Galaxy Note II (be creative)

Samsung of South Korea will later this month take another crack at dethroning the tablet leader Apple by going after the Cupertino firm’s iPad mini, a 7.9-inch mini tablet computer released on November 2, 2012 and starting at $320 for the Wi-Fi only version with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

The new Note reportedly has a 720p (1,280-by-800) Super Clear LCD screen measuring eight inches diagonally and comes with Samsung’s trademark S-Pen. Hardware specifications allegedly aren’t that special as Samsung is possibly using cheaper components in order to undercut the iPad mini on price…

Price could prove vital.

Even though the $329 iPad mini is $170 cheaper than the full-size iPad 4 that begins at $499, rival mini tablets from Amazon and Google are sold below cost, often beginning at just $199.

Another differentiator: S-Pen and the accompanying software that Samsung is happy to exploit to its advantage in the Note advertising.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, as it’s predictively gonna be dubbed, will come in two major flavors, cellular and Wi-Fi only. The device is said to be up for an official introduction at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, which runs February 25-28, 2013.

This would give Sammy ample time to position its device ahead of Apple’s rumored iPad refresh in March.

SamMobile has the story:

Samsung’s new upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 will use a 8.0” 1280×800 TFT (Super Clear LCD) display, 5 megapixel back camera, 1.3 megapixel front camera, 2 GB RAM, 16/32 internal + Micro SD slot. The battery of the Galaxy Note 8.0 will be a 4600 Mah one. The Galaxy Note 8.0 will also have many ways of connectivity like Bluetooth version 4.0, USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and A-GPS.

The device runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is a bit bulkier (136.3 x 211.3 x 7.9mm versus 134.7 x 200 x 7.2mm for Apple’s tablet) and a tad heavier (330g) than the iPad mini, which weighs in at 312g.

As I argued back in July 2012, Apple had to release a more affordable iPad so that it could cover a wider gamut of price points as budget shoppers were increasingly picking up Amazon’s Kindle tablets and Google’s $199 Nexus 7.


Today came word that Asus-built, Google-branded Nexus tablets may have outsold the iPad in Japan during the all-important holiday season. Market research firm BCN polled 2,400 consumer electronics stores in Japan throughout the month of December, concluding that Google’s gizmo accounted for 44.4 percent of all tablet sales by volume electronics retailers versus Apple’s 40.1 percent share.

iPad mini promo (users 005)

The report cites the difference in price — the Nexus 7 starts at just 19,800 yen (or $223 USD), and the iPad and iPad mini are priced at 42,800 yen ($483) and 28,800 yen ($325) respectively — as the reason for Google’s success.

The iPad has been Japan’s leading tablet since it went on sale in May 2010. Now, BCN does underscore there was in fact a shortage of iPad minis at many stores during the time of its survey,  but it maintains that price was likely the bigger factor.

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz suspects that “near-term supply constraints impacted iPad sell-in activity” during Q4 2012.

”In our view, it was a supply, not demand issue”, he wrote, adding the supply issue was just a “blip”.

This way or another, with all those new tablets surfacing and $199 now being the new $499, Apple’s unit market share lead will admittedly erode over time, but if the iPhone is anything to go by – even with low volume Apple should be able to rule tablet profits.

  • RarestName

    Seeing how the Galaxy Note 10.1 performed based on my personal experience, I think you’d be better off with tablets like the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini.

    • NoBrainer

      No…i bought three iPad Minis the day before yesterday and i was so dissapointed by the performance that i just gave them all back an hour ago…

      • RarestName

        Well, everyone has different experiences so it’s all up to you to decide.

      • NoBrainer

        sir youre right

      • you should have bought three iPad 4 tablets instead

      • 4p0c4lyps3


      • You should have bought a Nook instead then. No need for you to take up the iOS space any longer than you have to.

      • NoBrainer

        wtf. i like ios, the problem with the mini is simply that it’s too slow and to uncomfortable to hold. I rather wait a year or two and have a mini maybe retina display and a more accurate cpu

      • Lordthree

        I haven’t had any speed problems.

      • The next mini will be retina releasing around march april of this year.

      • You make ABSOLUTELY no sense. You hate the mini because it is “uncomfortable to hold.” Then you state, you’ll wait for the retina version down the road. Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable to hold as well? It’s not going to be a rubber back, that’s for sure. And the mini is slow? I’ve only read how snappy it is and speedy it is as well.

      • NoBrainer

        1. I will buy one wheb it will have a better screen and a better design. Maybe one that will be as aharp around the edges as the iPad 4 is. Of course this is not goong to happen in the near future.
        2. I neither sait that it will have a rubber back, nor would i prefer it to have one. i like the look and feel of the materials. It just that its not the perfect fit because the edges are different to hold.
        3. Why do you start such a stupid nonsense comment about how good a ipad mini is and what you know about it while never even having owned one?! THAT doesnt make sense to me…Get one before you start talking

  • NoBrainer

    Mini Galaxy Note? That would be either a Regular Galaxy S3/4 or a regular Note..

  • WTF? You talking about a Galaxy Note 10.1 Mini or a Galaxy Note II mini? Sounds more like fomer…

    • NoBrainer

      Even if they chooose between one of them that product would already be in the samsung line up.

      Galaxy Note 10.1 Mini = Regular Galaxy Note

      Galaxy Note 2 Mini = Galaxy S3

      • tggt00

        no you wrong.. a mini 10.1 is a 7-8 inch tablet.. theres no such thing a mini tablet as a smartphone, galaxy note II is a smartphone

    • Galaxy Note 8.0

  • Dan

    Sounds interesting. Waiting to know what the internal specs are before I pass judgement though.

  • Mini note 2 would perform different than a galaxy s 3. I would be game for a mini note 2, but currently they’re too big.

  • wonderboydave

    I think apple will still dominate the tablet realm.

  • Michael Allen

    You can throw all the copycat crap you want into this arena, the iPad Mini is going to crush everything that gets near it.

  • 7.9″ screen. Thinner side bezels. Middle button on the bottom. This doesn’t sound like anything we’ve ever seen, does it?

  • Mysteroy3k

    Apple will release a turd and Samsung will compete with that with larger turds with corn