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  • TeachMeHowToDougie

    i’ve download iPhone5 GSM 6.1 firmware Bulid 10B143 here on iDB and try to update/restore my phone through iTunes 11 and says “the iphone could not be updated/restore because the firmware file is not compatible” im running 6.0.2 iPhone5 GSM, is someone having the same problem or just me?

  • anwarkey

    Can I update 6.1 for jailbreak or i stay on the version 6.0.1 jailbreak

    • TeachMeHowToDougie

      yes you can update to 6.1 but not OTA, update/restore it on itunes but there is no confirm release of the 6.1 untethered jailbreak yet so it would be best to stay on your current version and jailbreak, news says it would be this sunday but untill theres no confirm 6.1 jailbreak released i dont reccomend updating.