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Remember when someone broke into Steve Jobs’ home last summer and stole over $60,000 worth of computers and stuff? Well that somebody ended up getting caught (believe it or not, Steve’s iPad did him in), was found guilty, and just received his jail sentence.

Kariem McFarlin has just been sentenced to seven years in a California state prison for the robbery, as well as a string of other burglaries in the Bay Area. The 35 year-old was arrested in August of last year, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen property…

The burglary happened sometime during the evening of July 16 last year while the Jobs’ home, which is now occupied by Jobs’ wife, was being renovated. McFarlin says he jumped over a construction fence on the property, and entered the house through its garage. Once inside, the thief snagged a number of valuables including two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, one Apple TV box, a diamond necklace and earrings.

To catch him, police called upon the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team, or REACT, a Silicon Valley-based high-tech crime unit. And they, with the help of Apple security, were able to track down where the stolen devices were being used by matching their serial numbers with connections to Apple iTunes servers. An attempt to reinstall iOS on one of Jobs’ iPads led officers straight to Kariem’s apartment.

McFarlin admitted to the burglary under questioning by Palo Alto police, and over $200,000 worth of stuff from other robberies was found in his storage locker. He apologized for his offenses and said that he had taken to crime due to money problems, and was desperate. In addition to his 7-year sentence, Kariem was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims of his crimes. I guess that means that justice was served?

Honestly, I would’ve thought you’d get a lot more jail time for stealing $200,000+ worth of stuff. What do you think?


  • If only Crapple made this “Serial Tracking” technique available to the public, would all iDevice thiefs be caught. But no, they’re too greedy to do so; it would result in less iDevice sales.

    • Qiren_94

      Almost all parts of your comment are invalid.
      This kind of “serial tracking” tech is no simple matter. You have to contact Apple’s servers and correspond with the respective device’s serial number, which is time consuming and can’t be done by Apple alone, that’s why they need the help of the police. So do you aspect them to go to their servers, look up on a respective serial number, find it’s location and blah blah each time someone looses their device? Not to mention this will also significantly increase production costs and difficulty, the folks at Foxconn will go suicide again and the price would probably increase a lot.

      • orthorim

        What’s hard about serial tracking tech? You’d think Apple could easily create an API or website for law enforcement to look up where serial numbers were last used. I think it’s kind of troubling they can do that, actually.

        Apple is really careful of not letting 3rd party apps get at the serial number of your device – that’s so apps can’t track you. But it seems like their own privacy policies are much more loose.

        Of course under normal circumstances the Police won’t do anything to help locate your stolen iDevice. It would be hard to verify you really did own this device and don’t just want to stalk somebody. But in this case the task force obviously knew they had a serial thief so they put some effort into it.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        It’s kind of troubling that you think you have any type of privacy when you use such a device. The only secure computer device is one that does not connect to the Internet. If you don’t like being tracked stay off the grid. Otherwise shutup and take a calculated risk.

      • Speaking stuff out of your ass doesn’t make it logical. How small do you think Crapple’s servers are? How do you think a restore is performed on every iDevice, iDiot? Why do you think every iDevice restore, funnily enough, requires an internet connection, fool? How is a serial checkup in a database time consuming? Do you even know how a database works, noob? Your Apple account already has your device registered to it, a simple requirement to login to your Apple Account in order to perform the system restore would solve this problem; how time consuming is that for anti-theft measures, idiot.

        Quit following crapple’s behind so religiously and learn to think for yourself!

    • Wow. How ignorant can you get?

      • Gaining the ability to track a stolen iDevice is ignorant? This is what Crapple is taking advantage of; you iSheeps willingness to throw your money at anything Crapple again if you loose your old one.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        You know how easy it is to track android devices?

        Yeah try changing your hostname on your Android. Oh that’s right you can’t. All androids hostnames are android-mac-address. Feed the google machine. Who lives in a walled garden again? MrElectrifyer you are a MORON noob. Google Play gives you AIDS. Got to love all that malware.
        How do you think we 0wn3d all you MORONS. Why would we waste our time with Apple’s diminishing marketshare when you can f’ck all you mindless droid lovers. Thank you Google for giving us easy prey.

      • Cause my post is about crapple’s greed it implies I use Android? What a fucking brilliant logic you iSheeps have.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        You are a moron who doesn’t understand things cost money. You can track
        any Internet connected device with computrace not just crapple. But you think it’s crapple greed that keeps the technology from the general public when the general public can’t afford that type of technology. It’s not Apple greed you get what you pay for. Apple has the highest resale value of any devices out there because they are quality built and the market knows that.

        At least crapple gives you iCloud find my crapple product what do others give you absolutely nothing.

      • So asking to login to your account in order to perform a system restore is a big cost for Crapple? Wow, did anyone ever tell you what an idiot you sound like; just following Crapple’s behind by all means; no reasoning, no questioning, just foolishly accepting. Oh well, matches all aspects of an iTard, not surprised.

        You think Find My iPhone is sufficient enough to preventing theft?Keep telling yourself that idiot, take the red pill whenever you’re ready.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        Keeping code embedded on your device so that even when it’s rooted and jailbroken it can still phone home with no user intervention whatsover costs money.

        I was giving you too much credit calling you a MORON your an IDIOT.

        All other devices you get nothing. That is what I wrote. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend when you are so feeble minded. It probably didn’t help that you got bullied for being an IDIOT when it was no fault of your own as a battered child. That’s what happens when your biological mother continues to smoke crack well into the third trimester.

        Yet another reason eugenics should be brought back into public discussion.

      • Your stupidity is clearly showing; trying to sound smart when you clearly haven’t got a clue how a system restore works. Not surprised, all iTards are the same; commenting without reasoing.

        Sure all Andorid devices don’t give you something by default, but guess what fool, a little search on the Android market shows several options that give the same secuirty as iCaughtU Pro, something beyond Crapple’s false sense of security “Find my iPhone” (simply turn off the iDevice and try finding that fool), available only to freed iDevices.

        Don’t expect an ignoramus son of a dick sucker like you to comprehend with your imbecile mindset, not until you experience the loss several times (one time isn’t enough for iTards like you).

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        You are the idiot. Find my iPhone icaughtu pro or anything you install from any store or side load can be wiped out.

        Computrace cannot be removed ever. When criminals see that a device has computrace they drop it in a tub of water because they know having the device running will only get them caught.

      • Now you’re just proving yourself as a fool; going off topic once you’ve finally figured you’re wrong. What do you think my original post was about? Crapple being able to, but too greedy to, use a serial number, that’s already registered to your Apple account, to prevent the thief from making this restore in the first place.

        Simple as that, then you come bah bahing out loud to defend your herd master’s greed.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        You are so feeble minded its pathetic. I have never gone off topic. The point being Apple is not in the loss prevention asset recovery business. Not Google, dell,HP, not any other computer vendor does this because that’s not the business they are in.

        Computrace is in that business and they do it for anyone willing to pay.

        Unless you have to comply with SOX, HIPAA or SSAE16 your not going to drop the cash for such a service. It’s not hard to do but requires a lot of time and resources to do it in litigious manner.

        What you don’t understand is to be able to track a devices every whereabout will cost money. No company is in the business to do anything for free.

      • You’re so short sighted, like every iTard, it’s no surprise. So your point is…cause they’re not in the loss prevention market it’s unreasonable to provide such a simple solution that is inline with their walled garden process of restoring iDevices? Here’s the process I’m talking about:

        1.) You got your iDevice and synced it with iTunes on your computer; during this process, iTunes registered it as one of your devices in your Apple account (which already must have an email AND password in place), a simple addition of a credential stating the firmware it was last seen running is all that’s required in this process.

        2.) Your iDeivice got hijacked, or you simply misplaced it

        3.) Thief/finder turns off your iDevices and tries to restore it to factory settings using iTunes; they require internet access in order to do this, cause Crapple doesn’t like the idea of restoring to older firmwares.

        4.) In the process of the restore, iTunes simply requests the Thief/Finder to enter the credentials of the Apple account to which the iDevice’s serial number is currently registered. Depending on the value of the additional entry from step 1.), iTunes could determine whether or not to force you to update to the latest version, which contains such feature, in order to restore

        5.) Thief/Finder gets stuck and doesn’t have a clue of what your iTunes email nor password is. They may try a number of attempts or simply hit cancel, either way, iTunes just powers on your iDevice and automatically starts the “Find My iPhone” process.

        How costly is that for Crapple to implement? Probably costs them nothing, but no, they’re too greedy to implement it cause it has the potential to result in less sales.

      • skweets

        Waaaaaaaaaaaa iTard waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Crapple waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Greedy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thats what you sound like MrDerpifyer….get over your piece of shit blandroid/winblows substandard device, we know you’re extremely butt hurt that Apple make better devices than what ever you are using given all the hate you have for Apple but thats no reason to cry on iDB about it. And as you elegantly put it, Have fun sucking on Page/Ballmer/Shuttleworths balls :0)

    • planetcoalition

      Stopped right at “Crapple”. Perhaps you ignorant imbecilic Anti-Apple douchebags could move elsewhere.

      • Perhaps you sheeple, Crapple butt lickers could learn to think for yourself.

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black

      • skweets

        You know your blandroid/winblows devices are shit, you just don’t want to admit it. Shall i enlighten you?

      • Admit it. You know you and your herd of iSheeps suck on Tim Cooks balls 24/7, your mindset just can’t ever accept the truth about Crapple’s greed. In which case, you and your herd should go find an iTards only site (where the truth about Crapple’s greed is forbidden), cause iDownloadBlog is far from that.

      • skweets

        Wow troll i can’t believe you actually bit back but then again you’re a troll so thats your job. I actually don’t want to enlighten you because…never mind. Here’s something you’ll understand….herp derp derp herp derp herp herp derp :0)

      • skweets

        Sorry that was meant for MrDerpifyer :0)

      • skweets

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  • Wow in my country corruption of US$415368 only got in prisoned for 4 1/2 year. I convert the currency already

  • orthorim

    Stupid. If you’re gonna be a criminal you need to run a bank. Then if you get caught, the government will give you money instead of throwing you into jail.

    “And they, with the help of Apple security, were able to track down where the stolen devices were being used by matching their serial numbers with connections to Apple iTunes servers.” – does anyone else think this is a little creepy?

    • Why is it creepy? Is it creepy when you walk into a building with CCTV? Or having GPS in your car?

      • Kurt

        liberals in my country think its creepy to have all citizens to carry an ID. ohhh such an invasion of privacy!

      • You obviously have no idea, why we have ID’s, where they came from and what purpose will they serve in future. You should read up on history a bit…

      • Kurt

        you are obviously talking out your ass

      • orthorim

        Well – it’s creepy because Apple knows where 200M devices are. At all times.
        In fact if you’ve registered, they know where you are.

        Orwell could never have imagined this.

      • Well not exactly, first they’d need a warrant to track a certain device, and it’s not like they sit there combing over each and every one of the 200m devices “oo look, he’s in Time Square now”. They don’t even know we exist so it hardly affects us

    • Jacob61916

      I wish they did that tracking when you lost an iDevice. My school has a problem of having things stolen.

  • “were being used by matching their serial numbers with connections to Apple iTunes servers” if they can do that, how come Apple wouldn’t/couldn’t help find my stolen iPad? Or is it a Steve Jobs special? “/

    • Aaron de Silva

      Well, if they were to offer this service, everyone who lost or had their iDevice stolen, would make use of this and also it might lead to people abusing this service (e.g selling their device and tracking it back etc..)

      Also note that if such a service were to exist, anyone can stalk someone and it would be dangerous. Hence to avoide all the problem, this service or “favor” will only exist if its for serious cases (like major crime etc..)

      • Hmm I see your point but iPad are registered to your name when buying it so they could check that and a receipt and maybe offer it as a paid service, kinda like insurance

      • Aaron de Silva

        Yea that’s a good idea. Maybe you can suggest to apple. =)

      • MrElectrifyerisamoron

        The service is available it’s called computrace. It’s also cost prohibitive for the average joe. You don’t know anyone who works for a large corporation? All corporations use computrace to protect trade secrets, Hospitals use it when the stupid cardiologist leaves their stinking tablet at a Starbucks with patient confidential data on it.

        It’s a service for all Internet connected devices not just Apple hardware.

        At least Apple gives you iCloud find my device for free. That’s more than what you get when you buy a Dell, HP, or Google device.

    • MrElectrifyerisamoron

      It’s trivial to find any device connected to the Internet. It burns resources you have to pay for. If it concerns you that much buy a computrace subscribtion. Then again the cost of computrace you could have bought a new iPad. The only people who buy computrace are big corporations that have to assure 100% guarantee machines are dead if stolen and FBI can catch the criminal with ease.

  • Dan

    The justice system is great, you do more time for stealing than you do for sexual abuse and sometimes murder…

    /sarcasm off

    • Kurt

      liberal judges will let a molester of kids for 4 years only get 2 years of probation and no jail time. even tho he molested two kids for 4 years! he is left wing nut judge that needs to be removed. too many liberal judges don’t care about the laws, they want to create laws as they think they are entitled.

  • haha bitch dont fuck with jobs because hell fuck with you

  • JaeM1llz

    If it would have been a banker or a CEO that stole the devices, they wouldn’t have gotten any jail time.

  • Obsidian71

    Poor sap.

    1. Committed Burglary -Strike 1
    2. Robbed the inimitable Steve Jobs’ home – Strike 2
    3. Being black – Strike 3

    7 year sentence…ouch.

  • Wasteful government spending. Surely 7+ years (half that with good behavior) at taxpayers’ expense for a string of eight nonviolent property crime is really stupid and conterproductive. Where’s the benefit when the guy could be working for restitution instead? Giving even the cost of needless incarceration (about $50k/year in CA) to the victims would accomplish something. Surely we have smarter ways to punish the felon and deter others while getting restitution and educating a better citizen.

    You have to ask what are we trying to achieve, and how likely are we to do it? Blind revenge is not a legitimate objective, and it’s costly.