Ashton Kutcher vs Steve Jobs

Actor Ashton Kutcher who stars in jOBS, the upcoming indie biopic about Apple’s late co-founder, will kick off MacWorld Expo, now known as iWorld. The conference runs January 31 – February 2 in San Francisco’s Moscone West. Kutcher will take the main stage on January 31 at 9am to kick off the three-day conference and talk about the flick, which is scheduled to hit theaters in April after its debut at the legendary Sundance Film Festival later this month

According to a media release, both Ashton and fellow actor Josh Gad, who plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, will take the stage to “share their experiences playing the technology industry’s two most celebrated and influential personalities”.

The session called “Playing Steve & Woz” will take place on the main stage, room 2005 on Thursday, January 31 at 9:00am local time.

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad (USA Today 001)
Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad channeling Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the upcoming jOBS movie. Image via USA Today.

Two hours later, another celebrity will take the stage, musician, along with Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson. The two will get to speak about the future of technology, creativity and gadgets.

Frontman and founder of The Black Eyed Peas, is a fan of technology. He’s had its own 360BEP app on the App Store since last year and has recently produced a 14-megapixel iPhone camera attachment.

More about the ultimate iFan event on the official web site.

  • Lnds500

    A disgrace.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Don’t judge before you see the movie..

      • Lnds500

        I’ve seen a lot of his movies and he doesn’t convince me as an actor, let alone as someone good enough to portray Steve Jobs

        I’m gonna see the movie btw

      • They just chose him because he looks alike

      • jose castro

        exactly.. i hate it when people say that and never watch it ether.. you have no idea how it will be.. its all 50/50..

      • Lordthree

        Anyone who’s seen that 70’s show or two and a half men can judge. Ashton is a no talent hack. His name shouldn’t even be mentioned on the same PAGE as Jobs.

      • iPhone5&sgs2

        I dont agree with you, I have saw all of the seisons of that 70s shows millions of times.

      • 70 Shows and the butterfly effect! He became my fav actor after these two. So…..

  • jose castro

    and its also cool how they look so much alike in those pictures

  • Siv

    Forget Ashton Kutcher, the real disgrace is – this asshole thinks he’s some amazing visionary like Jobs or Gates…gtfo you auto-tuning douche!

    • bloodshed

      what the hell is your problem?..don’t tell me bcuz he’s black!!
      man, just let the dude do his thing, he is a bit into what’s bothering you?

      plus, he produces some great accessories, which i’m sure many ppl out there find ’em pleasing.

      • Siv

        No, it’s not because he’s black. It’s because he is a tool. He has no interest in technology, and his knowledge of it is as great as that of an 8 year old’s. He’s simply jumping on the bandwagon to try and act cool and improve his personal image. His new found “interest” has led to him giving speeches at IBM, involvement in the Mars Rover program, and now this crap.

        Also might I add, those accessories which you claim he “produces” are far more likely to have been created by cooperate heads, who have just used’s name as a brand. A bit like Dre Beats, except I actually admire Dr Dre.