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Samsung’s first crack at cornering Apple into providing the iOS source code came in November 2011, when it argued at an Australian court it needed to take a look into the iPhone 4S firmware in order to determine the extent of an alleged patent infringement.

And on its own turf in South Korea, the Galaxy maker is putting pressure on the Cupertino, California firm to reveal the iOS 6 source code to judge whether Apple’s mobile operating system – specifically, the Notification Center feature – infringes its technology patents.

To say that Apple wasn’t impressed would be an understatement: lawyers for the iPhone maker called Samsung’s request “insane” and argued its rival is trying to force it into revealing its “most important data”

The Korea Times newspaper has the story:

Samsung Electronics claimed Friday it should be able to access Apple’s software source code to confirm whether or not its technology patents were infringed upon in the latest i0S 6 operating system powering iPhones and iPads.

Apple has denied the request of its Korean rival, calling it ridiculous. Both Motorola and Google have also asked for the source code to be supplied but to no avail.

Samsung is complaining about Apple’s Notification Center. Its argument is basically that the feature which allows iPhone users to check various alerts by swiping the top of the screen borrows from its technology patents.

The Galaxy maker sued Apple over Notification Center in Korea last month.

Korea Times mentions that the court has yet to decide whether to accept Samsung’s request, which Apple representatives “countered furiously” and said the issue was a “complicated technical matter”.

Moreover, Apple accused Samsung of claiming ownership of a technology that was “already widely in use”, according to an unnamed court official quoted in the story.

Apple’s lawyers said:

It doesn’t’ make any sense. Samsung is saying that we should give up protecting our most important data.

Samsung’s position is that iOS 6 contains a piece of code that uses its patent without consent. The Galaxy maker told the court it would not be able to assess whether its patent has been infringed on or not without Apple providing the source code.

Back in November 2012, Google pulled a similar legal maneuver, complaining that Apple has been withholding the source code for iOS 6. The Internet giant also wanted to take a peek at the Mac OS source code.

Unfortunately, Samsung and Apple continue to be entangled in a complicated web of more than forty patent suits in at least ten countries around the world.

This morning, a German court found Apple to infringe Samsung’s 3G patent, but issued an order to stay the case until the validity of Samsung’s patent is determined.

  • jose castro

    if you have nothing to hide just do it apple. seriously they cant copy you…

    • asf


    • daniel awde

      Really you think that apple just give away important data clearly samsung want to see internal data so she can copy it from apple

      • jose castro

        i doubt that.. it would be another lawsuit and i don’t think Samsung wants to loose more money… remember they lost billions already

      • disqus_h92

        But they never paid that 1 billion…

      • jose castro

        lol actually they did.. a couple billion

      • Lordthree

        No they havent

      • Blake

        No they did not. They haven’t payed the settlement yet because they are trying to get it overturned.

      • The big problem is that Samsung earns more money copying than getting sued. It’s very unbalanced and for the company they really believe that copying worth… what a fucked up world, right…?

    • samdchuck

      But they have something to hide, all the clever coding they have done that has made for a superior experience. Whether they did or did not copy that doesn’t mean they want to give away the rest of the code as well.

      And in general the whole ‘if you have nothing to hide then’ show it, have your house searched, etc. argument has always been idiotic. Everyone has something to hide, it’s called privacy and none of your business.

  • Gerard Hampton

    wow thats strange..

    “Moreover, Apple accused Samsung of claiming ownership of a technology that was“already widely in use”, according to an unnamed court official quoted in the story.”

    Didnt apple sue samsung for having squarish icons and other silly things other phones have had for years? Hmmm how do you like them apples

    • Smartphones never had consistent icons with the same size to make everything smooth and clean… apart from that, everybody knows why Apple sued Samsung. Because they ripped off almost every detail, so the only way to win that fight was pulling some patents…even the silly ones.

      • What you do mean by never smartphone never have consistent icon becuause ad I recall it exist on htc, nokia, and even the old window operating system. Also apple sued samsung about round corner tablet and said that the galaxy tab look like ipad. Who the hell would confused that. All of your comment on this article is saying that apple is alwasy right which is called favoring. Also I used iphone 5 so im not android fan either. Im just saying what is right

      • Icons in grid, with round corners never was mandatory in any operative system like it is on iOS.

        Don’t be confused by the tradicional icon grid where icons can have different shapes, like in the Android, MacOSX and Windows.

      • Uhm… so what about the shape of an rectangular object?

      • Nokia Lumia is a rectangular object and didn’t get sued… because it doesn’t look like a iPhone. It’s hard to understand that? It’s not about the shape but ripping of a design. The shape it’s just a way to describe that design.

  • samsung wants to look n there so that they can figure out how to code smooth scrolling on their phone..

    • HAHA

    • Benny Green

      Then my guess is you have NEVER touched a Samsung S3 running 4.1.2 or heard of project butter ? Your smooth scrolling comment is invalid and shows your one sided, uneducated opinion

      • I don’t want to fuck with butter to get smooth scrolling, iPhone had it since iOS 2.X

      • Benny Green

        My point exactly – uneducated decisions like yours makes uneducated statements like yours…

      • Jordan Dixon

        What is this idea of ‘uneducated’ you elitist prick

      • Benny Green

        Using both, as I have & do daily for my work, making one sided statements is uneducated. Lol elitist no, educated yes.

      • Smooth scrolling came with iphone 4 bro. Dont come here and claim the 3g and 3gs was smooth. Thats ignorance

      • Steve

        Try scrolling the springboard on an iPhone 2, that’s pretty smooth…

      • Haha noooo

      • Steve

        The s3 gets the scrolling smoother by adding more processors and ram, that’s not coding 😐

      • LEO XIII

        uneducated comments?? o.O and you must agree every other mobile phone company envied apple for its smooth scrolling and touch.
        Apple was recognized for two things earlier.. it’s capacitive touch sreens and its apps.

  • “We must continue to copy Apple, but we need to go deeper”

    • Benny Green

      Oh because Apple had the notification centre first… riiight….

      • In case you didn’t noticed, Notification Center is from Android and not made by Samsung… and both Apple and Google own patents over the notification center. Android was the first, for sure and there’s no doubt on that, but both own patents. That’s why Google never, EVER, sued Apple, or you thought that they never did because they are the good guys? lol…

      • Benny Green

        Who said anything about Samsung making it ?! & without Apple ‘opening up’ then how do you know that Apple aren’t infringing on Android code ?! That’s right you dont.

      • Exacly. Samsung should stay quiet. And If Google wants to see the code, it should be them to ask Apple, not samsung.

      • Benny Green

        which they have & still Apple are keeping closed. ‘Both Motorola and Google have also asked for the source code to be supplied but to no avail.’ The only people losing anything is the wide ‘non fanboy/girl’ market which will be Apple’s demise. If Apple didn’t make such a fuss over shape, icons & other crap then the other phones on the market, notably Samsung, would not have had as much exposure to the wider audience. Apple’s falling on their own sword & the share prices tell the story.

      • No, apple are defending their intellectual property, like any brand would do. Even Samsung, when they see their devices being ripped off, they sue them. Like the “Star N800” and many other examples that you can find easily. Usually brands trade patents and sometimes they even close their eyes for some kind of rip-offs, but Apple didn’t that with Samsung because Samsung went to far.. from Tablets, to Smartphones, Laptops and even the Dock connectors, ending on the software UI… they really went to far.. they were asking for a lawsuit for a long time and they totally deserve it. Ripping of some ideas, well.. almost every brand does, and most of them are part of a trade licenses and patents, but ripping off almost the entire line of devices…that’s low and bad for competition.

      • Notification center is googles and the android phonemakers product. Apple isnt a part of that circle. They ripped it off. No hard feelings. Its a good notification center. Cant think of any other way it would be done without making it dumb.

        But. Apple should pay a license fee to the android circle for using it

      • If Google owns the entire patent, why not? But once again, it’s Google job to ask that to Apple, not Samsung… but I believe that Google will never sue Apple because Android ripped of much more features from iOS than the opposite, and Google knows that…

        Android is made of stolen ideas, (not only from iOS but from other operative systems too) and even stolen JAVA codes. That’s why Google is very “low profile” about Android and his “ideas”. If someone steal ideas from Google, it’s just karma working… it’s “one idea” against “many other ideas” that they stole…

        But let’s see this way and forget about Android and iOS… what is Google? The innovative web search that changed the internet and added a HUGE progress to this world. So, lets see.. if Apple one day makes a “search engine” and Google finds that they cracked Google’s algorithm and used that code, we would probably see the biggest lawsuit of the planet, because Apple would hurting Googles hearth. Hope you got the point.

      • Google is low profile since its all open source. doesnt have anything to do with that they stole so much as u claim. Open source is open source

      • Open source who needs root access to give us freedom…i work with computers since the late 80’s and it was the first time I saw a open-source system blocked. And btw, do you have the Youtube app, Google Play app, Gmail app, Google earth and many others Google apps source code…? Because I’ve never found them…unless you work inside Google…

        Google makes money with the “good guys help”, but everything they did from the “root”, they never shared with anyone.

      • That didnt really counter my statement bro

      • You said “open source is open source” and talking about “Google” and “Android” that definition doesn’t feet very well… I only gave you the examples.

      • Eddie Morales

        If we go deep into this topic Android wouldn’t even exist without the iPhone

      • The project was there.. “blackberry wannabe”.

    • Pussy.

      Said no one, ever.

  • Justin

    If iOS were to be open source, it would be a *lot* better.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Not sure, really?

    • and a lot less secure…and consistent…two big things that defines very well the iOS… even Google doesn’t believe on that.. or do you really think that the Android is 100% open-source?

      • Justin

        I can agree with you there, but an open source iOS would make jailbreaks come out almost immediately after the release.
        Reliability > Enjoyability

      • Qiren_94

        Will, “Enjoyabillity” further enhance the performance of a phone? I don’t think so.

      • I think the right way would be a “more open system” with more frameworks and API available for tweakers. But that’s only my personal opinion. Because, let’s be honest, people who love JB it’s not only because of the tweaks… but because they want install cracked apps…and I know that it’s possible to make a “more open system for tweaks” without the need of a full open-source operative system…

      • Justin

        Nailed it… a more open system would be more enjoyable. Make it more like OS X. You can install tweaks to your hearts content, because it has a Unix framework.

      • RarestName

        There will be no need for a jailbreak if it’s an open-source operating system, silly.

      • Justin

        absolutely true.

      • Untrue, we still root Android devices including Nexus devices which enable full privilege permissions and void our warranty.

        And run specific applications such as Titanium Backup.

      • RarestName

        Who’s to say that all open-source operating systems are like Android?

      • They aren’t because Android relies on Java VM called Dalvik on top of the Linux kernel. Most FOSS would use compiled code rather than interpreted, without using a VM of any sorts.

        That’s what most Linux/BSD OS’s do.

      • Lordthree

        Open source isn’t ever going to happen for iOS.

      • real talk

      • It’s mostly (~97%) open source with components such as the Linux kernel being under GNU GPLv3, the OS itself is under Apache (which is like GNU GPLv3 though companies don’t have to release proprietary code) and there are drivers (and possibly other modules) which are licensed completely in a proprietary manner.

    • samdchuck

      Just the fact of being open source means nothing, let alone make it the product magically better. Open source doesn’t mean everyone can contribute, copy, share, create derivatives, or really do anything with it, although typical, not required, just that everyone can see it.

      Also, most of it is already opens source.

      • I’d say open-source has made Android better because we have CyanogenMod, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, MIUI (and others) custom ROMs that allow ANYONE to create and modify their own builds of Android which can encourage innovation past the OEMs.

        For instance I really like the PIE on ParanoidAndroid:


        I know amazing stuff can be done on a jailbroken iOS device, but the fact that Android is open-source allows awesome stuff like this.

      • samdchuck

        Making iOS entirely open source doesn’t change anything to that. Apple can make iOS fully open source and still block jailbreaking, custom ROMs etc. What you want is not an open source iOS but an unlocked OS. Something Apple has never liked doing, unlike publishing source code which they have done on many occasions.

      • Open source is usually defined under GPL (or in Android’s case Apache), the basis is user freedom. So surely if it was done right it would be possible to jailbreak and custom ROM because the developers would know how the OS works.

        Android devices barely take any time to figure out how to root (especially Nexus devies), but iOS these days they are still working on a public release. I know the hackers are concerned about exploit patching, but…

      • Justin

        True. It is based off of Unix, like OS X.

  • Then again Android did have a notification menu first and was designed to have one, which is why all the status bar icons and clock are set to the right.

  • They should just confess they use the code that infringes patent mentioned, pay for it and keep the data safe and secure, honestly, Apple can afford it and Samsung would have nothing to bitch about.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    In your dream, Samsung..

  • Wouldn’t this open the door wide open for jailbreaking? I could be wrong.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    These Stupid Companies are fighting like kids. I believe in patents for Hardware design but for software this is stupid. NO ONE should own or be able to patent the right to be able to slide there finger(s) across there phones in any direction to perform any task on any phone period. These kids (Apple, Google, Samsung, Etc.) need to stop. The Patent system MUST be CHANGED for the better.

    • You sound like a Razethew0rld fan…

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Na I’m just think these fights are stupid. Companies are just buying patents and suing for patents rights is stupid. Tired of reading about Tech stuff around the web and 50 links of patent fights come up. I just wanna see and use new tech no matter who makes it.

      • I totally agree. Patents should be on credible hardware things, and not stupid software things. If someone out and out copies you, then that’s fine, but this patent trolling has to stop.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • It’s nice to see Logan getting mentioned here:


        This is why I love RazeTheW0rld (Tek Syndicate)!

    • Software design is like a Paint. Try to copy and sell “Mona Lisa” and see what happens. The soul of a hardware is the software, so they should have equal rights. Talking about finger gestures… look like a easy thing easy to achieve, but only the people behind that code knows how hard it was to make it real, so people must respect software intellectual propriety too. Without Software, Hardware is useless… a world without patents will be a world without innovation because that would make brands being lazy, ripping of each other instead of trying harder to make something new and totally different.

  • wonder if the source code will get leaked and make jailbreaking and tweak creating easier ;P

    • I would like that :3

    • There are better ways. I’d rather wait a year for a jailbreak than see a device copying Apple’s source code. Keep the faith in the Evaders, they will always have our back.

  • enough!

    Can someone drop a bomb on these korean jerks?

  • My idea is to let an tech from samsung analise the source code on a computer provided by apple, with an apple supervisor, this way they could analise the code the much they want without having a chance to copy it