Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (DDay leak 001)

As expected, Apple’s $329 iPad mini has taken off in a big way and is now arguably the company’s best-selling iPad. Apple experienced supply constraints of the device throughout the holiday quarter and it immediately sold out upon its arrival to China last week. Cook in a conference call following earnings report attributed the 22 percent year-over-year iPad growth to strong sales of the lower-margin tablet.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been swarming the market with mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. The strategy has earned the South Korean company a distant #2 spot in tablet sales as it tries to keep pace with Apple. The firm is apparently working on an eight-inch Note device designed to challenge the iPad mini and now an image has leaked revealing a sleek form factor encased in a plastic enclosure…

The Italian site DDay posted a few images that allegedly represent Samsung’s upcoming eight-inch Galaxy Note phablet.

It looks like a blown-up Galaxy S III smartphone, have a look…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (DDay leak 003)

It seems to have thicker side bezels than the iPad mini, no?

As I previously reported, the Galaxy Note 8.0 probably has a 16:10 screen with a 1,280-by-800 pixel resolution (720p). The iPad mini, as you know, has a 1,024-by-768 resolution display and the upcoming refresh is thought to upgrade the experience with a Retina-quality resolution.

The new Note will reportedly ship in two flavors, cellular and Wi-Fi only, and is expected to be officially announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, which runs February 25-28, 2013.

Deciphering these blurry shots, Samsung’s forthcoming gizmo looks a little plasticky. That’s okay given Samsung’s design language that calls for use of plastic body for most Galaxy devices.

What’s your call?

Can this thing become a viable contender to the iPad mini?

  • totally bullshit !!!!

  • Nash

    My eyes.

  • Not even close as a contender to an IPad Mini! Looks horrible.

    • Yacko

      Looks like a small snack tray made in Taiwan.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iPad Mini is much more elegant..

  • insp1112

    Sorry. Samsung. But this is one of the stupidest looking design I’ve ever seen

    • Kurt

      worse than iphone 5? nope didn’t think so

  • mervynraj

    i’d personally feel uncomfortable if i hold a tablet with no bezels.!!

    • Kurt

      who wants their fingers covering up part of the screen? bezels are good

      • Jose Gonzalez

        I never have any problem with the bezels on the ipad mini, and I’ve never experienced any of my fingers being in the way on the screen.

      • Kurt

        no lo creo

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Whos’s to say you have to believe? This is my experience with my ipad mini.

      • Kurt

        es impossible aunq no tienes manos jaja

  • PJ

    I don’t get it… are they running out of ideas for design or actually think it looks good?
    To me it looks just like a stretched out S3 just like the Note 2 …

    • Kurt

      ipod touch/iphone/ipad/ipad mini all have a 2007 year design which is awfully ugly

      • PJ

        Really dude? really?
        Do you actually compares the iPod touch 5th gen design to the one of the S3? or the iPhone 5’s design? come on give me a break when it comes to design only HTC comes close to apple… the rest should really re think their strategy.. especially Samsung..

      • Kurt

        “dude” gsIII and note II are superior to our iphones. thats just a fact. they have features we will never ever have.

      • PJ

        Okay the lumia looks awesome I forgot it
        but I don’t care about the features… I care about what I get for my money..
        I live in Israel and an iPhone costs here something like 1200 bucks! I don’t wanna get cheap plastic packed with features .. I rather get a premium feel and look device like the iPhone 5..

      • Kurt

        but features is part of what you get…having a premium feel with so-so insides isn’t for me. it is for you, then great! but for me, since 2007 with the same devices, im excited about moving onto a device that can wow me with features. i love the sides of the iphone 4S, but the front is damn ugly. the back is ok, i have a clear back on my so its different.

      • then stfu and go get your plastic samsung garbage and be done with it. all of these “features” you ramble on about are novelty crap that no one really cares about and do you NO good unless you know people with the same phone….those features only work with a couple of phones so it’s a bunch of useless features. nfc is a dangerous tech…makes stealing your info way too easy. i have no interest in ever having nfc on my phone, until/unless they can come up with a way to make it safe and secure without an av or fw program running on the device.

      • Kurt

        lumia 920 also

      • demonoidmaster

        You’re ignorant as fuck, the S3 beats the i5, the ipad4 and any other crapple garbage. The Note 2? Well that is even better. Dumbfuck

  • Blaqheart

    Samsung makes some really poor quality plastic products…a shame considering how many people buy them to save over Apple products…

    • Dan

      If you’re saying GS3 is poor quality, you’ve obviously haven’t used the device for a long time. Yes it’s plastic, but operates very smoothly.

      • Kurt

        its a good looking device. i didn’t like galaxy S, it looked like an iphone 3gs which is ugly, and the GS2 was ok. but the GSIII is beautiful as is the note II.

      • In conparision with other android phones yes but with the iPhone 5 or even the 4S no…

      • Dan

        If you’re talking about the craftsmanship, then yes I’ll give you that. But if you’re talking about performance and software (IOS not the apps), then Android OS (JellyBean) is in the same league as Apple.

        And I’m not some frandroid, I’ve owned apple products for years and still do.

  • Kurt

    more attractive than the ipad mini.

    • Kurt

      i agree

      • Kurt

        of course you do

      • demonoidmaster

        Lol +1

  • A Giant Galaxy S3

    • JWu

      There’s a reason why it is called a Galaxy Note 8.0; it is based on the Note II /SIII. The iPad mini looks like a giant iPod touch. I could also say my iPad looks like a giant iPhone 2g.

  • Eww whats that

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I love my ipad mini! Have experienced nothing but good things since I’ve bought it! And I love the design it has came with! Very classy and high end! Looking at this ipad mini contender just makes me more happy I’ve purchased the mini instead a cheap tablet. Then again, I always buy apple products.

    • demonoidmaster

      But are you brainwashed? Seems like it, cuz you’re buying unevolved locked down garbage

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Not one bit, this ipad mini has now become my go-to device. Specially in school. It has just become the product in between my iPhone 4 which I enjoy with my iOS 6 jailbreak. And my MacBook Pro which takes care of my heavier tasks. I am now getting the best of 3 worlds. “Phone/Jailbreak+Portabilty+Heavy Task Duty”
        Works pretty well for me.

      • demonoidmaster

        Yh because you’re brainwashed into buying shit you think is above all else and you think other products are crap. You should stop wasting money

      • Jose Gonzalez

        I seem to believe the one who is brainwashed here is you. You seem to believe that you know my preference in products. You seem to be brainwashed into bashing anyone who loves their apple products just as much as someone else loves their android products or any other competitor for that matter. If I’m wasting money, I’m wasting my money on products I know I will be using periodically and that I will be sure they will last me a fairly great amount of time. Now is there anymore of your opinions that you have to say for me to just come back to speak my opinion? Keep in mind it’s a ll choice and clearly I’ve made mine.

  • Give me a break! It looks awful!

  • Dan

    It depends on the specs and the price. If it does everything the iPad mini does and is 100$ cheaper, I’d buy it. It’s the inside that counts.
    I don’t care about it being plastic and the bezel makes it more comfortable to hold when you’re lying down and holding the device.

    • Kurt

      finally, a non-biased comment…i’m still going to buy the ipad 5 as i want a retina screen and great app selection. ill suffering the terrible OS, but it’s the 3rd party apps that matter most to me.

      people who care about plastic vs metal, some of them sure seem prideful. its nice to have metal over plastic but comments on here show their true intentions is to impress others.

      • Dan

        I get the impression that posting unbiased comments on IDB gets you thumbed down and accused of being a troll. It’s as if it’s either Apple or nothing.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    It works weird a big GS3

    • Woody Shin

      The iPad mini looks like a big iPod touch.
      Nuff said

  • wirelesswing

    Ugly as hell… Gonna wait for the Retina iPad mini

  • Lordthree

    “…has leaked revealing a sleek form factor encased in a plastic enclosure…”

    Where is this? All I see is a fugly piece of junk?

    • Kurt

      you’re not looking at the iphone 5 buddy. save that comment for another article.

      • Lordthree

        Keep trolling- you’re a badass

      • Dude you are the greatest…!!!!

  • I think that’s the new GS4.

    • jilex


      • Thought the same thing at first but if it was an actual phone the screen would be more edge to edge IMO. But it does look alot like the S3 so this could be a hoax.

      • It is a phone; it’s got the earpiece at the top.

      • Some versions of the Tab 2 also have an earpiece and its a tablet

      • Denshal

        Or…. Samsung is doing something apple isnt and adding a way to make phone calls from a tablet, your ipad already has a phone number when ever when have it put on a network anyways

  • Always have to copy apple

    • JWu

      What you’re saying is Apple copied Amazon, Google, Blackberry, and other smaller tablets?

    • maurid

      What is wrong with you?

      • Kurt

        he didn’t mean to say, “Always have to copy Apple.” what he meant was, “Always have to copy, Apple.”

  • Toni


  • oh noooo more POS android devices from samsung cluttering up the

    • Dan

      Do you always rewrite the same comment over and over again, or do you have some sort of keyboard macro to speed up the process?

      • demonoidmaster

        They praise apple like blind fucking morons, so yh.. I’m sure he has a macro on his 9000$ imac

  • batongxue


  • Irfan Tarique

    hmmm, so thats how the s3 would look like if it was bigger… cool ! NAT

  • Bill Raab

    My two year old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is much better than the iPad Mini in form, function and display (once updated from Honeycomb to ICS). I swear Samsung is taking steps backwards rather than forwards. Anyways… regardless of this device they had already succeeded the iPad Mini with the GT 7.7.

    • jilex

      yeah, honeycomb was bullshit, but still, hope they get better (and make the other companies get better with their desings too)

    • RarestName

      Does the tablet’s performance differ by regions? Because my aunt has a Galaxy Tab, and that thick thing lags, hangs and Wi-Fi always disconnects from time to time.

      • Bill Raab

        Honeycomb was to blame… it was garbage. Ice Cream Sandwich on the thing provides the experience we should expect. Sadly I don’t think it will ever see JB. But yeah… it was not hard to install ICS on my own as Verizon never got the update through.

  • Artur Gromulski

    It’s just Samsung Galaxy S4 😀

  • iTechMunch

    Looks shit

  • iDevizes

    OMG Why should Samsung make a big Samsung Galaxy S3? The Galaxy Tab looks better. It would be wiser to make that tablet a little bit smaller than maximazing the Galaxy S3. Looks awful 🙁

    • or samsung can just STOP flooding g the market with cheap POS plastic devices..

      • demonoidmaster

        or you can just go back to sucking cock fgt

      • typical mind set of an android user… gay

      • demonoidmaster

        Wow arrogant fool, i’m not even an Android user (for lack of a phone, all i have is this broken down iphone 4 my boss gave me for work). You assume shit you cant even back up, typical crapple elitist

  • Jurassic

    Samsung always follows in Apple’s footsteps.

    In 2007 Apple introduced the first multi-touch smartphone. And 3 years later, in 2010, Samsung comes out with their first multi-touch smartphone.

    In 2010, Apple introduces the iPad. And 2 years later Samsung comes out with a 7″ tablet followed much later by a 10″ tablet.

    In 2012, Apple comes out with the iPad mini which has a 40% larger display area than 7″ tablets. Now, Samsung says later this year they will have a similar sized tablet.

    As they say, “Monkey see, monkey do” 😉

  • Why is there an ear speaker in the front for if it a tablet?

    • so lames who dont have ipads can talk into

  • this looks ugly! samsung still needs to learn that the product must look simple and elegant!

  • Ugly device… Very ugly, looks like cheap plastic tat to me. Samsung need to get rid of its product designers.

  • Mini sized tablet was not first made by apple. That samsungs mini tablet does not look like ipad mini in any form. Specially the bezel part. Now, why idb says its “ipad mini” contender? Why use the word “caught” as if samsung are stealing? Why can’t you just use the word leaked as you always do with apple. That just proves how baised your article is. What kind of fetish you guys have over apple that you guys love to wipe apple ass all the time.

  • Junior

    It’s the Galaxy Note 3!

  • jo-macral

    If it’s a phone, who would want to walk around with what amounts to a small TV strapped to the side of your head?

  • Apple IPAD mini is chic-kiddos but this samsung tablet is shit-kiddos. Look like a piece of crap. In fashion, one day in and next day out. This tablet not even reach 1hr, so passe crap.