OS X Mountain Lion USB Boot Disk Teaser

Earlier today, Apple seeded its latest beta build of OS X 10.8.3 — dubbed 12D58. The release comes with no known issues, though developers are urged to focus on a few areas of interest including: AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, graphics drivers, and Safari.

If you’re a registered Apple developer, you can head over to Apple’s developer portal and download the full version, or a handy delta update if you’re already situated on the previous 12D54 build.

As pointed out by 9to5Mac, build 12D58 is the eight beta release for OS X 10.8.3, which is mainly viewed as a maintenance release to focus on improving Wi-Fi.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Next seed is hopefully iOS 6.1 GM ;D

    • Aaron de Silva

      Been using it for soo long that for a second there I thought it was already released.

  • jose castro

    Does this mean that other ios firmware are being released in the next couple of days?

    • i think so, we hope to see iOS 6.1 so the iPhone 5 jailbreak will be realesed ^_^

    • While that’s probable, this is unrelated to iOS releases

    • The current iOS 6.1 beta build expires in 3 days, so Apple will HAVE to give at least developers another beta or the Golden Master in that timeframe

  • i really hope this fixes the lag when airplaying from your laptop to your speakers -_-

  • JamesR624

    For the LOVE OF GOD! SOMEONE who is a developer, MAKE APPLE AWARE OF THE SAFARI RELOADING BUG! The one that makes safari reload the page every time you go back or forward and doesn’t use the cache at all. IT HAS PLAUGED ME AND OTHERS EVER SINCE SAFARI 5! SOMEONE use this chance to FIX IT! PLEASE!

    (Sorry about the all caps but I am getting desperate for a fix of this issue. It makes my 20mb/s Internet feel SO MUCH SLOWER than it is. It fucks up Internet forms and youtube navigation. It makes browsing reddit feel like you’re on dial up. So please, upvote this and get it noticed so we can squash this safari bug once and for all!)

    • Jimothy

      I’ve been messaging it to other Developers (because I have this problem too) and none of them seem to care/have it.

    • If its been such a long-standing bug, I doubt you’ll need to be a developer in order to report it