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Pebble, the company behind the upcoming smart watch of the same name,  is telling its Kickstarter backers that “it’s time” for some “big news” as the company promises to livestream its CES news event January 9 at at 12pm ET. For those unaware, their Pebble E-Paper Watch has been long in the making and last April became the most highly funded Kickstarter project to date, which tells you there’s certainly some demand for such a product.

Should the company finally releases its iOS and Android smart watch, it could breathe new life into the product category that cries for a sprinkle of Apple magic. Or perhaps Pebble Technology figured it better release its gizmo ahead of a rumored iWatch Apple’s reportedly been collaborating on with Intel? Either way, looks like 2013 will be the year of smart watches…

The news conference will be streamed live via Pebble’s web site starting January 9 at 12pm ET.

What do you think this announcement will be?

Pictured at the top: an iWatch concept by ADR Studio.

  • al these ugly clunky watches its 1988 all over again..

    • You’re ugly and clunky

      • Daniel

        Really? You Know him? xP

      • Pedro Diogo

        Doesn’t need to – he just seems to spend all day criticizing everything…

  • I mean, it’s a cool idea, I just don’t see what practical function these could serve. Chances are, you carry your phone with you everywhere you go already anyway, so what can this do that your smartphone of choice can’t do already?

    • What about when you’re-
      at work, school, a play, bundled up in winter clothes, phone charging on the other side of the room, frolicking in a meadow, in space, or your phone is being used for music in the speaker dock and you can chance the song via watch?
      And it’s not to replace your phone but compliment it.

      • exactly

      • Not to mention, who wants to continuously pull their phone out of their pocket. A watch is the one thing that is always on you and not hard to glance at.

      • My phone is on my hip. Literally takes all of 1 second to pull out. Bluetooth / Apple TV speaker system for music already. If you’re charging your phone, your iWatch has probably dead for hours. It’s hard to imagine these things having great battery life, especially if they constantly maintain a Bluetooth and wifi connection, maybe even cellular. Playing basketball? With your iWatch on? Probably going to cost $250-$350 and probably pretty fragile.

        I don’t know. I think it’s a cool idea, I just think its gimmicky and I don’t see how it could add any real functionality over your smartphone.

        Glad to see some people like the concept, I guess I just don’t see the benefit for me.

      • deepdvd

        I’m not sure why iDownloadBlog put that photo there when referring to the Pebble. You migtht be interested to know that Pebble claims it will have a 7+ day battery life with normal usage (always on). It’s a low-power monochrome LCD. And it will retail for $150, is waterproof, etc.

      • Big O

        The display is actually e-paper. Have one on pre-order. 🙂

      • deepdvd

        Cool that you pre-ordered it. I backed it on Kickstarter, so I’ll be getting two. I think “e-paper” can be confusing, so I don’t mention it. Technically, it’s a Sharp MemoryLCD. See forums.getpebble.com/topics/637

    • Well let’s say I’m playing basketball with my bros.
      And I text message.
      Without having to go over to the bench to look at my phone I just glance at my wrist and can read the message. Then I can deem if it’s important or not to run over to said phone to reply or keep playing.
      Just one of the many conveniences this could help with.

  • mwpitt52

    They are probably going to make the big announcement that they will not ship until 2014.