iPad mini (Minimally Minimal 002, white, desk, Magic Mouse)

Whenever I but a mobile device from Apple, be it a MacBook Air, iPhone or iPad, I typically opt for the most capacious model available. I know storage comes at a premium when you’re dealing with Apple, but with tons of photos, music and other media, plus a bunch of apps and games, it’s better to be on the safe side, at least in my experience.

I know you can store your stuff in Dropbox and iCloud, but nothing beats local storage and you still cannot run a 2GB big-budget game from iCloud, now can you? In that regard, this new 128GB iPad 4 could be the perfect buy: for just a hundred bucks more you get an additional 64GB of storage over the previous $699 64GB Wi-Fi-only model (better than just 16GB more for those opting for a $599 32GB model versus the entry-level $499 16GB iPad).

But what about you? Is $799 to high a price to pay for a Wi-Fi-only tablet with 128GB of speedy flash storage? And who is it for?

Here, cast your vote now.

This should be fun.

As always, joins us down in the comments for the discussion.

  • Chuck Norris

    799 bucks…. That’s a little bit too pricy. And jailbreaks aren’t that useful on the iPad… I’m going to skip this one.

    • FlamingOzone


    • iPads aren’t that useful without a jailbreak. I got a mini for Christmas, it’s still in its box. I already have an iPad 2 jailbroken that does everything the mini can and more, much more. Can’t wait for the 6.1 jailbreak.

      • I’ll take the mini off your hands lol, don’t want it wasting away ;P

  • Pepeloso

    Apple Should Drop The 16gb And Just Have 32gb 64gb and 128gb, How Technology Taking Over We Need More Space For A Cheaper Price

    • Haitham

      Thats totally right!

    • Probably in the next gen. iPad.

    • No. The small iPad is ideal for ppl who just want to read books, surf the web and send some Mails at home.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Then you might as well get an Android tablet for $199.

      • might as well NOT get an Android device. puke.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Android is PERFECT if all you need it for are books, surfing and email. Go puke somewhere else.

      • Nothing is PERFECT and android is farther from that than iPads

      • Tr1pTr0p

        “Perfect” is subjective. If all you need a tablet for are emails, books and web, then I assume you also want to keep the cost down and you won’t unnecessarily cash out twice as much money for it.

      • Android might be good in the US,but elsewhere you can’t buy stuff like books, musik and movies…

      • We want quality not palstic…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        So I guess the iPhone 3G and 3GS, as well as that $999 plastic MacBook were just low quality junk? What a bunch of bullshit, just like that “high quality” argument!

      • Everything has it’s time, the time for cheap plastic is over. If you want plastic go Android.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I should correct myself. When Apple used cheap plastics, then it was “high quality polycarbonate”, but when other use it, it’s just “cheap plastic”. And you still haven’t offered a single argument on why are current materials Apple uses better.

      • I have an iPad (2 and Mini) an an iPhone (4 and 4s), and I’m mostly use them without any protection. So I’ve put them a thousand times on my desk, in my poket and elsewere, The glas and the backside of both devices doesen’t show any scratches. I had a 3GS before and the backside was made of plasic and at the end it has lots of scratches.

        Now go on an try this with a Samsung or a Nokia and you’ll see the difrences.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I was also very surprised at how scratch resistant my iPhone 4S was compared to my iPod touch 4. Almost no scratches for months. But then I started noticing a lot of tiny scratches appearing out of nowhere, and they would just grow over time. Now I have scratches on both sides of the device, and I can feel them when sliding my finger over them, so I bought a sticker for the back and a matte screen protector for the front of the device.

        If I had a Galaxy S3, for example, I definitely wouldn’t care about occasional scratches on the back cover because it is incredibly cheap to replace.

      • Yes, all in all cheap, that’s what they are…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Just because something has a hefty price tag, doesn’t mean it actually costs more to research, develop and manufacture. The best example for this would be the $100 jump in storage sizes for iOS devices. Do you really believe it costs Apple $100 extra to solder a larger capacity chip onto the logic board? Hint: no, it doesn’t.

        Another example would be Macs, which have the exact same components as other computers, they’re made by the same underpaid workers, in the same factories, but yet, cost noticeably more. I don’t understand how can placing identical components into a non-plastic shell be a sign of high quality? Please, stop buying into this bullshit.

      • Bullshit. Yes. Of course the 100$ price jumps between 16,32,64 and 128 GB are not the real prices of memory, this is a mixed calculation.

        Don’t compare Android Tablets with Apple iPads, you can’t do this because not the manufacturer does the research on the OS Google does. The same with PC an Windows. The biggest different between Apple And others is, you will get everythin from One manufacturer an this is the reason why Macs and iOS Devices run fluid, because all components working perfectly together. Why do Tables with Android have a sluggish UI? Because the manufacturer does not made the OS and google does not know witch Hardware the Manufacturers will use.

        Go on an buy cheap plastic Android devices where ether Google nor the manufaturer sit together and develop a Product.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Wow… Are you really still buying into that “works perfectly together” advertising crap?

        Microsoft doesn’t create hardware for Windows Phone, but it’s still very smooth, if not smoother than iOS. Then compare the Nexus devices to high end Android smartphones and tablets. What do you notice? Top line devices, such as the S3, easily outperform them. And what the hell is with that “runs smoothly” bullshit, as if Android is a laggy hog. Get on with the times already.

        Your logic simply doesn’t make any sense!

      • Haha, now you come up with high end Android. Those phones cost the same as an iphone but made of plastic.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Show me plastic on the Nexus 4, a device that costs half as the iPhone, with three times as many features. I didn’t think you were this shallow, but I guess I was wrong. Those high end phones (S3, for example) have better hardware (starting with the larger, higher quality amoled display, larger capacity battery, more ram and a faster processor) than any iPhone, but I guess none of that matters, since the shell is made of plastic, and that somehow (regardless of the inside components) makes the whole device low quality, cheap and shit.

        Stop with the bullshit.

      • you are bullshittin here, Nexus 4 has no LTE. Nokia is made of plasti. If you want plastic go elsewhere not Apple!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        And the iPhone 5 has an incredibly shitty non-replaceable battery. Are you fucking kidding me? Apple used to make devices made of plastic. And you still haven’t answered my question. Does that mean those devices were cheap low quality junk?

      • At least, stop bullshitting! Apple has stopped making devices of plastic. You are The one who wants plastic, go on an buy it.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Guess what the Apple TV and AirPort are made of? So I guess those devices are just low quality cheap junk, right?
        Fucking dumbass!

      • You stupid mofu, we were talking about Macs, iPhones and iPads. Dream on for a cheap plastic iPhone while i buy one made of high quality glass and aluminium.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        WRONG ANSWER! Its PLASTIC! Apple TV and AirPort are made of PLASTIC! Cheap ass, shitty, low quality, ugly, PLASTIC!

        You can wrap shit in gold, but it’s still shit! I’m not saying the iPhone is shit, I just want to get my point across and show you how ridiculous your arguments are.

      • As I said, I’m with stupid here. We are talking about iPhones. So go on sucker and buy you plastic crap Android Phone, I’m off now enyoing my stainless steel iPhone 4s.

    • What u said is Exactly right

    • Kurt

      they should do that…but they will get 300 dollars for 128gb sd card. instead of 200 dollars like you and i want. apple is greedy and evil.

  • FlamingOzone

    And besides, what happens when they release the iPad 5?

    • Probably be 32gb 64gb and 128gb but the new mini will probably keep the 16gb aswell as offer the 128gb (maybe)

  • Donovan Davis

    If history is anything to go buy your $100 premium will actually only get you 58.4GB NOT 64 and I would like to know how they can market their devices as 128GB when you actually only get a little over 100GB. Their memory game seem just as shady as their repair Gestapo. Please folks don’t say it’s iOS either cause it doesn’t even weigh in at 1GB.

    • When I buy an iOS device ie a 16gb iPhone I actually get 16gb and my 32gb iPad is actually 32gb so I do believe apple when they say 128gb the iPad isn’t the Surface

      • Mohammed Sahib

        No way. All HDD/SSDs manufacturers do the same trick: you get less than what the label says, and they justify it with the platter size or the 1Kb = 1024b or the the size used to replace malfunctioning NAND or whatever bullsh*t they can pull off, as if they couldn’t offer full capacity if they wanted to. Apple is no exception. My 16 GB iPad has only 13.8GB usable. Same applies to every iPHone/iPad I ever saw.

      • Damian W

        I confirm and agree, I have a new restored iPad with 13.8

      • Interesting when I restore ill have to check that thanks

      • Kurt

        surface is way more beautiful and innovative. but the 3rd party apps suck. but the surface pro is an awesome machine as you have millions on apps. just not metro apps, but still

      • Mohammed Sahib

        The only problem with the surface pro, apart from price, is the battery life. I really believe that the tech industry needs a major revolution in the battery area. Current batteries just can’t keep up anymore.

      • Kurt

        I agree. Better batteries is what we really need and can use in our devices

    • The rounding of megabytes and gigabytes happens all the time by pretty much every vendor out there..

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That still doesn’t make it right, and should be criticized.

      • ReanimationXP

        It’s rated in bits, not bytes, and even file systems have overhead. Get used to it.

      • The surface pro 128gb you only get 83gb of usable storage

    • Its the same with hard drives. The way they market it is that 1 MB is 1000 kilobites , which isn’t true. 1MB is 1024k. They use the claim that its 1MB non formatted. Hard Drive companies have been pulling this scam for years, it’s not just an apple thing..literally everyone does it! The other thing is that your 128GB is just storage, the OS has to be stored on that so it takes up 300 or so MB of your useable space.

    • I believe when the drive is formatted, you lose space. Unformatted it is 128G. Regardless, I agree with you, though everyone in the industry does this.

    • chris125

      same with carriers advertising “unlimited” when it isn’t unlimited lol

  • A PC still does a lot more

  • i’ll stick with my 516gb ipad 16gb ipad + 500gb seagate goflex satellite

  • Linwoodj004

    Apple charges far too much for memory upgrades. No way the 16GB to 32GB should be $100 difference. They’d have better justification in charging $100 for 64GB to 128GB upgrade. The 16 to 32 upgrade should be like $25, 32 to 64 $50, then 64 to 128 $100.

    • Stop dreaming. Apple is a business and you are a consumer, if you were a business like Apple you would also make it like them, because you want money. Nothing else.

      • ReanimationXP

        Wrong, if I were Apple and was truely trying to make the best devices in existence, I’d get with the times and include a damn microSD like every other portable device on the planet. This type of greedy bullshit is exactly why a lot of people still steer away from Apple, and even from converts like myself, continuing this cycle will eventually cause me to shift away again, if only to save my wallet.

        Think about it. Would you put up with this from any other company?

      • Do the Nexus 4 & Nexus 7 have microSD Card Slots?…

      • BURN!

      • ReanimationXP

        Practically every Android phone in existence does. The Galaxy Tab does. I wasn’t talking specific to iPad, obviously. 0/10, troll elsewhere.

        Any companies that don’t have one took their cue from Apple. They’ve been doing this since the iPod days and it’s one of the reasons I was never interested in their products prior to the iPod Touch. Now even Macs don’t have upgradable RAM or HDD’s.

        Even my old school Motorola Razr v3 circa 2007 had a microSD slot. It’s not hard to tell why this is done, and the sheep like you and Rudolf up there have just accepted it as fact.

      • microSWhat? 😀

      • chris125

        no apple is just all about the high profit margins. Case in point look at samsung and only charging $50 for double the storage. Seems to be working for them and not charging an arm and a leg for more storage like apple.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Jerry

    Love how you say “for just a couple of hundreds more” like if is not a huge difference in price lol. That’s deffinatly way too much for a device not running full fledged apps. For that price save alittle more money and get a Mac book.

    • seriously you could buy a macbook air for 800-1000.

  • I have been dying for higher capacity but $799 is a bit much..I’m hoping when the iPad 5/mini 2 comes out, the price for 128GB will go down to the 64GB price..:D

  • 16GB is about to be dropped, retina apps are becoming huge. Apples new standards will most likely be 32/64/128GB

  • Harshil Shah

    Not at all right now. I expect Apple to drop the 16 GB model for all flagships (excluding the iPod touch, which will drop the 32 GB model) and lower the prices of all devices to match the previous values for half memory options. The 16 GB models will be sold only when the next-gen is out.

  • jorith

    just what apple needed, a more expensive device…. XD

  • As exciting as this news is, I cannot in conscience run out and buy a 128G iPad. Why? It’s not the price as much as the lack of necessity for a tablet that still cannot do everything I need it to do. Why can we not design books, cards, (yes we have the Cards App but it is still a slow work in progress). Calendars etc. on the iPad? You can do all this and more at Shutterfly and other photo sites. You still need a computer to use iBooks Author and iMovie and Keynote for the iPad is not as efficient as it is on the Mac.

  • batongxue

    Is it just me or is it the picture of an iPad mini above

  • FabianPVD

    While 128GB of space is attractive to many users, it just depends. I’ve had a 16GB iPhone 4S and I have the 16GB iPad Mini and I’ve never had an issue with storage. My music streams via GrooveShark, I don’t download videos, most of my games don’t take up that much space, so it leaves the space for use towards books, pictures, and other miscellaneous things. Just depends on the user. 16GB may be ideal for me, but not for others.

  • Damian W

    I always choose 16 gb since it saves me lots of money. If I run out of space, I simple uninstall , remove useless crap/games that I never played anyway. And my problem is solved.

    • Kurt

      we all have so much stuff on our devices we dont use. 300 dollars for a 128gb sd card. how are people not pissed?

  • Mathias Wiklund

    Excellent, finally i can put some movies and tv shows on it for, 128GB should at least get me twenty 5GB 1080p movies and a couple of tv-episodes. Buying a ipad 4 with memory less then 64GB, FAIL!

  • shinx2ran

    I wonder how long will it take to boot up while the memory is fully used. While my ipad2 32gigs took a while to boot up. 128GB is too pricey for this year, but few years ahead , 16GB ipad will disappear, just like 8GB iphone, and there will be another price adjustment for 32 to 128GB

  • With the same price and launch date, I’ll go for surface pro.

    • Kurt

      same here. its a real computer. and gorgeous

      • Yeah you won’t get 128gb now will you

      • Kurt

        No. but to make up for it-you have USB ports to hook up external hard drives.

      • Kurt

        it has usb ports so you can hook up your 2TB drive. oh, what is a 2TB drive you ask?

  • Amp

    “When ever I but”??

  • Yan Kar

    500 gb segate flex wifi cost 180$, i would prefer that option for mobility and other things. It’s not an SSD drive inside ipad , it’s just flash memory which is slow to begin with and less than 45 mb transfer rate.

    • I’d like to know where you got that 45 mb figure.

  • If I didn’t currently own an iPad, I would consider spending an extra hundred dollars for double the storage, sure. But upgrading from your current iPad 3 or 4 for more storage would be silly. We all know that there will be a better iPad in a few months.

  • Kurt

    300 dollars for 128gig memory card. hmm, let me think about that for a minute

  • JomanJi

    huh, why can’t apple just add like 8 or 16GB and upgradeable via sd card-slot?

    • Obsidian71

      Because Apple doesn’t cater to cheapskates.

  • blckaapl

    128GB WiFi+Cellular = S$1218* (est. since all go up by S$130*)

    Lowest end MacBook Air = S$1388*
    Lowest end MacBook Pro = S$1688*

    *Prices in Singapore Dollars.

    Only Fanboys will get that iPad. Me? Hell no.
    I’ll add another S$300+ and go for the 500GB Pro!

    • Jairo

      or peope that can afford it.

    • Kaptivator

      May as well.

    • Kurt

      but you wont have the notes app! haha

  • Dan

    Classic Apple, storage is not that expensive but anything to make a buck. If I ever find myself needing 128GB, I’ll simply buy an 64GB Android tablet and buy a 64GB microsd for 40$ like I did for my phone.

    • Obsidian71

      I can do the same thing with a 29 dollar adapter. There’s always ways of getting storage cheaper but some will prefer not to have to manage cards.

      • Dan

        Well you don’t have to manage the card, you stick it in once and it’s done. Also, you can’t install apps on the SD card and adapter for iPad.

  • Obsidian71

    It’s blatantly obvious that this will be the year of Apple Pro apps adding iOS counterparts. By years end

    Final Cut Pro X iOS
    Aperture iOS
    Logic X iOS

    It’s not a touch sell if you actually get paid for your work.

  • ipad is a luxury item… so yes it will sell no matter how they price it.. everyone wants more storage on IOS and many will be willing

  • iUser2012

    16 GB (~13.5 net) is too small. You pay a lot and try to fit in a little box. Yes you can fit but that’s not the comfort you deserve for that much money. 32 GB is minimum if you want to have some comfort. 64 could be justified if you keep videos, big files etc. in your iPad (especially if you JB) but you could still have at least 16-20 GB empty in worst case. So why bother to pay even more for 64 GB extra space that would remain unused most probably. The pricing for additional flash storage capacities are similar to unarmed robbery considering their low costs and no other difference between such models. We might have to surrender this robbery up to certain level but I don’t think emptying all our pockets would be good idea 🙂

  • apple should discontinue 8 gbs ipod touch, and 16 gbs ipad

  • Latrese

    That’s waaayyy too much money & too much space.

    It’s like when you could super size stuff. Just cause I’m hungry doesn’t mean I have to stuff my face; I eat enough to not be hungry…