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Earlier in the month, the major Chinese web portal Tencent claimed Apple was looking to establish a research and development center in Beijing and last week Cnet China corroborated the story, but noted that the rumored six-story facility with over 100,000 square feet of space is actually going up in Shanghai. Today, a new report from another Chinese news site give us more in way of details…

BrightWire translated this report by the  Chinese web site Yicai, which is basically an online news section of China Business News, an economic and financial media group based in Shanghai:

Apple has registered three firms in three buildings in Pudong, Shanghai, and one of them will be dedicated to procurement management and R&D, according to documents on the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce’s website.

The news is kinda official because Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce has formally announced that Apple will open its R&D center this summer.

Tim Cook said last week in a conference call with analysts that China, which amounted to nearly one-fifth of Apple’s 2012 revenue , would become its most important market.

The Cupertino firm is also building an enormous data center in Hong Kong and is working to expand its retail presence in China.

Apple for at least six years had been planning to build a research and development center in China. The total annual rent for the three buildings is said to exceed CNY 50 million, or about eight million USD.


The management consulting firm Booz & Co in its Global Innovation 1000 study last year named Apple the most innovative company for the third time in a row, despite spending far less on R&D compared to both Samsung and Microsoft.

What do you think employees will be researching in the Shanghai R&D center?

That budget iPhone, perhaps?

  • Kurt

    yeay! more money for china! less money for my fellow americans :-/

    • ExRoot

      I agree. Let’s see the barrage of idiotic claims that this is Obama’s fault instead of plain old American greed. Stop kidding Apple’s ass. They don’t give a crap about you.

      • Kurt

        tim cook and company care about the company more than humans. they have 130billion in cash, take some of that money and build wells in africa so family’s dont have to get water from cholera invested waters. i give 20% of my income away, just imagine if apple gave 1 percent. of half a percent to building wells in africa. just pick one humanitarian effort and see such amazing changes in millions and millions of lives. why horde all that money?

      • highlydubious

        Its stupid to say they have 130billion in cash because that shows you’ve just listening been to what other people told you and never actually did any real basic research. Apple has 10.746 billion in cash. The rest is in liquid and mostly non liquid investments producing cash flow.

        It’d be great if they gave it to children in Africa, I’m all for that. Too bad I’m all for that.

    • batongxue

      You have no idea how little most Chinese people eared!

      • Kurt

        I lived in china. In jiaxing. Where the communist party began. I didn’t mean any disrespect towards Chinese.

  • Apple in California designed in Beijing china, made in Bejing China

    • Kurt

      designed in Shanghai*

  • JerseyD

    Can’t wait to see all the extra leaks that will come out of China now

    • Kurt

      haha i didnt think about that.