T-Mobile’s iPhone-friendly service rolled out in fourteen new metro areas to close out 2012. The high-speed HSPA+ service on the 1900MHz band, which is compatible with the iPhone, now covers more than a hundred million people in the United States. Though it still doesn’t officially carry Apple’s iconic smartphone, the Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless company has nano SIMs for your iPhone 5 and provides free support to unlockers willing to bring their iPhone and sign up for T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G data.

While this won’t be enough to prevent customer defections that are now hurting its bottom line, it seems iPhone owners are increasingly coming to T-Mobile as its HSPA+ becomes available in more markets. Just in December, the carrier hosted 1.7 million iPhone devices on its network, but the figure has now surged to 1.9 million iPhones…

As TmoNews explains, T-Mobile CEO John Legere just confirmed during 2013 Citi Global Conference in Las Vegas today that his company is now observing around a hundred thousand iPhone activations on its network every month.

With the numbers Legere mentioned, it’s easy to imagine that T-Mobile is eager to get their “Apple Product” deal rolled out as soon as possible. Legere further mentioned that the company currently serves 1.9 million iPhone devices and is adding 100k new devices every month.

That would indicate T-Mobile added 200,000 iPhone users in just 30 days.

The executive, according to another TmoNews report, also hinted the carrier will begin deploying its first LTE market in two to three weeks:

Given the importance of Las Vegas with events like the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s not surprising that “Sin City” will be the first market to get the green light. If you recall, Las Vegas was one of the first markets to showcase HSPA+, HSPA+ 42Mbps and thenetwork modernization project back during Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference.

Should the carrier continue to grow its base of iPhone customers, perhaps Apple will relent and cut that deal with T-Mobile sooner than later.

If anything, we at least know for a fact that T-Mobile will start carrying the iPhone later this year.

Are you looking forward to the official Apple/T-Mobile USA deal?

  • ummm tmobile announced last year that i is getting the iphone this year.. has that changed?

    • javierE186

      Nope it hasn’t changed, it’s just that your friend Christian tends to write some of his posts without looking into the details of said topic.

      • Isn’t it funny though how Christian wrote at the article bottom that we at least know for a fact that “T-Mobile will start carrying the iPhone later this year”

      • javierE186

        Yes you did write that, however, in your previous paragraph you said “… perhaps Apple will relent and cut that deal with T-Mobile sooner than later.” When the truth is that they did make a deal, the spokeperson and the CEO of T-Mobile both said that a deal was made. Now maybe you for got that becuase I know you must remember a lot of information to articles (since you do write most, which I do respect you for becuase that is a hard task) but at the end of the day the information was wrong. And as you can tell by the very first comment it confused a reader.

  • Winski

    AND, I’m enjoying that blistering 2G EDGE data speed that I get every day here in Southern California on my brand new iPhone 5… Just screaming at 115KBPS download speeds… AWESOME… And the that 55 kbps upload when I have to send an email… Mind boggling..

    I don’t know what I would do without that great speed….

    • Alex

      Funny because I get awful slow service here in Southern California. (Palm Springs cities)

      It must be that T-Mobile hasn’t turned on 3G here.

      I get super slow 2G speed on my iPhone 4…..

      Maybe they should continue the upgrade and target markets like Southern California? Just an idea.

      • Winski

        I live 1 1/2 miles from the ONLY alledged 4G mini-cell that t-mumble put up in my area. I tested the cell with the help of the t-mumble technicians and got 11.5 Mbps down and 4 mbps up to their servers in Irvine… Now that one cell is intended to serve the 35,000 potential customers in my area – NOT!!!!!

        I go back to my place and it’s back to the blazing 2G EDGE service…. PATHETIC.