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So this is kind of interesting. Amidst all of the recent talk of the iOS 6 jailbreak nearing completion, pod2g has made a rather unexpected announcement. Apparently he, and three other well known iOS hackers are forming a team.

That team is called ‘evad3rs,’ and it consists of MuscleNerd, of iPhone Dev-Team fame, pimskeks from the Chronic-Dev Team, planetbeing, who has been working diligently on the latest jailbreak, and of course there’s pod2g…

Here is the announcement made by pod2g from his Twitter page:

Now, it’s unclear at the moment just exactly what the team is, or will be, working on. But from the looks of things, they might just be a new hacking crew—sort of like the new ‘Dream Team.’ After all, these are the guys working on the latest jailbreak.

Obviously, we’ll learn more about this as time goes on. There hasn’t even been a tweet yet from the aforementioned evad3rs account. But for the moment, just make sure you heed pod2g’s warning, and watch out for impostors asking for money.

On the jailbreak front, it seems there’s been some real progress made over the last week or so. The last we heard, developers were practically begging Apple to drop iOS 6.1—a hint that they may be fairly close to completing the long-awaited hack.

Update: Our very own Jeff Benjamin has done some sleuthing and discovered a website, registered today, with the url ‘evad3rs.com.’ It’s listed under a proxy, so we can’t see the real owner, but given pod2g’s announcement today, it’s likely theirs.

What does this mean? Nothing, for right now. But keep an eye on this domain, it could prove significant in the future.

Update 2: We’ve confirmed that evad3rs.com is owned by the group, as the site now forwards to their official Twitter account.

Update 3: We now know the name of the jailbreak. It will be called evasi0n.

  • Cool new name. I like it. Makes it cohesive to get news from the team members.

  • Sounds like a superhero team. Is one of them secretly Thor or Batman?

    • It’s what Spiderman set up when he didn’t get invited to the Avengers team. It consisted of him and Aquaman 😛

  • pauleebe

    Does this mean the dev team and chronic dev are defunct? I guess I realize some of these devs were never part of a team to begin with.

    • MuscleNerd still updates redsn0w as the dev team, though it’s my understanding that ‘teams’ are largely defunct. They’re all basically working together, despite the team names.

      • pauleebe

        definitely for the better! I know pimskeks & pod2g is part of chronic, musclenerd & planetbeing is part of dev. i wonder what happened to @p0sixninja?

      • @p0sixninja yeah what is he diking? he always looks sooo sad,..lolo

  • everytime, posts like this come out, it makes me more happy and more hopeful #can’t wait for the jb !

  • Zorvage

    Awesome, a new jailbreak team!

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Sounds like a damn formidable squad!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Cool I hope the jailbreak comes soon

  • Todd Young

    To help the cause, I plan to donate $100 to this team as soon as they have set up a PayPal account. Looking forward to their jailbreaking results soon…

    • notewar

      200 yen from here

      • iPhone5&sgs2

        5$ from me =D

    • Count me in for ongoing donations.

  • RarestName

    Clever icon. Sliding to the left as opposed to the right makes it look like it’s opposing the restrictions of iOS.

    • mark twain

      Its an E for “evad3rs” also

      • Lol don’t shoot his dream. I mentally agreed after taking a second look. I still agree with rarest lol

      • RarestName

        You don’t say

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Long Live Jailbreaking..

  • Rushmann

    Very good, and the hard working group, very nice…! }’- { )

  • If musclenerd has become involved they may be getting ready to compile a jailbreak program and also may be writing the jailbreak for all devices.

  • So I went to evaders.com like you spelled it in the the update about Jeff uncovering it and its photography related. Am I missing something?

  • Just need comex and than it could be called the Super evad3ers..
    Please comex come back to hacking iOS

  • Muhammad

    Free at last, Free at last, Thank The almighty hackers our iPhones free at last
    -(most of it) MLK jr

    Edit: I changed god to hackers cause the hackers are godly

    • Tr1pTr0p

      How about you thank those hackers, who are working on making it happen, instead of god?

  • cool things are getting very exciting again in iPhone land…yaaaay

  • seyss

    no p0sixninja???

    • Jerry

      he said he wasn’t working on a ios6 jailbreak but instead working on something to insure jailbreaks will be around for a very long time.

      • seyss

        that doesn’t mean he can’t be on this new team

      • Jerry

        Well from the looks of it. That’s exactly what it means.

  • Faiz Nihad

    I heard planetbeing talk about comex and webkit .. It could be a userland jailbreak ? JailbreakMe 4.0 ?

    • All of them except ones that rely on Limera1n or some other bootrom exploit (Limera1n is the only one I’m aware of) is userland. Both versions of Absinthe were userland. Just because it’s userland doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a computer. JailbreakMe was really nice because it was in WebKit, so it could be done from the device. Absinthe 2.0, for example, had to do with VPN, so a JailbreakMe-style installation wasn’t possible

  • Yeah guys! Let’s hope I can still buy my iPhone 5 before the next model comes 😉

  • Its like a secret non goverment squad consist of 5 skilled people

  • batongxue

    Justice will be done by this Justice League!

  • Ok, DreamJB

  • unkn0un

    evad3rs.com redirects you to their twitter account, totally their domain, watch it closely

  • Oh wow do I have to sell my note 2 for a iPhone 5 soon? 😀

  • finaly somthing to rise up the hops

  • Sentry

    I can’t be the only one who things this name is painfully bad.