Team Coco Chris DElia

Los Angeles-based stand-up comic, actor and writer Chris D’Elia is funny as hell and he sat down with Conan O’Brien to talk pranks involving reaching someone’s unlocked iPhone and tweeting out something very embarrassing, probably involving your parents. Your video is right past the fold…

With Facebook, Twitter and pretty much all social media credentials residing on your device, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out your online credibility could be easily ruined should an ill-minded thief steal your device just as you’ve put it in your pocket.

It doesn’t even take such a dramatic scenario as it could be your ex girlfriend or boyfriend determined to get back to you.

It’s a Flash-only video so you won’t be able to watch it on your iOS device.

If it’s not working here on your computer, go watch it on the TeamCoco web site.

What we learned today: set up a four-digit passcode in your iPhone’s Settings if you haven’t already and make the device automatically lock itself in the smallest time window allowed (on the iPhone, it’s one minute; two minutes on iPads).

People, lock your phones!

  • yeah if it is stollen then they have to restore it and all you shit is safe,.. but locking my phone is a damn pain..

    • Man! Pushing these four numbers in is such a time consuming burden.

      • Luke Johnston

        It can turn into a big nuisance very quickly if you’re the type of person who tends to lock and unlock your phone often, like me.

      • Alex Janko

        i have a delay lock…so i can lock, unlock, lock, wait…wait…wait…unlock w/ password

  • “It’s a Flash-only video so you won’t be able to watch it on your iOS device.”
    No it isn’t, plays fine on my iPhone.

    • Jerry

      LOL works on my iPhone also.

      • Alex Janko

        it even played an ad on my iPad

  • what’s weird though is that I watched it on my iPhone, despite you saying it’s flash only 😉

    • Matthew

      Yeah same watched it on my iPad.

  • dfweyer

    Be sure to disable Siri too!

  • I ride a bus everyday here in Mexico, I have found 2 Blackberry Storms, 1 GS2, 1 Cheap nokia phone, 2 Xperias and finally an iPhone 4….I’m weak and I can’t keep them so I always return them….I know I can just restore it and it’s brand new but I cant

  • Karl Kurtz

    Hardly a “hacker”

  • i want his shirt , i like it xD

  • I totally understand him, I used to do the same on the University when I found open Facebook accounts, or Messenger logged in.

  • KC

    Better yet, use a non-Simple passcode and make it a 5-digit numeric. The number keypad will still show on the lock screen instead of a full keyboard, and you have that much more security with that extra digit.

  • iDB just trolled me putting that video on thumbnail on the top of the article. I thought it was actually the video. *facepalm*

    • Alex Janko

      i noticed that the play button wasnt iOS like so i kept going

  • Seb

    wtf that guy at the desk is so weird lol

    • a smit


  • macboy74

    Works on my iphone and ipad fine, just not on my Nexus 7 pos. smh