Apple Store iPhone 5 (sign quantities limited)

Apple’s quarterly earnings call is coming up next Wednesday, where the company will reveal its iPhone sales and other figures from the holiday quarter. And given its recent stock drop due to iPhone demand concerns, all of Wall Street will be watching.

Essentially, if the Cupertino company wants to stop the bleeding, it needs to report big numbers for last quarter. And according to KGI Securities’ well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it will. He thinks Apple sold 52 million iPhones and 23 million iPads…

AppleInsider points to a new investor note from Kuo, which outlines his expectations for Apple’s Q4 earnings. And they’re actually pretty good, despite worries from market watchers caused by recent reports that Apple is seeing weak iPhone 5 demand.

In fact, the analyst believes that Apple sold 52 million iPhones during the holiday quarter, which is essentially double the amount of handsets it sold in the previous three months. This would be huge, considering the iPhone is Apple’s biggest money-maker.

As for the iPad, Kuo’s forecast comes in at 23 million units sold during the quarter, which ended in December. This would also be a significant increase over the previous quarter (14 million iPads), and almost a 50 percent increase in year-over-year sales.

Apple has missed Wall Street projections in the last few quarters, so if Kuo’s numbers hold true, they may actually help curb its recent stock skid. A consumer electronics company is already a risky investment, and it’s even worse when they’re under-performing.

We’ll find out next week, as Apple gives what many analysts are calling its most important quarterly earnings report of the last 10 years. The conference call is scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM PT, and as usual, we’ll be covering all announcements.

  • Lower-than-expected demand? Ugh

  • Sure can’t wait to hear/read the numbers. I predict it’s at least 20% below the expectations 😛

    • stefn

      I trust you sold any aapl stock. Or don’t you have any skin in the game? Just a mouth, no money?

  • Nice numbers, but i guess that are not iphone 5 sales……
    If i look around here in the Netherlands, many iphone users did buy the iphone 4s.
    Why? I guess the specs and size are fine, and the prize is more in ballance with the hardware.
    The overpriced iphone 5 is not the device people are waiting for these days…

    • yes the iPhone 4S is the perfect iphone 4..

    • They just cant afford it lol, its only 700$

    • stefn

      In EU it might be true. Dunno. In the US, the iPhone price is highly subsidized by telcos, to the tune of about $400-500, as part of cellphone plans that are normally overpriced here. Apple really sticks it to the telcos, love that, just as the telcos stick to us. I see it as giving Apple $450 of ATTs money. I would rather Apple have the money. So I paid about $250, along with paying for the plan, necessarily.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    2 of those were me and my dad. I got the i5 on September 21 and dad got the i4 in December.

    • OMG a 4???? at least get the 4S.. geeesss

      • Johnathan Jennings

        I told him that, but nope he wanted the free one. Lol

      • lol yeah old folks dont get it..

  • Iphone 5 is awesome

    • Don’t you ever get tired of the same shit phone every year? OMG its half an inch bigger!!! Cue the fanboys who rush to buy it…..

      • Kurt

        yeah i dont get these people either

      • Yacko

        Don’t you ever get tired of writing the same shit comments every day? OMG – your nose – its half an inch bigger!!! Cue the nihilists who rush to endorse your comments…..

      • stefn

        No reason to get tired of android phones; there’s over 4,000 distinct models in the wild. Imagine the utter garbage people everywhere get to buy because it is android. Filling dumps worldwide.OTOH Gazelle will buy even broken iPhones.

      • HouseOfHouse

        Don’t you get tired like when the Galaxy SIII over the SII introduced a bigger screen, better camera, better processor etc. I mean if you want to make comparisons of what Apple do you should start looking at what the competition does.

    • yeah ist too so apple will no improve or upgrade it as they should..llol

  • Here in the US, i saw iPhones flying of the shelves at best buy at about 30 an hour, this was in a little best buy in Georgia, now when I got back to NYC those were more hundreds per hour in the grand central store..this should be apple’s best quarter yet, but as always stock manipulation will have the effect it has been having…

  • That’s a good news does it include jailbreak iphone 5 on the internet by those scum?