Apple store interior

Apple Stores provide an unmistakable, unique shopping environment. The company has spent years perfecting the look and feel of its retail shops, with their large glass windows, clutter-free product tables and walls of accessories.

And it looks like Apple will now be able to protect all of that hard work with a few newly acquired trademarks. This past week, the US Patent and Trademark office granted the company trademarks on its retail design and layout…

Reuters reports:

“The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple’s request last week for trademarks on the minimalist design and layout of its retail outlets, the office’s records show.

The description of the trademarks includes “a clear glass storefront surrounded by a paneled facade” and, within the store, an “oblong table with stools…set below video screens flush mounted on the back wall.”

The big deal here is that Apple has seen a number of fake Apple Stores pop up in China and other countries over the past few years. And these new trademarks could help the company take them down more quickly and effectively.

It’s also worth noting that several large companies have said they plan to makeover their retail stores in Apple-like fashion, including Verizon and Best Buy. It’ll be interesting to see if these new trademarks will effect those plans.

Apple announced during its latest earnings call that it now has 396 Stores, 150 outside of the US. Each of them sees, on average, 23,000 weekly visitors and earn $3,017 in sales per square foot—more than any other US retailer.

  • I love the apple design, too bad other retailers can’t use it, but I understand why..

  • Well the Samsung ‘copycat’ store in Sydney, just across the road from the Apple store might be in trouble then. Everything is the same, down to the blue T-shirts and white lanyards.

    • smtp25

      Which is why the recent rulings that Samsung didn’t blantly and intentionally copy apple is absurb.

  • What a load of bollocks.. This trademark thing is getting out of hand now..trademark this trademark that.. Going to trademark the air in the shop next.. And call it iAir .. Cleaner,Purer, Fresher, The next big thing since the world was created the new iAir .. A breath of fresh air..
    Utter bollocks

    • I see the Apple store’s layout as trademarkable… there are numerous ways a store can be layed out. Just look at Samsung store in Sydney, you’ll see why.

      • It’s a shop..

      • You’re able to trademark just about everything, your point being?

      • Think about it.. It’s a shop …they have got this on a shop.. A shop

      • Have a trademark on a shop isn’t insane as having a trademark on some pictures no?

      • A trademark on a shop front on a table on how the shop looks inside the layout of the items..
        I worked in a shop that had had items on a wall just like Apple shops do, and that was over 20 years ago, so looks like Apple copied and they get a trademark on it.. A table.. There’s load of shops that had tables before Apple had a shop

      • Ask anybody and they’ll tell you Apple stores have their own uniqueness to them.

        How can you even put a shop you worked in 20 years ago next to an Apple store and say they are similar? Now you’re just being ridiculous.

      • I said I worked in a shop that had items on the wall.. Just like apple do.. And they got a trademark on it.. Face it apple have copied other shops and put a trademark on it.. Don’t get me wrong I love my apple stuff but this is just too much and it’s taking the piss a bit

      • I’ve seen many stores/shops with video screens flush mounted on the back wall, I highly doubt Apple is going to go after anyone besides copy cat stores in China.

        P.S. Enjoyed this discussion. 🙂

      • Lol… I agree with the copy cat stores bit.. The ones that are trying to look like a Apple store.
        i.e. in china.
        But you can not say apple was the first to do any of this and to put a trademark on it is a bit to far..
        I mean a table . It’s a table..

      • We might have to agree to disagree on this one..

  • seyss

    if I were an Apple high-level employee and saw these goddamn Samsumg and Microsoft stores that look a lot like mine I’d want to burn them all and kill everybody inside