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As expected, Tim Cook addressed the troops on Friday at a Town Hall meeting held on Apple’s Cupertino campus. The CEO was reportedly fired up during the assembly, as he congratulated his employees on their record-breaking quarter.

Cook also talked about a number of topics at the meeting, including the company’s recent stock slide, its growing competition with Android, the  current status of its retail operations and more…

The scoop comes from 9to5Mac, who clearly has multiple well-placed sources inside the company, as it provides specific details from Cook’s entire speech. We’ve highlighted some noteworthy stuff below, but the whole thing is worth reading.

The CEO’s first major topic of discussion was the company’s earnings report, and the subsequent plunge in Apple’s stock price. Despite it having its best quarter ever, it failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations, causing its stock to plummet.

“Cook also reportedly made it clear that share price is not Apple’s focus. Making new products that customers love is the priority. Revenue and share price is just a by-product of Apple’s efforts. Cook said that he believes that Apple employees agree with that sentiment. He also said that Apple is commonly misunderstood and that the company will always have critics, no matter how successful it is by Apple’s standards.”

But despite having a record quarter, Apple did show a decline in year-over-year growth. And a lot of folks attribute that to growing competition. Cook took the time during the meeting to talk about Apple’s largest competitor: Google’s Android OS.

“Cook discussed iOS’s integrated, reliable experience versus Android’s fragmentation with a plethora of devices. Cook mentioned Apple’s large iOS web traffic in comparison to Android’s smaller web marketshare. He noted that while Android may be running on more devices, it is clear that people love and use their iOS devices more than the people who use Android-based products.”

He closed out the meeting by, again, pumping up his employees and reiterating that Apple is the world’s leading technology company. I believe that this final excerpt here speaks volumes about how far he’s come as a CEO—particularly the last line.

“Cook’s meeting with employees seemed to have reaffirmed Apple’s strength as the leading technology company to its employees. The common theme recognized by Apple employees is the immense strength, experience, and foresight of Apple’s management team. More than ever, employees are witnessing how much their CEO and management cares about them and both the near-term and long-term success of Apple on a global scale.”

After multiple trial runs as acting-CEO during Steve Jobs’ medical leaves, Tim Cook took over as the full time chief in August of 2011. He has since overseen several product launches, and led the company to a number of record-breaking quarters.

It’ll be interesting to see what he does this year, as the whole world is watching—probably more so now than ever before.

  • tim has always been seen as a number cruncher, its good to see hes adopting the apple mentality

  • “Cook also noted that Android is about marketshare with its range of devices and low pricing, while iPhone and iPad products are about experience, top hardware and software quality, and, most importantly, actual usage by customers.”

    • Nvrhde

      Differnet approaches to earn money , and they are doing well.

    • Kurt

      did cook mention android is also about features? probably not. i wish would would get some features thrown our way

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Apple is all about great products. Thats doesn’t mean we don’t want more products from Apple for a little less money but the product is still great none the less. Apple been this way even in the Dark Ages when Mac default web browser was IE but now the only different is Apple is now the guy to beat because there on top like it or not. A little JOKE about IE: IE the most used web browser to download a better web browser.

  • he puts up a good illusion but all ceos are number crunchers he has no influence on product or interest like steve did

    • macboy74

      Before Tim was CEO he was COO of Apple this is why he is good with numbers.

      “He puts up a good illusion but all ceos are number crunchers”

      Really? So you see Larry and Sergey as number crunchers. And how much product influence and interest do you think they have? Same can be said for Steve Ballmer.

  • disqus_h92

    I agree with Tim Cook, the stockprice and marketshare should not be Apples focus.

  • i need a jailbreak please who cares about timmmyyy

  • I want iPad 5 wit 124 gb NOW iPad 4 iz too heavy! And big! @TomCooking

    • Kurt

      ill take 128gb 😉

  • Nvrhde

    Isn’t competion+greediness is great For Consumers?

    ( unless your harcore fanboy )

  • Carol Daniels

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  • Hyr3m

    A lot of people getting cheap android phones don’t have the money for data plans… but Tim’s right, it’s just because people who have an iPhone love their phone more than people who have an Android so that’s why they use it more to go on the web. (One of the most stupid things I’ve ever read…) Does he think we’re all morons ? Well I guess with the number of people buying his overpriced crap he must definitely think most people are retards who will cheer at his wishful thinking…

  • air naji

    Didn’t say anything about opening up iOS ? That would be cool