iPhone5mod, the makers of unofficial Lightning dockscables and adapters, today announced an interesting new accessory that will appeal to gaming and messaging fans who desire a tactile feedback ad physical gameplay controls. The EX Hybrid Game Controller is billed as “the lightest and thinnest keyboard for iPhone ever-made” and consists of two parts.

There’s a back case that attaches to the back of your iPhone 5 and a second plate which provides physical gamepad buttons. The accessory connects to your phone via Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology and each plate adds only 2mm to the overall thickness of your iPhone 5…

It’s also interesting that both aluminum plates attach to your device magnetically. A built-in battery is rated at 40 hours and takes one hour to fully charge.

iPhone5mod (keyboard and gamepad, image 001)

They say the accessory is water-proof and dust-proof, but we’re not keen on testing that claim.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key features.

• interchangeable Keyboard / Joypad Controller
• supports both portrait and landscape mode
• “feather-Like” weight keyboard, lightest in the world
• 2mm thickness, thinnest keyboard in the world
• ultra-portable, All-in-one solution for any type of users
• made of sturdy durable aluminum material
• Bluetooth 3.0
• long lasting usage of 40hrs
• standby time: 160 hours
• charging time: 1 hour only
• water-proof and dust-proof

The only complaint we have is Bluetooth 3.0.

iPhone5mod (keyboard and gamepad, image 002)

Apple rolled out the latest Bluetooth 4.0 across pretty much most of its lineup in 2011 and 2012. Bluetooth 4.0 requires only a fraction of the power of its predecessor, it’s more secure and can wake up devices instantly, on demand.

iPhone5mod (keyboard and gamepad, image 003)

Be that as it may, at just $49.90 you can’t go wrong (a charging brick and a micro-USB cable included).

If you’re interested, head over to the iPhone5mod web store.

  • Looks great but I doubt it would last long if you ever dropped it

  • SimonReidy

    Interesting. This is the first gamepad or keyboard that I’d consider buying (let alone the cololness of getting both in one package!) due mainly to how awesomely thin and easy to attach they are. Hopefully the aluminium is as tough and durable as they claim.

    Something I know nothing about is games that Bluetooth. Do a lot of new iOS games support Bluetooth peripherals yet? Or is it still just a handful of titles that are compatible with things like the iCade? (unless you are jailbroken and can use BluTrol of course, but this case is iPhone5 only). And final question: when you play a supported game with Bluetooth, do the onscreen controls disappear from the screen since they aren’t needed? (I know some games have adjustable or invisible onscreen controls to begin with, but not many).

    • Tom

      Yeah, I would love to know the answer to these questions too.

    • no the games dont cause there is not standard and no API access from apple..

      • SimonReidy

        Thanks, that’s what I suspected was still the case. In that case no sale.

  • Good question Simon. I’m also wondering what games will actually support this. I’d hate to spend $50 on something that is totally worthless. I’m still hoping that WynCase gets funded!! Though I doubt it 🙁 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wynlabs/wyncase-turn-the-iphone-into-a-true-mobile-gaming

  • here we go again with this game controller BS… umm until apple releases the controller APIs none of these damn controllers will work properly with IOS games.. its all BS.. i have the damn game loft controller and it doesn’t even work with all game loft games

    • SimonReidy

      That’s what I was worried about. No way I’m buying it then. I was hoping Apple had finalised a controller API by now, but they just don’t seem interested.

      This is one small area where Microsoft has a lead over the iPad with WindowsRT tablets, as they are compatible with the excellent Xbox 360 controller via USB. Not sure if WindowsPhone8 devices are too via microUSB, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      Apple really needs something similar. Particularly for lounge room gaming when using AirPlay from any iDevice to your AppleTV.

      • apple is happy to drop tat ball and miss that money..

  • Will this even work with most games? Wyncase (if it ever funds.. google it) will be much better if not. Cool concept though!

    • Acicey

      yea cool concept to

  • Acicey

    that is really cool!

  • Falk M.

    Again no analog stick, no sell.
    And with BT3.0 it can GTFO, battery sucker!

  • why no one can freaking combine a battery case with the keyboard case ?
    WTF ?