How did holiday sales of tablets shake out? Although sales numbers aren’t yet available, we can get some idea of which devices were in most demand. For instance, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and Google Nexus devices were the top three non-iPad products serving ad impressions in December, according to an ad firm.

Although the iPad (both the full-size versions and the iPad mini) accounts for 87 percent of U.S. and Canadian tablet-based ad impressions, the Kindle Fire was next best with 4.25 percent of tablet traffic. The Samsung Galaxy tablets had 2.65 percent, while the Google Nexus family of tablets garnered 1.06 percent of tablet traffic, according to ad network Chitika…

Per data, for every hundred iPad impressions, the Kindle got five, the Galaxy got three and the Nexus just a bit over one impression.

What about Microsoft’s Surface, which flooded the holiday airwaves with commercials and product placements? For every hundred iPad impressions, the Surface registered a whopping 0.22, according to Chitika.

iPad mini promo (Smart Cover, launching Safari)

By the way, the anemic numbers of the Surface mirror the tiny 0.13 fraction of tablet traffic reported reported earlier.

Obviously, the Kindle Fire did best against the iPad.

The 4.25 percent share of tablet impressions December 8-14 was a twenty percent increase over the same time last year, when the analytics firm announced a 3.75 percent share of tablet traffic.

Kindle Fire HD (two up, front, portrat, landscape)

The Samsung Galaxy, after all the free publicity from its rancorous court fights with Apple, gained only a fraction of North American tablet traffic. The South Korean firm’s percentage rose to 2.65 percent, up from 2.36 percent a year ago.

Google appears to be the dark horse, little discussed, but registering a fifteen percent increase over 2011. According to Chitika, the Google Nexus family of tablets rose from 0.91 percent of tablet impressions to 1.06 percent in December.

Nexus 10 (front, right-angled, home screen)

All of which brings us back to the iPad and the doom-and-gloom forecasts that Apple’s tablet is rapidly being outpaced by Android alternatives.

At least in North America and in terms of advertising, the iPad plummeted an entire one percent – 87 percent now versus 88 percent in November. No doubt, Apple executives are nervous at the prospect of their closest competitor gaining 0.68 percent in a year.

  • And they say apple is doomed 😉

  • CollegiateLad

    No surprise really.

  • I bought three kindle fire HD for Christmas there a lot better than the iPad mini.

    • Thats your opinion but not the opinion of a major majority. Microsoft is doomed, those sales numbers are bad considering the ads they put out. Besides the xbox and office what the hell does microsoft make any money on really. They havent made a product people want really bad since xbox, even windows 8 is not great

      • Jason

        Microsoft make most of their money from Office and their server operating system licenses.

      • Al

        I like windows 8, I played with the Surface at Best Buy.. my first time actually holding the device. It’s solid, if I didn’t have an iPad.. I would really consider it being next. But, then again.. I’m so heavily invested in Apple ecosystem it would be pain to move to another platform. From my opinion.. Microsoft did a great job with Windows 8 and Surface, this coming from a Apple User. I just think they are late to the party, that’s just my feelings..

    • Jason

      The Kindle HD is a decent product but is not really a direct competitor to ipad. The ipad is becoming a serious productive device with a very good range of productive apps (idraw, idesign, autocad ws, iflowchart, keynote, imovie, music studio, ims-20 emulation, red shift, skyview, the list is endess). Even in book authoring, with the brilliant ibooks Author, Apple is making big strides. Not forgetting a brilliant range of games.

      Whereas, running a hacked version of Android thats not strictly compatible with anything else, the Kindle s primarily a cosumption device for the Amazon media store. Amazon are playing a dangerous game selling the device at or just below cost. If folks dont purchase media content they will end up losing money in big amounts. Still it’s another business model.

      IMHO the Nexus 7 is a much better Android device for similar cash.

      Me personally I wouldn’t buy any of em, I have used all of them, as I have a 4th gen ipad

      • Mark Dante

        I wouldn’t say “hacked” version of Android, it’s more of a modified version.

      • Jason

        I prefer hacked as making it incompatible with the Play store makes no sense except for Amazon’s bottom line. I believe it’s a modified version of Android 3 if memory serves?

      • Well it depends on the people would they buy a device that doesn’t have a HD display vs a device with HD display.

      • Jason

        Me personally, you can keep HD or retina displays, and I have an ipad 4g. I had an ipad 2 and was more than satisifed but I wanted 64 gb storage as I have so many apps, and I needed the 9.7″ display for design and music based apps.

        It took two generations for Apple to muster enough power to properly run the retina display and allow games to run at full res. This GPU in the A6X is is actually pretty cool (70 GFlops of general compute). If it werent running such a high res display it would be even better!

      • Jason

        I should add that developers are only just now making use of the extra GPU power. I have Modern Combat 4 and Asphalt 7 on my ipad, iphone 4 and my Galaxy SIII. The phone versions look pretty good but the ipad version is subtly better with some awesome effects that seem more detailed and there seems to be more detail in the effects (e.g. flames, billowing smoke, etc). Even so I don’t think developers are really pushing the power of the A6X yet. It will be interesting when they do. Infinity Blade 3 anyone?!!!!

    • macboy74

      Better in what way? Please share.

    • lol you are a cheepo and you family really wanted ipads..

  • Innovating, well made, top-quality products, Like the one’s Apple is making, will always outselll any competition!!!
    And don’t get me wrong as much as I love apple products I would be open to switch to any other brand that come’s out with better products but so far nobody come’s close and when one did like the galaxy s3 phone then there is the problem of Malicious apps and Viruses for android Which is why I moved away from windows, so for now at least for me apple still the número uno.

  • queen_ir3ne

    I love my iPad =)

  • I would have thought the nexus would do a little better.

  • macboy74

    It’s funny that a half assed android tablet in the best android based tablet out after two years. Smh

  • ipad 3 with jailbreak is heavenly