Do Not Disturb Concept

I think it’s safe to say that the Auxo jailbreak tweak was a resounding success. As you may remember, it initially started out as a concept posted on The Verge forums. Its designer, Sentry, hooked up with a more than capable developer, and eventually the pair made the concept into a successfully reality.

Well it appears that Sentry is back, this time with a new concept aimed around improving the functionality of Apple’s built in Do Not Disturb feature. While Apple may not think that it needs improvement, judging from the advertisement spot it just released showcasing the feature, Sentry believes that he can improve Do Not Disturb by meshing it with Notification Center.

The concept basically allows you to enable and disable Do Not Disturb directly from Notification Center. As you can see from the animated GIF above, and the video embed, Do Not Disturb is activated by a simple “pull to refresh” of the Notification Center panel.

From Sentry’s post on The Verge Forums:

Sure, one can schedule DND to enable itself at a specific time of day, but that is hardly ideal for everyone, or in every scenario. So as usual, we find ourself going in and out of the Settings app simply to enable an iOS function.

I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to venture into the Settings app when I needed to quickly enable Do Not Disturb. Unfortunately, there’s nothing “quick” about doing it this way, and that’s where Sentry’s concept comes into play.

Although this is just a concept right now, and there’s no guarantee we’ll see it come to fruition, I think that considering the success of Auxo, the chances are quite high.

What do you think about this concept? Would you use it?

  • Florian Lerch

    It would be nice for sure 😉

  • in never use that feature..

  • I’d definitely use it, looks so functional and saves time from going in & out of settings.

    • Jeff

      Same here, either Apple need to implement this, or we need an iPhone 5 jailbreak. 🙂

      • Fahad AlMaamari

        We hope to get iPhone 5 jailbreak soon because Apple will never implement this. There are tons of usefull jailbreak tweaks that Apple should consider them in the iOS

      • iPhone 5 Jailbreak 😀 Can’t wait. But what I wanted to say: A Jailbreak Tweak is something awesome because you get functions that make stuff, you do every day, easier. Unfortunately everybody does different things and has different prioritys. If Apple would implement loads of new concepts iOS would be way to full and casual users would find it difficult. The only way to make Tweaks like this possible is to do what pod2g asked Apple to do. Open up the system. Let people who want the simple original iOS stay with it and let the more advanced users add tweaks. What do you guys thing? Apple TweakStore? 😀

      • There will be a conflict between this and intelliscreen X, right?

    • jose castro

      i rather see a button.. i honestly think people would not like it just in the fact that they will pull down identically. and miss a important call or something along the line… im not saying its a bad idea, its way way better then going into settings..

      • iDara09

        You got a point, but if devs just add an option “sensitive” (pull a lot more further than that to activate). If you are like me, use a Calendar for Notification Center, NCSetting, Weather, they take too much space already. That’s what I personally think.

  • jose castro

    I rather it be a button… I’m sure people will start hating it… Just because they will accidentally pull down … I will Pass.. But a button concept would be nicer

  • Steve

    I hope it won’t crash as often as auxo does :/

    • Auxo doesnt crash….

      • Steve

        In my iPhone 4 running on iOS 6.0.1 it started respringing every once in a while, when low on memory I think, once of twice a day, after I purchased Auxo.
        I don’t have many tweaks installed and it could just conflict with one of the once I have installed but after I removed Auxo I don’t have those respringing any more…

      • FabianPVD

        I think the problem you have is running a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.

      • Steve

        So you are saying that Auxo doesn’t perform we’ll on a tethered jb? Cause my tethered jb is working just fine without Auxo.

      • FabianPVD

        Not even that, but simply because it’s iOS 6. A tweak can be made compatible but doesn’t mean it’ll be perfectly compatible.

      • Steve

        don’t forget, Auxo was originally written for iOS6, the iOS5 version came later…

      • No, i experience the same behavior in 5.1.1 on my 4S

      • FabianPVD

        Then it’s time you did a restore and organized the way you install tweaks, because as I’m also on 5.1.1, I installed IntelliScreenX to use it again and for some reason I kept crashing everytime I locked my phone, and I didn’t have the tweak mentioned on the site that IntelliScreenX crashes with, so I simply restored, installed it firt, then everything else I had, and long behold, no more crash. Every jailbreak could use a fresh restore every once in awhile. Give it a try.

      • No sorry. I did a restore and it’s definetly Auxo who caused the resprings. After i switched back to Misson Board everything works fine. And yes Intelliscreen X is also buggy, I went back to Lockinfo because its damn stable.

      • FabianPVD

        Must be just you then.

      • You did’t read the whole discussion…

      • FabianPVD

        Don’t assume things. Just because Auxo was written for iOS 6 doesn’t mean it won’t work better on iOS 5. Jailbreak on iOS 6 isn’t perfect, and chances are Auxo isn’t either, but I’ve never had problems with Auxo. And that’s my point. You had issues with it, then it isn’t for you. Simple as that.

      • You assume that only I have issues. If you read the discussion you can see that I am not the only one with issues steve and asf had them too.
        Auxo is laggy and unstable.

      • FabianPVD

        Like I said, if you have issues with it, then it just isn’t for you. I’ve never had issues with it. If others have issues, then it isn’t for them. Simple.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Dude you have to understand that just because you didn’t have any problem, doesn’t mean that nobody has problems

    • FabianPVD

      Auxo doesn’t crash.

    • asf

      True. Auxo is the worst tweak I’ve ever payed for. Unstable, laggy and most of the times doesn’t even open. Also the support is terrible, they don’t even reply to emails.

  • I’ll stick with Mission Board because Auxo is not as stabel as it. Also i like to see this feature in NC- or SBSettings. I don’t think pull to enable is what we need. Pull to refresh in Notification center should be used to refresh Stocks, Weather Mail and more. Hey Apple, open up NC for the Developers, it’s about time.

  • i think that yes this would be a nice feature, but really they need to make access to the notification center from the lockscreen. I know its possible via a jailbreak, you wouldn’t think that it would be that hard, and to add the most commonly used settings/toggles like wifi,bluetooth,do not disturb, airplane,flashlight to the center.

  • sambuzzlight

    As much as i love using auxo this doesnt seem that great but i love the concept

  • ExRoot

    I have a question. What does Apples iphone software development dept do all day. Seriously. I envision they sit around making jokes, eating pizza and shooting spitballs all day like the staff on 30 rock. I mean nothing new comes out. Takes a year for the slightest improvements we can actually see. (Not the phantom ” over 300 new features” claims they always put out. We get these kids coming up with tweaks within a few weeks on Cydia. What a joke. What the hell does those apple folks do 330 days of the year?

  • IMHO not that great. Looks good but it shoud be settings toggles up there. Including DND.

  • christodouluke

    It should be a switch, like it is on the osx notification centre.


    I would choose to have a NCSettings button (or a SBSettings one), rather than pull-to-refresh…

    As name suggests, that movement is much better for refreshing the content IMO…

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I want it. The dev. Sentry is going to make many amazing things

  • bloodshed

    i think the time has come for apple to consider providing a similar store like ‘cydia’! would be awesome to be able to download or purchase all those tweaks and themes whenever they come out, from a secure store administered by apple.

    it delivers better opportunities for everybody so why not!

    we are not asking for free apps dammit!

  • Imahottguy

    This seems like a good idea. I can understand why people may want a button instead, but NotificationCenter is full of clutter, thus making the pull-to-en/disable concept a great one. It would seem that simply swiping down would not activate this tweak, but rather pulling down and holding for a split second. Great one @sentry!

  • why cant this be implemented into sb settings or nc settings?

  • wat

    oh god this is amazing

  • notewar

    I love to be disturb

  • Beautifully done.

  • you know if intelliscreen x could give us the option to activate “Do Not Disturb” by accesing the top shel. that would be all we need maybe you guys at idownload blog should send them the suggestion

  • apple wont do it until 2015. the guys who make intelliscreenx need to implement this option into their program.

  • idownload blog needs to send them the message

  • the jailbreak community needs more communication as to how these cool tweaks are implemented. i buy every cool update. but in cydia i see a lot of repetition and un updated apps. a lot of which i miss. somebody needs to lead the charge to clean up this mess. i got my money ready. who is with m???????????????

  • Ali Rahimi

    Believe it or not, but I created Do not disturb 3 years ago. My idea for it was a crescent moon icon, set in the settings, in which once enabled, would block all calls except people from hour favorites list. Also my version was complete. For example if someone from your favorites list calls, your phone won’t automatically ring. Instead the caller would receive a voicemail greatinfg giving the option to press 1 do disregard ( cuz legs gave it, not all calls from our favorite lists are emergencies. And if it is, then tjey press 2 and your phone will ring. I was working with a friend of mine that worked at apple for 4 years, in tile he stopped calling me. Then like an episode of the twilight zone, the commercial aired New Years Day 2013. Did I mention that my birthday is Jan 1? Anyhow I never backed myself up, no copywrites or paper trails leading to the proof that I need. Although I’m curious to know who this Sentry is. That’s another fishy part. I live in chicago. So downs sentry. And why can I not figure out his tru identity?

  • Ali Rahimi

    Do not disturb was stolen from me. How can I figure out who Sentry is?