Google Nexus 7 (three-up, front, back, profile)

More tablet news for you this morning. After Apple officially announced via a press release that the new 128GB iPad 4 option is launching on February 5 (is it too pricey? You tell us!), we’re hearing now that Google and its manufacturing partner Asus are working on a 2nd gen Nexus. The re-tooled version of the popular low-cost tablet is said to sport a display with 1080p resolution (1,920-by-1,080 pixels) and the skinnier side bezels akin to Apple’s iPad mini.

It should cost the same as the first-generation model (between $199-249, depending on networking and storage options) and will run Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system…

The sometimes reliable DigiTimes talked to sources who saw the recently released engineering samples of the second-gen Nexus 7, pointing out that the $249 Nexus 7 is currently the best-selling model.

Combined shipments of both current and second-gen model are expected to reach ten million units in 2013. By comparison, Apple in the holiday quarter reported 23 million iPad sales.

According to the trade publication, Google should formally announce the new Nexus 7 in May.

We previously reported that Google’s annual developer conference runs from May 15 through May 17, 2013 so it’s fairly safe to assume that the Internet giant will use the Google I/O 2013 as a launchpad for the refreshed lineup of Nexus devices.

Nexus devices (stack, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10)

Are you looking forward to the new Nexus 7?

And, what’s your experience been with the Google tablet?

I own a Nexus 7 and am replacing it these days because the battery died and the display clicks inside when I hold the device in my hand. It should be suffice to say that I like what Google’s doing here, but am displeased with build quality.

In terms of manufacturing, design and fit and finish, nothing currently comes close to the iPad mini, if you ask me.

  • Myles Crouther

    Would definitely buy, my iPad 2 is a little clunky and I don’t wanna buy a smaller version with slightly upgraded specs. I wish there was a more inticing iPad Mini refresh.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I love my nexus 7, but it’s going to have to have a back camera, sharper display, and android 5.0 to get me to drop another $200

  • FlamingOzone

    They should start patenting hologram technology devices and releasing it to the public. The future would start there

  • dont get me wrong ,True be honest it will sale well only if it has performance like tegra 4 or new snapdragon chips with price tag betweeen 250$-300$.

  • pauleebe

    These rumors would certainly pressure Apple to push out the iPad 5, retina iPad Mini and likely even an iPhone 5S before the summer.

  • CollegiateLad

    No thanks. Waiting on an iPad mini refresh.

  • mervynraj

    the build quality is poor compared to Apple, but what do u expect for $199? platinum casing? after all iphone is going to use plastic for cheap iphones… so ya its not always build quality most people worry about.!!

  • lol “re tooled” still wont come close tok ipad… cause it runs android… android is worse on tablets that it is on phones…

  • Ipad mini blows that piece of junk away and I’m talking about the first one….

  • disqus_ulT4GCQfIP

    The iPad mini cost twice as much and doesn’t do a whole lot more then the Nexus 7.
    You pay for the overpriced crap then.
    Android OS is better than iOS regardless.

  • Kyle Duguay

    they can only wish…