Non Jailbreak

Yes, the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak is almost here, and from the looks of things it will support nearly every recent iOS device. But until that time, why not take a look at some of the cool “non-jailbreak” that have been recognized over the last few weeks and months.

As its name alludes to, a non-jailbreak tweak is a method for tweaking your iPhone even though the device is not jailbroken. These so-called tweaks usually, but not always, rely on simple glitches present within stock iOS firmware. Take a look inside for a brief overview of some of our favorites…

Theme your iPhone

Did you know that you can add custom themes to your iPhone even if the device is not jailbroken. True, the method isn’t nearly as satisfying as using an actual jailbreak theme, but it can get you by in a pinch.

Black Orbs is an example of such a theme. It relies on a custom device profile to install a series of custom designed web clips on to your phone. These clips are nothing more than your basic Safari Home screen shortcut, which link to apps supporting URL schemes. For this reason not all apps are supported, and they require a brief launch of Safari before forwarding to the actual app you want to use.

Yes, it’s a bit convoluted, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Read more about Black Orbs by clicking here.

Use Newsstand as an app folder

The Newsstand is a source for all sorts of glitches within iOS, including the ability to store an unlimited number of apps within the Newsstand folder. You can also launch apps stored within the Newsstand folder. All of this can be accomplished without any outside websites or desktop apps. Simply follow the instructions in the video below, and you’ll be launching apps from Newsstand in no time.

Read more about the Newsstand glitch by clicking here.

Create a respring shortcut

Although the need to respring lessens significantly when running a stock iPhone, in some cases you may feel the need to do so. Fortunately, there’s a way to respring your iPhone without a jailbroken phone using a simple folder within a folder glitch. There are other ways to respring using glitches, but this is one of the easiest ways.

I’ve found the respring shortcut to be really helpful when it comes to removing the Black Orbs theme talked about above. It’s a handy little shortcut to have tucked away somewhere on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Read more about the respring shortcut by clicking here.

Hide yo’ apps

The Newsstand glitch also allows you to hide specific apps without jailbreaking. By placing a folder containing the apps you’d like to hide inside of the Newsstand folder, you can easily hide apps, instead of simply using Newsstand as an app folder.

Unfortunately, this is only temporary, and your hidden apps will reappear after a reboot. If you rarely reboot your iPhone like I do, this shouldn’t make much a difference.

Read more about hiding apps by clicking here.

Alter your carrier name

This is one of the best non-jailbreak tweaks available in my humble opinion. Carrier Editor is a non-jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily alter your carrier name. I’m actually using it right now to outright hide my carrier, but you can use it to add various Zeppelin logos too.

Read more about Carrier Editor by clicking here.

Goodbye, Newsstand

Let’s face it, a lot of folks absolutely loathe the Newsstand folder, because they just never use Newsstand. If you fall into that demographic, then you were probably ecstatic when Filippo Bigarella unveiled StifleStand, a non jailbreak method for hiding Newsstand.

StifleStand, was one of the tweaks that really kicked off the whole non-jailbreak movement.

Read more about StifleStand by clicking here.

Since we’re mere days away from a legitimate way to jailbreak our devices, many of these tricks will be forgotten afterwards. This is our way to honor the various tweaks, glitches, and innovative methods for changing the way our devices look and feel, even when not jailbroken.

What is your favorite non-jailbreak tweak? Let us know in the comments below.

  • these will look like baby tweaks, come sunday :3

    • voyaflexel

      Oh shit you make me cry… 😀 I waited so long for this day and i am really “fucking shit ass hole mother fuck gay porn” hoping that jailbreak will come in sunday

  • The Newsstand and Respring ones are not working for me in 6.1. I believed Apple patched those.

    • Hendo27

      If your refering to putting apps into newsstand it still works.

    • Jeff

      Yeah they all still work. I tested them prior to posting this.

    • just wait til Sunday when the jailbreak comes out and download “nonewsisgoodnews”, and “sbsettings”. your problems will be much easier solved.

  • these are all pretty cool, but what do i need a respring button for if i don´t have a jailbreak. aren´t jailbreak tweaks the only hings that require a respring?

    • pegger1

      Even non jailbreaked phones are buggy, sometimes a respring fixes it.

    • if the JB wasnt so close I would take the time to set some of these up, but the respring tweak would be nice if i had known about it sooner, because there are times I would like to respring instead of doing a reboot to fix simple problems or bugs. Yes non jailbroken iPhones have issues too….

    • Chris Chris

      Example: You install CarrierLogo to change your carrier picture.
      Sometimes you need to respring after applying the new png file in order to
      get it to show up!

  • Can’t fuckin wait to lose my iphone 5’s virginity! 😀


  • Grooveshark, itransmission, itether and loads more Cydia apps also work on non jailbroken devices… Just use instasign by uhelios…

  • Jeff, I discovered that you can use the same method of adding apps to the Newsstand folder, but instead putting Newsstand in a folder. This replaces the function of StifleStand, however it is still just a bug while StifleStand should still last for a long time.

  • so do i update my iphone 4s now to ios 6.1. for the jailbreak on sunday

    • Jimothy

      You can. If you do, do it through iTunes. I updated as soon as possible, but that’s just me.

  • Jimothy

    I just wanna say that @planetbeing said that it could come sooner or later than Sunday. Lets hope for sooner! 😀

  • Marshall

    I hope today is my funday ^.^

  • so i put an app inside newsstand, then newsstand in a folder, then resprung by launching newsstand, whats weird is that newsstand actually stayed in the folder…

  • Icecoolg

    My favourite non-jailbreak theme here is… (Suspense) The black orbs theme, because it means that other themes similar will be available for jailed devices! Also I think I speak for everyone when I say, we are ready for the jailbreak 🙂

  • Jakub Špirk

    I am running iP4S for now. Waiting for a jailbreak and a day it comes out I am getting an iP5 to get my iphone reload after downloading every single tweak I´d be missing on it :-O

  • Alanox

    I made my own Non-Jailbreak Tweak, how do I post it here?

  • Kyle

    Does this work only for iphone 5?

  • Kyle

    Does the black orb only work for iphone 5

  • Kyle

    Sheesh, what the hell Crapple, can we not even choose our own theme on our own device? What the hell is the big idea. Do yous till own our device? NO!!!We paid good money for it. Flip man, even android has a theme that looks like the ipad/apple/crapple stuff. What is the big deal? It is not like someone is going to copy your icons or O.S, it is sh1t. And, you already copied your devices from Samsung anyways, so what the heck? Now, we got to beg and crack just to customize the look of our own freakin home screen. pathetic bunch of gestapo turds, you all stink. What a crap unfriendly system. The only thing you accomplish with your closed system is to show how anally retentive you are. What you going to call your next device, “The anal retina?” Stick your mac up your gwak, you greedy westernized pigs. I am going back to me android, I like to be free, especially when it comes to my own property. Sheesh, what a mission.