Samsung TV teaser (CES 2013, TV behind white sheet)

Say what you will about Samsung of South Korea, but the company is leading the Smart TV revolution at a time when the once mighty Japanese consumer electronics giants like Sony, Panasonic and Sharp are struggling to stay afloat. Last week the firm teased an upcoming TV launch with a charming video suggesting that “all the TVs are rushing to see Samsung’s new TV” at CES.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the clip closes rather dramatically with a shot of a large TV set hidden behind a white sheet. Following up, Samsung has now shared an intriguing image via its official blog that raises more questions than it answers…

Samsung’s blog entry simply states that “a true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design”.

More curious than that is this image accompanying the post.

Samsung TV teaser (CES 2013, portrait TV)

As you know, CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show which this year runs January 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our own Jim Gresham will be on hand, bringing you hands-on coverage of the latest in everything from phones and tablets to television sets.

Now, some folks have half-jokingly taken the above image as a sign of a translucent Samsung TV, even if it’s unclear how seeing through your TV enhances the experience.

If I wanted to add an amusing take of my own, I’d mention a badass TV with a bendable display because, you know, Reuters has it that Samsung is working on a smartphone with a “breakthrough unbreakable screen”.

Here’s the video teaser from last week.

YouTube description reads:

As Samsung prepares to unveil a new TV at CES that is unlike anything the world has ever seen, all other TVs are rushing to see the new TV.

What’s your read on Samsung TV teasers?

Is the company just trying to drum up the excitement ahead of a TV lineup refresh at CES or might it, in fact, have an ace up its sleeve?

Matter of fact, let’s hear your votes right now.

Realistically, I’m calling for a lightweight frameless TV with a 50-inch edge-to-edge display sporting 4K resolution. Sure, we don’t have any commercial video content in 4K yet, but the icons and apps and menus are bound to look crazy crisp in the glorious 3,840-by-2,160 resolution (that’s eight megapixels for you).

According to a new NPD survey, consumers would rather have more content than “smart” features on their TV sets.

As always, feel free to detail your vote and join the discussion down in the comments.

  • Lordthree

    Who cares? Boycott samsuck

  • chjode

    This story isn’t even remotely iOS (or even Apple) related. Why not cover Dell laptops or Kenmore washing machines? C’mon, guys.

    • if Apple releases a new TV then this will possibly be its direct competition. Or would you rather just be kept in the dark about the rest of the tech world?

      • Lordthree

        This site doesn’t need to report on it. Leave it to the verge, ngadget, and gizmodo

      • chjode

        There are many other places to read about general electronics (Gizmodo, Engadget, the Verge, etc.). I don’t think this article (and I assume much of what will be posted next week from CES*) is relevant to the theme of iDB– that is, iOS news, Jailbreak news, and iOS device news. Sure, if Apple releases a television (which they never will), I’ll be happy to read about it here. But until then, I look forward to the continuing coverage of home kitchen appliances, water heaters, and vacuum cleaners on iDownloadBlog.

        *Why is iDB focusing on CES and not MacWorld/iWorld later in the month?

      • John Mark

        I’m an asshole. I signed up on Disqus using someone else’s email address. So they logged in and changed my post.

      • If you guys can get that upset over stuff like this, then i would say the rest of your life must be pretty good.
        When you read the title and it says “Samsung’s new TV…” who was the person forcing you to read it?
        I’ve made my point on how this Samsung TV possibly being the direct competition of an Apple TV, so stop being so naive.

        Future comments on Apple TV article- “When did Samsung release a TV that has (insert feature here) . WHy DidN’T we HEars aBoUT IT!?!?!?”

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Maybe cause iOS news is sparce. People normally come here for jailbreak news. theres no jailbreak for iOS6 for A6 devices. everything else is covered already. would you like them to keep posting the same article over and over?..or would you like something new to read? how about how apple feels entitled to everything they didnt create and sue others over it? thats always fun. just face it apple is becoming a bit stagnant in a way and thats why competition is rev’d up has them and their loyalist sweating cause well….theres actually some decent competition out there. the blog is broading its audience and covering more venues. maybe you should too. theres alot of exciting stuff going on outside of apple’s bubble and iDB is helping get that message to everyone.

        I still come here to view apple news even though currently i dont own an apple device. I still like to know whats going on, whats new, whats upcomming so maybe in future i can get a new worthy idevice (looking at ipad mini 2 with a revolutionary retina display). I also like the idea they discuss other articles as well.

        IDB is a diverse group with a diverse audience…..join the program buddy.

        PS If you expected all things Apple from an article titled “Samsung upcomming TV….” you have another thing coming lol. just dont click it…move on with your life.

    • Lordthree

      Hoover is rumored to be putting out a new steam-vac that’s got edge to edge display.

    • JaeM1llz

      I agree, I appreciate the fact that they are trying to expand their audience, but the site needs to be renamed if they are going to keep covering all of the tech world. Or make a sister site that covers all tech news and keep this one dedicated solely to iDevices.

    • It’s Apple’s rival related.. Keeping friend’s close and enemies closer..

  • seyss


  • Obviously they are the only smart TV maker

  • D R

    They are making the display tall instead of wide. And instead of just leaving the extra space black, you can play games, surf the web, or watch another show. Instead of PIP, it’s PBP [picture by picture]!.

  • Chan

    Well, Samsung is playing Apple’s game so well… They did it with smartphones and now trying the same with TV. It’s genuine Apple marketing strategy to hype up their products before the launch…

    • Kurt

      you’re an idiot

  • JVIPER88

    It can’t be a TV that’s taller than it is wide. That just makes no sense. We have two eyes that are side by side. And our visual field is far greater horizontally than it is vertically. It wouldn’t make the viewing more enjoyable, for sure.

    I don’t think its a flexible TV either. what’s the point of that? (What’s the point of a translucent TV?) So, its probably just some ultra-thin 4K tv. And it’ll be “smart” with yet another crap UI