I’ve been a proud iPhone owner over the past six years, ever since the original iPhone debuted in June of 2007. I happen to pride myself with keeping my devices in pristine condition so I go the extra mile to handle my iPhone with care.

For instance, I typically lay it flat on the table on top of a napkin. And only a rare few people get to ever touch my device to play with it. And yeah, I do remove everything from my pocket before slipping an iPhone inside. It’s suffice to say I’m overzealous about handling my baby.

But six years is six years and something had to give. A month ago, it just treacherously slipped out of my hand and fell on the concrete floor, its front glass smashing in an instant. Some of you could tell a similar story, I’m sure. But where are such accidents most likely to occur? Third-party warranty company SquareTrade has issued a report outlining so-called iPhone ‘danger zones’…

These are the areas inside your home and around it where you’re most likely to damage your device. If you were wondering, more than half of all accidents happen in or around your home.

According to the study findings, based on customer data (via BGR), one out of each five affected users, or 21 percent, damaged their iPhone in the kitchen.

The living room is the #2 danger zone for an additional 18 percent of respondents, followed by the bathroom (16 percent), driveway (ten percent) and bedroom (eight percent).

Hint: don’t check your email and browse the web while taking a bath. Heck, leave the device safely tucked inside your pocket when taking a piss because nine percent have managed to drop their iPhone in a toilet.

SquareTrade released a nice infographic outlining key findings.

SquareTrade iPhone danger zones

And this is my own smashed iPhone 4S.

Smashed iPhone 4S white
That’s my iPhone 4S after landing unexpectedly flat on the concrete floor.

Note to everyone: if you forked at least $199 (+ tax) for a brand spanking new iPhone, it pays to purchase an AppleCare+ warranty which covers accidental incidents like this.

Unless, of course, you live in Italy and elsewhere in the European Union where Apple’s warranty policy is under fire from local regulators.

So, have you ever damaged your device and how?

  • I had a cracked back on my iphone and took it in to get replaced. About an hour into enjoying my new clean device and slapping a brand new case on it. I joked about it breaking. Five minutes later it fell and smashed the entire front of the screen by landing on a rock. They took pity on me and handed me a new device. Now I am insanely cautious about everything I do.

    • David Villamizar

      lol second warranties are amazing, I have done that with klipsch earbuds, I really thought they could survive a trip inside the washing machine.

    • sambuzzlight

      and ‘say’ :p

  • i’ve been lucky, had the original ipod touch, the original iphone, the 3g, and the iphone 4 i have never cracked it, but a ding on the white edges going around the iphone 4. most of the time i keep mine in the ilid mk-1 thin iphone wallet case, i used to keep it in bookbook iphone wallet case, but over time it became to bulky feeling. probably this summer i will upgrade to the next iphone. i too remove everything from my pockets. i recommend keeping a screen protector on the back/front if you not going to use a case, it’s just a good way to keep it from atleast getting scratched up.. it’s too gorgeous of a device to not do so..

  • O yeah. Dropped myiPhone 4 on the concrete cracked the back glass. Not too bad. Fixed it myself

  • iPhone5&sgs2

    My ipod touch 2g was fallen into the toilet, Today I have the itouch 4g and the iphone 5, none of them are broken or scratched.
    I also have the sgs2 which I dont use it anymore, it was fallen 3 days ago from my drawer to the floor, the screen got broken but I dont care..

    • David Villamizar

      It’s a shame you didn’t care about such a great phone. It seems you lost $375(an iPad mini), but you don’t care. Don’t worry, you can still brag about that in… a comment section, maybe?

  • I’ve dropped my iPhone before. But I never broke it! I’m suck a lucky person. The only problem is the lock button getting jammed!!

  • I dropped my i4 onto the corner of a lead pipe, directly onto the middle of the screen from about 2 feet high, all it got was a chip in the glass but no real damage was done. Safe to say I was pretty damn impressed

  • Best buy black tie protection is the way to go.

  • I dropped my 3G (in an Agent 18 clamshell case) off the edge of my desk at home onto the concrete floor. The LCD stopped working. Touch screen still worked, but there was no image on the screen. Apple replaced it for free.

    I fumbled my 4 (in a Karas Kustoms case) when setting it on the desk at work. It bounced off the desk, against a steel filing cabinet, and onto the concrete floor. No damage.

    I dropped my 5 (not in a case) onto the concrete floor at work when attempting to slip it into my pocket. No damage, other than 5 pin point dots on the edge of the LCD (but not on the LCD itself, more on the thing “frame” around the LCD) that went away within a week or two. I now have a Karas Kustoms case for it.

    Also dropped my iPad 2 once. It was in a Karas Kustoms case, in a padded vinyl sleeve in my backpack, which slipped out of my hand onto the concrete floor outside my loft door. The iPad had slipped a little in the case, but other than that, no damage.

  • charlie

    they said apple is used the best material for their products but….so cranky hahahaha, look galaxy series only with plastic but is not like barbie…

  • my iPhone was charging on my desk, it was on the corner and someone moved my desk while the cable was still plugged in.
    Of course the cable wont get longer if u pull it, so it feel and i got a cracked back panel.
    I’ve ordered a new one on the internet (prolly a fake chinese thingy but w/e) and replaced it myself.

  • Spider glass awesome V^_^

  • My first iPhone (3G) fell out of my hand when I was closing my car door in the drive way. It fell glass on all over the concrete. Luckily back then Apple was gracious enough to send me a free replacement. I was told they wanted to keep me a happy iPhone customer.

  • Steve

    After 4 years with an iPhone I dropped it only twice and that is one heart attach too much…

  • RarestName

    I can’t remember how many times I’ve dropped my phone(s) and they’re still not broken (touch wood)

  • GL1

    dude its just a phone… i mean i take care of my things but its a phone lol.


      • charlie

        remember your CAPS LOCK dumb ass



      • charlie


  • Jose Gonzalez

    I had an iPhone 3G before back in ’08, and it unfortunately slipped out of my hand and landed face down on my ceramic floor. Picked it up and the screen was cracked. Ever since I bought my iPhone 4 in ’10, I’ve been very protective over it, I buy cheap priced screen protectors and back protectors in bulk. I’ve sadly dropped my phone many times, and surprisingly has never cracked. Even times when I thought it was over, it was still perfectly fine. It’s good to buy cheap protectors from eBay, saves me both having to buy a new phone and having to spend on very expensive protectors. I have also taken the pride in going naked with my iPhone but only if it has its screen and back protectors.

  • FabianPVD

    I have LifeProof. Nothing has happened to my 4S in the 12 months+ that I’ve had it.
    AppleCare is for people who really don’t know how to take care of their stuff.

    • I wouldn’t say AppleCare is for people who don’t know how to take care of their items. I would say it is for people who don’t want to use a case. Most people I know spend around $100 or more on an assortment of cases during the lifetime of the phone. For the same price, they could have paid for AppleCare and just not worry about a case in general. Now I’m not saying that I take my iPhone out hiking without a case on, I am just saying that on most occasions, I go case-less knowing that AppleCare is my imaginary “case”.

  • Ahmadjoon

    My iPhone 4 screen was cracked about 1.5 years ago but here in Iran without any offical apple store i give to a fucking person without any iDevice knowledge so my device had a fucking screen worth than 2g screen so i bring it to another person now its even better but not like the first day
    Sorry for bad English im Iranian!

  • Hahaha, and that’s what ya get for going caseless

  • I remember when got my iPhone 4 just as it came out and after a two weeks I accidentally dropped it on the pavement and the screen shattered. I went apeshit…

  • Squaretrade FTW! I have owned every iPhone except the iPhone 3G and I have never cracked the screen. I always keep mine in the thinnest case possible (for resale purposes mostly) Although my son through my wifes 4S in the toilet when he was 18 months old. Luckily we had Squaretrade! If you have never used them, they have not ever let me down and I have all my gadgets warrantied through them. Cant beat the prices either. Can usually get a %30-40% off coupon by googling “squaretrade coupon codes”.

  • I washed my iPhone 3G a couple years ago.. It survived with the camera as the only casualty

  • It’s not that bad really. I’ve seen horrible broken devices. You can always get it repaired.

  • JaeM1llz

    Just learn how to replace the digitizer yourself, it’s not hard. I’ve done it about 30 times for my friends, made quite a pretty penny doing it 🙂

  • Just dropped my 2 month old iPad 4 a couple of days ago. The screen has cracks all through as well as thin holes in the glass where you can see circuitry behind it.

    Still works! Won’t be using though, don’t want glass shards in my fingers! 🙂

  • Simmy

    I smashed my iphone pulling it out of a locker in Universal studios Florida, where I ironically put it for safe keeping before I went on a roller coaster.

  • I have the iphone 3G and the iphone 5 and the ipad 3… Never dropped or scratched except a little scratch on the bottom edge of the iphone 5… It was scratched by a fkin Fake chineese case i was fkin angry!