jailbroken iphone 4s

Well known iOS hacker pod2g went on a bit of a rant on Twitter today regarding the current state of iOS. The security expert says that he’s seeing a lot of his ‘geek friends’ migrate from iOS to Android, and he wants to see Apple open up its mobile platform to help stop the bleeding.

He points out that there are no technical issues preventing Apple from allowing developers to submit tweaks or themes — it would just need to enlarge its API/SDK. And it would be able to review them just like they do with App Store submissions before approving them for iOS…

Obviously we, like most folks, normally just write this kind of talk off as wishful thinking. But when pod2g talks, a lot of people listen.

The hacker’s words resonated enough to kickstart a Twitter petition (or a twitition) entitled “WeWantAnOpeniOS,” which creator FlawlessFox (of WWJC) says he will email to Apple once it’s collected enough signatures. And his hashtag by the same name became a trending topic at one point.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

I don’t really understand the logic behind the comment, but I love the conversation it sparked. I think Apple could easily open iOS up for things like native themes, third party widgets, and other mods. Sure it would take a little more work on its end, but still, a relatively easy project.

Think about it. It could still set limitations on what these mods could and couldn’t do in the operating system. It could still use an approval squad to weed out the bad submissions. And it could still sell these things — themes, etc. — in the App Store and take its usual 30 percent cut.

No, this doesn’t mean that I think Apple is just going to up and make a major change to iOS, which drives its biggest money makers. In fact, I can think of hundreds of reasons why it will never open up the mobile platform. But I do believe that the more attention this topic gets, the better.

If you’re interested, feel free to sign the WeWantAnOpeniOS twitition. At the time of this writing, it had collected more than 2,200 signatures. And you can expect to hear more from us about this topic in the coming weeks.

What do you think, should Apple open up iOS to allow for things like themes and mods?

  • to everybody who ask for the tweak or theme, is simple, just download ncsettings for wifi airplane data and 3g buttoms over there and for the blur and transparent effect download nccolors, simple as that, @JustMeJip2

  • M Last

    this guy wants to push apple to change the policy?
    are you kidding me?

  • I traded my iphone 4s today for a HTC One X.. got bored after not being able to jailbreak..

  • Whats that theme pliz?

  • 1. Apple never stole anything from jailbreakers, jailbreaking was created because of iOS being way to limiting. In fact jailbreak developers stole from other OSes.
    2. Apple won’t implement this feature or announce until iOS 7- if it decides to listen to the petition.

  • Common sense people…Don’t you think that if Apple was considering “opening” the OS, that they wouldn’t have patched the jailbreak exploit with ios 6? And don’t you think that someone would have brought the iPhone 5 “failbreak” to a public release by now? Ios 5 was tethered for only a couple months before Corona came around.(instagram.com/p/cZf0v/) Rocky racoon didn’t take that long either. Ios 6 will stay tethered on a4 devices, and other devices will remain jailed. Apple finally won the battle it’s been fighting for so many years now. Now, pray tell…Why would they give that up?

  • NgLC

    well,if apple really would open up their iOS,they will not need to do a lot of UI refresh since add-ons (tweaks and mods,I just call them add-ons) can really make the whole experience different.

  • adistarr

    Great discussion but your wasting your time. Not that many people jailbreak their phones. Majority of people just go along with their phones as is

  • I would update if i could keep my tweaks
    Also if apple do this they will just make more money from the app store, so i can not see a bad side for them.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I see all these videos all over the internet about iOS UI Concepts. Why doesn’t Apple just open up a Tweak & UI development department so random developers can give there ideas, tweaks, options, and submit them to Apple for approval like Apple does with App testing.

  • The reason to jailbreak: IntelliScreenX, SBSetting. Reason why I’ve been on stock iOS 6.0.1: there’s something critical missing in my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak, crashes constantly even withouth any tweaks.

  • JoshuaHulgan

    Just give us GateKeeper for iOS with the ability to turn it off.
    Then I can install whatever the hell I want.

  • stefan

    it would be nice if you could pay in the cydia store with your apple id^^

    • It would be overrated, because apple might find a way to log that you used Cydia and automatically void your warranty.

  • Infone

    Here’s a “black orbs” theme for iPhone: http://db.tt/8WpCOjQW Use this wallpaper: http://db.tt/F4KhNWnk

  • Would switch to Android if they stop building their phones out of plastic

  • What is the tweak and theme on the phone?