Corning CES 2013 booth

Apple’s been using Corning’s tough cover glass on all iPhone models, up to the point where you could safely conclude the iPhone helped Corning a great deal make a name for itself. Ahead of CES, the New York-based company announced its third-generation Corning Glass, 40 percent more scratch resistant and 50 percent stronger. Here’s a nice demonstration of just how strong it really is. I’m sure it’ll give you a pause, it’s right past the fold…

Here we see that dropping a 130-gram ball on the Gorilla Glass 3 doesn’t even leave a scratch on it, let alone smash it into pieces.

Engadget went hands-on, here’s what they discovered:

Once the pane had survived gravity’s examination, we took it out and started bending it, and while no-company would let anyone play with something it wasn’t sure would hold up, this model did appear to be hardier by a small margin. 

Pretty impressive, no?

Corning will be ramping up production during the first quarter of 2013, meaning Gorilla Glass 3 could find its way into all of Apple’s mobile products this year, including the next iPhone and iPad.

Corning also demoed the new 100-foot (30 meter) optical Thunderbolt cables (see below) that significantly extend the data transmission range past the limits of copper-based cables, seen below.

Corning Thudnerbolt optical cable

Intel, too, yesterday made waves with its own optical Thunderbolt cable. 9to5Mac had a chance to spend some time with the product to note it’s “as thin and flexible as any USB cable” while still carrying a bus-powered charge for devices.

The top image of the Corning booth at CES is credited  to iDB’s own Jim Gresham.

  • next step, transparent aluminium!

  • mibs

    everyone vote to open up the ios


  • I didn’t get it,
    the aluminium is very weak, so why to compare it with the glass.
    and the phone glass most cracked when it falls on the side, so the test must try to make a pressure on the side on the glass not in the middle.

    • agreed good point didnt think about that

    • It was designed to test the impact resistance of various materials to a frontal collision. And shows that GG3 is superior in strength and scratch resistance relative to other basic materials. Wouldn’t that imply greater strength in other aspects of it as well?

    • Steve Lang

      Aluminum is not as brittle as glass. Drop an original iPhone and the aluminum may dent but it doesn’t crack like glass. The point being is that ‘strength’ is not a single characteristic but encompasses different things. You point about the test is a great example, an iPhone with GG3 screen may still crack if you drop it onto a hard surface.

  • wondering if they will make any for the iphone 4s so we can switch screens on our older 4s iphones or even the iphone 4 Be nice of Corning, Gorilla Glass to do this

    • Sandman619

      Corning is a B2B supplier for Gorilla Glass. Hopefully an enterprising 3rd party will spec out the panels, so that they can be sold through iFixIt or PowerBookMedic or any of the other reputable repair sites as well as eBay. Def believe that there would be an interest amongst people to opt for the improved panels

      Cheers !

  • haridsv

    Boring… why don’t they show how much stronger it is over it’s predecessor?

    • Lordthree

      They did on other videos

  • That’s pretty epic.

  • Lordthree

    I hope idownloadblog goes to CES next season so we’re not watching second hand Engadget videos

  • sambuzzlight

    I heard it will be put onto devices starting from next year? well this is exciting

  • The first comment was a quote from Star Trek – The Voyage Home. It was funny Snaggy, I guess the others just did not get it.

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  • Lapan ap


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  • it’s nice now they just have to make it so than we can clearly see through it…

  • maurid

    So… What was that “dipshit” thing about? I’m curious.

    • ReanimationXP

      For real, way to end your article there Christian. The tweeter is correct, by the way. That cable will not contain bus power. She implied it would. -_-