iOS 6.1 Beta 5 GMA few folks on Twitter have been speculating about the validity of the just released iOS 6.1 beta 5. Not in the sense that the release is bogus, but in the sense that this might actually be the iOS 6.1 golden master release that everyone’s been feverishly waiting on.

iOS 6.1 beta 5 has hints of a being a final release according to some. So much so, that polarizing personality Stefan Esser — a talented, but socially awkward figure within the jailbreak community — tweeted out his sentiments regarding Apple’s startling weekend release.

iOS 6.1 beta 5 is still downloading for me, so I’ve yet to be able to check it out for myself. That being said, giving the somewhat unprecedented nature of this 5th release for a non-major iOS firmware, it has to make you wonder, at least.

It should be noted, that in the past, Apple has forgone a golden master release for some of its non-major iOS firmware updates. iOS 3.1 comes to mind. Its Wikipedia entry shows that it went from iOS 3.1 beta 3, directly to the final build — i.e. no “GM” release.

Obviously in a situation such as this, time will tell. I’m sure the team responsible for the upcoming iOS 6.1 jailbreak is already on top of things.

Update: And here are MuscleNerd’s thoughts on the release:

Looks like we have something here, folks. Okay, everyone back on board, this train could be leaving the station any day now.

  • Guest

    @i0n1c: Interesting thing about the iOS 6.1 Beta 5 release is that it has the build ID of a final, not that of a beta.

    • You don’t get thumb ups for copying.

      • Lol it was an accident, I meant to post it in the previous articles. My sincere apologies friend

      • NoBrainer


      • whats funny ?

      • U did get thumbs up for noticing that he copied :p

  • I though of that but they would have say?
    But they may want to troll/trick us once again

  • So when does this beta expires anyway?

    • A little bit longer than I don’t know. lmao

    • NoBrainer

      According to a comment from the last iDownloadBlog Post about the Beta 5 release this one doesnt have an expiration date

    • it will never expires it is a pre-GM

      • iPadBrony

        I thought it was the GM. Just under a different name. So says a few sources now. Jailbreak to follow soon after 😉

    • Ben

      Sometime in 1970. That’s what someone on Twitter said anyway.

      • Ben

        To those who thumbs this down it is 1970 which is a year that will never happen again meaning that the beta (GM) won’t expire. 😉

  • I think it’s hard to tell at this point because Apple’s always done .X releases with new hardware (i.e. iPod touch or iPad).

  • will

    I don’t see the OTA update ben waiting for like 20 min

    • me neither getting little nervous my phone will brick tomorrow

  • “So much so, that polarizing personality Stefan Esser — a talented, but socially awkward figure within the jailbreak community — tweeted o..”


    i0n1c: iDownloadblog is such a parody of a news site. But what do you expect from a site run by children.

    No disrespect to either party here. Just pointing out an observation.

    • I don’t think Jeff meant it as a personal offense, more as a comment on how much, or what, he tweets.

    • Sounds like somebody’s mad.

  • NoBrainer

    I swear to god apple is going to play this game so long that they will invent the beta 6 for us…

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I hope the jailbreak will be released soon that’s all I can say

    • will

      did you get the OTA

      • Liam Mulcahy

        No i’m not a Apple dev.

      • will

        mines are now up to date there is no OTA have the fined there well known site

    • I think it will be safe for them to release only when Apple officially release iOS 6.1

  • Whats happen if apple patch the exploits that pod2g found for the jailbreak.

    • They can’t since the JB hasn’t been released. That’s why the “Evad3rs” aren’t releasing it until 6.1 comes out.

      • kieransymes

        Wrong! Apple could still patch the exploit as they could also find one or more of the exploits being used for the jailbreak.

      • Ohh my mistake then. I assumed since it took the JB team this long to find the exploits that it would Apple as well.

      • Ashcakes

        Sorry but your WRONG ! it pretty damn unlikley. The Evad3rs are waiting so it doesn’t happen they have many exploit but they are not going to burn them all. I’m Sorry but your confidence in apple makes me laugh

      • kieransymes

        Apple have access to iOSs source code. They don’t have to reverse engineer it like the jailbreak dev teams. And when hackers announce they have found exploits, I bet Apple gets a team to comb through the code looking for exploits. Of course Apple could patch it.

  • Muhammad

    Apple you troll

    • iPadBrony

      They are trolling, iOS 6.1 beta 5 is the GM

  • Guest

    People are starvin in africa and what do we do? Crying because there is no jailbreak yet. Where has this world come to, although i would also welcome a jailbreak release in the near future, but anyway, going to do other things in the meantime until there is a official release.

    • we should be more like you and sit behind our computer and criticize others on random blogs

    • Okay, I suppose you “gave” away your Christmas dinner to the hungry of Africa? Get a life, we know it exists, this is not the place to talk about it!

    • Ashcakes


  • disqus_pJlU3astHZ

    I’m tired of your shit apple.

    • kgelner

      Curse you Apple for continuously adding features, and making devices more stable!

      • I was(am) a iPhone 3G owner, which was basically ruined after the last major release which was released for it.

        Other than that your statement is nearly 100% correct

      • methamp

        Working great here on iPhone 3GS. I feel as if 6.1 will be the last dance for some older devices.

      • disqus_pJlU3astHZ

        I meant that they wont release the update because they want the jailbreak to be delayed

  • Gregory

    Release 6.1 now!!!

  • the Ios 6.1 final wont be release before march

    • iPadBrony

      So it turns out that iOS 6.1 beta 5 is the GM 😉
      just look around, you’ll see it all over now

    • Not before March? How do you know this?

  • Wassim Omais

    Final release so evad3rs can test already!!!! I don’t want a thousand other betas that don’t change a thing other than add an expiration date!!!!!!

    • iPadBrony

      beta 5 is the GM 😉
      look around. It’s all over twitter and major jailbreak news hubs. Many devs. have confirmed this

      • I hope so coz the sooner they release iOS 6.1 the sooner jailbreak will come 🙂

      • iPadBrony


      • Wassim Omais

        Apple is a very good troll……

      • iPadBrony


  • Guest

    It’s been proven by people that have a developer account that they can download the ios 6.1 beta 5 to an unregistered device. This is definitely the public version.

    • none of iOS 6.1 betas have required a “registered device” mines not and running beta 4 now no OTA update yet though and no IPSW to download yet so my 4S could become a brick tomorrow

      • will

        your able to download at a well known site both I pad mini and iphone 5 have the beta 5 or gm on mine now

      • What site? Can you download it without a developer account there?

  • James

    Somebody that I know has a developer account and just told me they downloaded ios 6.1 beta 5 to a device without a registered UDID. This is definitely the GM. It also has the build of a GM.

    • Jimothy

      Same. I tested just to be sure, my iPhone 4 is registered, my iPod 4 isn’t. And my iPod didn’t reject the firmware, so I’m 100% that this is the GM.

  • Apple is teasing my iPad 2 so badly, I miss cydia! 🙁

  • Do you not think they trying to see if the jailbreak tool gets leaked somehow so they can patch it, since the jailbreak is ready?

  • Another hint is that you can’t run beta 5 OTA (Apple always wants a clean restore after betas)

  • Aaron de Silva

    Wondering why I can’t update to this OTA..

  • Lance Kerman

    It looks like i0n1c is all butt-hurt again…

  • batongxue

    Apple! Now you are just being a complete jerk!

  • Airo

    Non jailbroken iphone 5 = A5 paper with bad wifi signal.

    release the damn 6.1 before trolls like me multiply.


    I want to do a fresh restore to the IOS6.1 when a JB is released, but means I will lose all my SMS messages, you think Apple would allow you to restore certain aspects of the backup instead of the whole phone.

    • yeah, it’s insanely infuriating that you can’t (easily) back up separate pieces of the device. I found this most irritating when I had the “Other” storage issue. Restore as new: no problem. Restore from backup: 12GB’s of “Other” storage being taken up.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Jelly Beans

  • As far as i noe iOS 6 (as in a whole number) which was a major new version of iOS only had 4 betas n nw jus a non major .1 version has the 5th beta released n maybe more to come !! o_O i think its only coz apple doesn’t want this version to be jailbroken at any cost…

  • Guest

    I’m not a developer but I find iOS 6.1 beta 5 called ( iPad3,3_6.1_10B141_Restore.ipsw)GSM version,with “googles”.. download it and install with normal restore prosedyre in Itunes using IPSW.
    Just now i restoring my programs and setting. 🙂

    Looks likes GM version to me.

  • Guest

    I’m not a developer but I find iOS 6.1 beta 5 called ( iPad3,3_6.1_10B141_Restore.ipsw)GSM version,with “googles”.. download it and install with normal restore prosedyre in Itunes using this ipsw image.
    Just now i restoring my programs and setting. 🙂

    Looks likes GM version to me.

  • I believe Apple doesn’t want to release 6.1, because of what pod2g and planetbeing have posted. That they are dragging it out. Trying to see if they can test the jailbreakers into releasing it before the final 6.1. Apple, you suck.

  • I have Beta 5 but it doesnt ask to sign in to dev acount and doesnt even say its a beta

  • davegreen

    Anybody suspect Apple to be playing into the hands of the jailbreak team? Aware of a possible exploit, releasing this ‘beta’ to show that it hasn’t been patched, release next beta with patched exploit? Surely a company like Apple would have the power to detect such a thing, legally or illegally…

  • This is a repeating thing. This has happened with not just iOS 3.1 but iOS 4.1 and 5.1. So yes Im guessing that iOS 6.1 will SKIP the GM build and go public. But the question is…when