useful for this upcoming jailbreak but if apple releases another iOS 6 iteration that is not jailbreakable, people can downgrade to a jailbreakable 6.x or other firmware. For example, I have 4S blobs from 5.1.1 to 6.1, and if I get 6.2 or something, I can go back to 6.1. So it is pretty useful in the long run.

  • This is great, now if you need a restore and Appe has stopped signing the firmware you need you got no worries about missing out until the next jailbreak.. And I don’t think there will be one until iOS 7 is out .. It’s getting to hard to find them holes…

  • notewar

    Only reason why i want to go back to ios 5 is because i want the old Appstore back

  • coooool.. great to see new blood in the IOS hacking seen

  • John

    To everyone saying Sunday is funday, “@pod2g: About evasi0n release. Nothing is certain. Can be sunday, after, or before!”
    Straight from pod2g’s twitter.

  • Ben

    Save this until iOS 7 cause iOS 6 jailbreak coming soon.

  • What about the method for downgrading from iOS 6 to 5.1.1 that will work on all devices?

  • TylerAGrace

    i am really anxious to downgrade my ios 6.0.1 back down to ios 5.1.1 because the online multiplayer connection process, run through the apple gamecenter, is f**ked up on ios 6.0.1. the only Blobs that i have on Cydia are ios 5.1.1 and ios 6.0.1. will these two blobs be enough for the downgrade process?!?

  • … unfortunetly in some restore i did, i lost the shsh’s of ios 5.1.1, and….. now, i’m at ios 6.1.2 and i have problems with wifi… so i really want to downgrade to ios 5.1.1 … where can i find ios 5.1.1 signed?… o somthing like that….
    *I tried to save shsh from tinyumbrella… but…. it doesn’t found in the iphone*
    i have iphone 4 … if somebody help my I’ll be grateful!..

  • hi i tried to downgrade iPhone 4s from 6.1.2 to 5.1.1 and i couldn’t do that,always had some errors… winocm says that it should work on any device,can someone help me please.

  • Any news ?

  • Guest

    Could I use redsn0w to downgrade my touch4 from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2?….I’ve tried so many times and I’ve failed so many times…

  • AnonTiger


  • Tarik Tanouti

    When this Downgrade Method will release?

  • Naseem

    Could you send me iPhone 4s shsh blobs