Do you love iTunes 11‘s MiniPlayer so much you wish you could just take it with you when you leave the house? If so, Sentry’s latest concept for an iOS MiniPlayer will be a dream come true.

Sentry’s iOS MiniPlayer concept is a bar-shaped widget which displays the name of the song currently playing, along with the album art and subtitles for the album and band. Tap on the title, and you’ve got basic playback controls for pause, fast forward, and rewind. There are even bars at the side of the MiniPlayer which you can drag to hide or reposition the widget…

If you like the iOS MiniPlayer concept so far, you’ll be happy to hear this isn’t just an idea Sentry is toying around with. According to his description in the YouTube video, Sentry is working with @Sirifl0w and @SmartviperE75 for the iPad and iPhone versions of the upcoming tweak.

Functionally, it doesn’t look too different from the ‘Music Widget’ I’m currently using with Dashboard X on my iPad. These are music controls implemented in a very Apple-like fashion, albeit with more bells and whistles. That said, if we’re trying to replicate the full desktop experience on the iPad then I’d love to see if the MiniPlayer cooperates with the Quasar window manager.

It’s worth mentioning that Auxo, another concept-turned-tweak from Sentry, contains a built-in music player with much of the same features that the MiniPlayer has. Auxo is available in Cydia for $1.99 and Jeff has put together a great video review for that tweak.

Do you need another music player interface on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Update: Sentry clarified that it was Siriflow and Smartviper who came up with the concept for the tweak. The developers approached Sentry to help with the UI/UX design.

  • Sentry I want to play a game… Release this tweak or suffer the consequences.

    • Sentry


    • Illest

      Niggas wildin

  • I’d like to know, when will Auxo for the iPad be coming out?

  • Guest


  • seems like a good idea if you can use it everywhere on the phone and not just the notification center or the multitasking bar

    • Sentry

      Thanks. And yes, it stays hovering above no matter what app you have open or where you are.

      • Toni

        This with video would be awesome! If it is possible?

      • And this is what makes it better than anything else on Cydia.

      • I suppose you’ve given it a transparent/translucent appearance so that the underneath app is not hindered with?

  • Aviv.A

    Wow! That’s a beautiful Design!

  • The writer doesn’t sound like he likes this widget. But, given Sentry’s track record, I’m sure it’s just as good if not better than any other music widget in Cydia.

  • Whenever tweaks demonstrate music on this site, Grizzly Bear is used. Good taste in music, guys.

  • Zorvage

    This. Man. Is. A. Fucking. GENIUS!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    This is awesome sentry is going to make lots of awesome tweaks now all we need is a jailbreak…

  • Be really awesome if this could have the same features as the iTunes 11 mini player, with Next Up and what not.

  • pepeperro

    actually, the main idea was from @Sirifl0w

  • This is so beautiful

  • Ben

    We need a list of his tweaks on iDownloadBlog.

  • i like it amazing 🙂

  • notewar

    Patent it as sell it to Apple

  • Original idea was by me (and smartviper as well) although sentry made this concept (added features as well) to help with the development of this tweak. Lot of credit goes to him for his awesome concept which has made this tweak possible.

    • Sentry

      Yup, as stated in the video description the tweak itself was conceptualized by the developers (Siriflow and Smartviper). They simply approached me to help with the UI/UX design side of it.

      • I’ll make an edit to reflect this.

      • Falk M.

        Would it be possible to add a (maybe even resizable) video player?
        (MAYBE even one that would shrink the foregrounded app to 3.5″ on a 4″ screen and display the video and/or controls in the “black area” (although there would be just one and not two like when an app isn’t optimized for 4″ and is displayed in the center))

        This would be greatly appreciated as there are many times when I could make really good use of this. 🙂

    • I apologize for the misunderstanding. I added an update to reflect the new information.

  • Simple and stunning. Very nicely done!

  • Jukebox is all I need.

  • Falk M.

    Needs video playback… If that happens, I’m jailbreaking again maybe. 😀

  • 214312512

    It’s been 2 months and still no development on it…