Remember Apple’s Christmas commercial with a girl singing “I’ll Be Home” to her grandfather via FaceTime on an iPad mini? Yeah, it was that memorable – and for all the wrong reasons, cynics might add. Well, bright folks at Amidio certainly did seize the opportunity to take Apple’s idea and one-up it a notch.

Have a look at their version and dare telling me it doesn’t beat Apple at its own game. Here we have a grown up (and cutesy) girl singing the same song, but using Amidio’s Futulele app to also play the tune on her iPad mini. Not sure about you, but I can instantly tell which one I like better…

Pretty nice PR stunt on Amidio’s part, I’ll give them that.

Kudos to Rob LeFebvre of Cult of Mac for spotting this little gem.

Futulele, a $3 download, turns your iPad or iPad mini into a digital Ukulele instrument. It comes with eye-popping Retina graphics and features 72 realistic sounding Ukulele string samples.

Amidio writes in a blurb:

It is not a secret that many iPad owners also have an iPhone, so Futulele is an excellent and innovative reason to get the best musical juices flowing out of both. A special guitar-shaped case holds the two devices, making it possible to select the chord on the iPhone and strum along the iPad screen, just as on a regular instrument.

Changing a chord requires only one tap, and the strumming technique is easy and convenient. No external wires or hardware accessories are needed, since the devices use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (selected automatically) for communicating.

Check out the graphics.

Futulele (iPad screenshot 001)

Futulele (iPad screenshot 002)

Lots more videos of people playing songs on their iPads can be found at the official web site.

Key features include:

• the best-sounding digital Ukulele
• very easy to play! No music background needed!
• crystalClear 4.0 Sound Engine with 72 MultiSamples
• strings respond to the speed of strumming!
• gorgeous Retina graphics (fully optimized for the new iPad)
• 4 Side-Buttons for FingerPicking with Pitch Bend
• automatic Strumming mode with 15 Patterns
• 132 Possible Chords
• 15 Pre-Defined Chord Sets
• create you own chord sets easily
• record to .WAV/.M4A
• 4 FX: Grand Stereo Reverb, 3-Band EQ, Lush Chorus, Tape Delay

Fukulele for iPad works with Amidio’s player software for the iPhone called Futulele Remote, a free download, which receives chord information from iPad running Futulele and then sends info about the current chosen chord back to Futulele.

For reference, here’s Apple’s original Christmas 2012 ad.

As Steve would have said, that’s a typical agency bullshit.

I think it’s safe to say that Amidio one-upped Apple at its own game.

Samsung’s holiday ad – even though it ruined my childhood – also comes across more convincingly than Apple’s lukewarm commercial, in my opinion.

Oh, and Samsung probably won’t miss the opportunity to poke fun of Apple with their upcoming Super Bowl ad attack.

Speaking of advertising, my best holiday ad from Apple still is their last year’s commercial featuring Santa Claus and Siri.

The fact that it’s amusing doesn’t hurt either. Of course, that was before Siri backfired.

There’s this unmistakable Disney feel to that commercial and the warmth of the holiday season that I usually associate with Coke’s Christmas ads.

In fact, if you ask me, Coca Cola has best Christmas commercials, no?

  • Kevin

    Very nice 🙂

  • CollegiateLad

    It doesn’t beat Apple’s.

    One appeals to human emotion. The other shows off a cool guitar app. No comparison. Capture their hearts and imagination and you’ll win every time. Apple 101.

    It’s no surprise though that you’re less fond of originality.

  • I like the Apple commercial better. It shows human interaction and emotion instead of just someone playing on a digital guitar. But I think the Santa iPhone 4S commercial is the best even though Siri sucked a lot back then.

    • Falk M.

      The one by this company trying to copy Apple’s efforts seems like they are trying to piggyback on a popular company and ad to get headlines, and on iDB they found more than just a headline, they even got a lengthy article about their app.

      Least non-obvious product placement (willingly or not) ever.

      Apart from that, nobody beats Coca Cola in terms of Christmas ads.
      Apple and Samsung come in at 2nd and 3rd places.

      • Oh yes. In terms of Christmas ads in general, Coca Cola takes the cake. The polar bears ads bring a smile to my face 🙂

  • jabohn

    The Apple one is better, it shows more emotion because you can see both people.

  • Apple is better. This seems like a sly attempt at iDB advertising this app.

    • Yea, I’m going to have to agree with you there

  • You guys could not be more wrong on this. Nobody uses that ipad guitar. It’s basically useless, but a nice novelty. On the other hand, communicating with others, long distance, IS awesome and also traditional. Plus, the chick in the apple commercial is actually a good singer for this purpose.

  • Coca cola wins!

  • Then again, Apple used to advertise the iPhone by highlighting App Store apps…

    • David

      Go fuck yourself.

      • so this is what the phrase “healthy discussion” means to you?

  • David


  • Wishing all o you a very merry Christmas and an even better new year