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One way that I can always tell that a jailbreak is getting ready to be released, is when I see a bunch of apps and tweaks being updated to support the latest major firmware. That’s exactly what’s happened in the past, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Since there’s been no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x, most developers haven’t bothered to update their tweaks and apps to support this firmware. Makes sense. That is all about to change, as soon as this week, even. Hence, many devs are scrambling to get the needed updates out to support the latest version of iOS.

For instance, just a few minutes ago, popular Cydia developer Filippo Bigarella’s tweaks were updated with iOS 6.x support. Bigarella is responsible for awesome tweaks like PasswordPilot, CleverPin, UnlockFX, and the like. Springtomize 2, his most popular app by far, hasn’t hit Cydia with iOS 6 support as of yet, but an iOS 6 compatible version is in beta testing, and should be out soon.

If you peruse Twitter, then you’ll see other popular developers talking about updating their apps and tweaks with iOS 6.x compatibility in mind as well. The point is, is that this has always been a reliable way to gauge how close we are to an actual jailbreak. When you see lots of app and tweak updates in Cydia adding firmware compatibility, then know that a jailbreak is near.

Have your favorite apps and tweaks been updated with iOS 6.x support yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • jose castro

    so will tweaks work on the iPhone 5 like they would on a iphone 4/4s? like barrel ect?

  • jose castro

    also jeff cant wait to see your epic videos for new tweaks that will be for the iphone 5 haha

    • Ikr. It’s been too long

    • Wassim Omais

      Yep, it’s nice when iDownloadblog is flooded with tweaks, themes, etc. This is probably the main highlight, so this blog is about to get pretty awesome….

  • You can literally feel that smell of jailbreak in the air.

    • christodouluke

      Feel that smell…

      • Feel it

      • I feel it

      • Ryanacker

        Feel the smell

      • Kurt

        im feeling that smell…

      • Ryanacker

        Are you touching it? don’t be rough just gently let the smell know how much you care.

      • rosssimpson

        I’m touching it

      • Im having sexual intercourse with it.

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      • Julio Vasquez

        I feel the smell inside of me

      • Kurt

        i gotta get more of that smell

    • Dat smell

      • It kinda smells like……well its…..??? Smelly but good

  • Zorvage

    Will tweaks need to be update for the larger iPhone 5 screen?

    • christodouluke

      Saurik answered this on reddit, mostly no

      • Could you post a link to the reddit page?

      • christodouluke

        I just replied with the link but it’s awaiting moderation.

      • The link is in Jeff’s article, but thanks anyway!

      • He basically said most updates will just require a .png

      • Jeff

        I posted a post on this.

      • christodouluke

        no credit?

      • Thanks, Jeff!

      • christodouluke

        Lovely to see you’ve thanked Matthew in the article, the guy I posted the link TO.
        still weak

  • Smontiel

    Idk if its supported already, but BiteSMS is the tweak I jailbreak for!

    • Damian W

      bite sms receives regular updates. So I am sure it is gonna work fine with 6.1

    • hack_nug

      It is already supported on iOS 6 🙂

    • same here i miss it..

  • There is currently an iPhone 5 compatibility list in the making, by me. I will post the link as soon as the untethered jailbreak comes out for it.

  • hoping

  • Hendo27

    has intelliscren x been updated yet?

    • asf

      nop, they are waiting for a jb to be released (at least that’s what they told me, some months ago).

  • cant wait to update my iphone4 to iOS 6 😀

  • Not sure if my tweaks have been updated yet I’ll have to see.

  • I have been super patient with waiting and wanting a jailbreak for my iPhone 5, kinda just put it on the back burner, and mostly forgot about until I was annoyed by something I could only do with a jailbroken iPhone, but now with all this talk about a jailbreak and it being on the horizon, i am like a little kid in a candy store, my Iphone 5 needs to be FREE!!! lol. Cant wait! I am so stoked!

  • AdBlocker, Firewall iP, FullScreen for Safari and ScreenDimmer are ready for iOS 6.1. RingerX VIP should be in the next 48 hours 🙂

  • is Ayecon going to work on iPhone 5 ?

  • Can’t wait to jail break iPod 4th generation Sunday

  • I can’t wait for the update!!

  • Yes, most of the apps are not compatible yet to iphone 5 ios 6. Sometimes I’m getting a bunch of error or the apps or tweaks are very slow. I re-installed Cydia using the guide in WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM and since then I am not having an issue with my apps. 🙂