Top Jailbreak Tweaks of 2012A few weeks ago I published a somewhat controversial post about jailbreaking, and how its popularity is waning. This wasn’t intended to be controversial, but it ended up that way, and after some thought I began to backtrack (a bit) on my stance.

The problem stemmed from the fact that I didn’t do a very good job of explaining my stance. I didn’t intend to say that jailbreaking was dead, my main point was just to show how innovation in the jailbreak community was being stifled by sometimes lazy developers, but mostly by Apple’s efforts to stamp out jailbreaking.

While I still stand by my post, I felt that I needlessly ruffled a few feathers, and probably should have kept those thoughts to myself for the time being. When I began to work on this post — the top jailbreak tweaks of the year — it became more apparent that we actually have seen lot of innovation this year. Most of that innovation was earlier in the year, but nevertheless, there have been lots of great jailbreak tweaks to come out in the last 12 months.

Take a look inside as we cover some of this year’s best jailbreak efforts from the development community. I’ll also crown 2012’s top jailbreak tweak of the year.

Here is our complete list of top jailbreak tweaks for 2012 (in no particular order). We understand that perhaps we omitted your favorite jailbreak tweak. That’s not to say that other tweaks aren’t worthy enough to make this list, but a lot of factors were considered here, and to be honest, there were so many tweaks released in 2012, that we may have left off one or two by accident. Still, if you’re new to jailbreaking, or you haven’t kept up with it like you should, this list is a fine start to get your going.

Be sure to click on the name of the tweak for a full article accompanied by a full video walkthrough of each tweak (or app) in action.

  • Blutrol – Use the iCade arcade cabinet with unsupported games
  • Aero – Allows you to switch apps with style
  • AnimateAll – Animate the Lock screen, Home screen, Notification center
  • Ayecon – Simply the best jailbreak theme ever
  • CameraTweak – The most robust camera tweak to ever grace Cydia
  • Dash – Provides you with a full screen app switcher
  • Dashboard X – Finally, adds real working widgets to iOS
  • Deck – Access a plethora of system functions via a handy hotbar
  • Emblem – OS X inspired notifications on iOS
  • FoldMusic – Adds music directly to Home screen folders
  • WeeRoll – Adds over a dozen animations to Notification Center
  • Hands-Free Control – Control Siri with no hands
  • Merge – Combines iMessages by contact
  • Motion – Add crazy animated havoc to Home screen icons
  • Neurotech Siri – One of the best looking themes for Siri
  • NowNow – Use Siri to invoke Google voice search
  • Octopus Keyboard – The BlackBerry 10 inspired keyboard
  • PaperLock – Another cool slide to unlock modification
  • Quasar – Run multiple apps side by side
  • Stride – Unlock your phone using 8-bit drawings
  • SwipeBack – Easily navigate backwards with a swipe
  • SwipeSelection – How text editing on the iPhone should be
  • Unfold – Unlock your iPhone accordion style
  • AssistantLove – Use Siri to play music with Spotify
  • Auxo – iDB’s 2012 Tweak of the Year

As you can see, Auxo is our top jailbreak tweak of the year. It was a tweak that started as a mere concept, eventually finding its way to reality by means of a very talented development and design team. A lot of times you’ll find a tweak that a lot of people get excited about, but there’s still a very vocal group of individuals who don’t particularly like the idea or the way it was implemented.

Auxo defied this trend, and is almost universally praised for its excellence. The main complaint about the tweak is that it just isn’t available for all devices and iOS versions as of yet.

Obviously, the lack of an iOS 6/iPhone 5 jailbreak hurts a bit, but there have been a lot of good tweaks and apps to come down the pipeline over the year, especially during the beginning and middle of the year. As I look back on this year, I can say with a certainty, that from a pure development standpoint, 2012 was one of the best years for jailbreaking yet.

Here’s to an even better 2013! And here’s to finally getting a legit iPhone 5 jailbreak in 2013!

  • Yeah a soon as the jailbreak is out im gonna purchase that auxo

  • You *forgot* to mention Zephyr, Jeff.

    • Jeff

      Zephyr wasn’t released in 2012.

      • I just saw the video for Zephyr and it said 12/30/11. Two days before 2012! Damn! Lol

    • charlie

      Can you read?

  • I still remember Deck was one of th highly anticipated tweaks we waited for! And it’s very good.

  • Now tell me where is IntelliscreenX ?

    • Jeff

      It wasn’t released in 2012. This is only for tweaks released this year.

    • charlie

      That’s an old app you noob

    • Guest

      Within the next 6 months according to Pod2g interview
      But if this is true, I would rather they use it on iOS 7

  • By when do we expect the jailbreak for the iPhone 5? I haven’t used it yet cuz of the jailbreak! By when? January? Feb?? 🙁

    • According to pod2g, he said he is confident there will be a jailbreak within the next 6 months
      But I am really not sure whether he should release or simply wait for iOS 7 if not we are going to wait even longer for a jailbreak for iOS 7

      • Yes. 6 months is half a year. iPad JB will be illegal by next year. Guess what?

      • Farewell dear jailbreak

      • Dan

        IOS 7… we’re living in the present, he should release when he has it

  • When will Blutrol support PS3 controllers?

    • charlie

      On Android, you can.

      • Well, to bad I’m not on Android. I would prefer to hav on iOS anyway. It is more stable and I am already vested in Apple

  • I think the best creation of all time is SwipeSelection
    No other tweak could beat that!
    Edit: And of course best theme of 2012 is ayecon , no doubt about that!
    But it will be better if there is a theme for the keyboard too!

    • would not it be better if there is a vertical swipe in addition to the current horizontal??

      That would make me downgrade and jailbreak again.

  • chezbgone

    Are these all ios6 compatible?

  • Sentry

    Thanks for making Auxo JB of the year! Makes us proud. Can’t wait till you all get ahold of the update we’ll be submitting tomorrow. Apart from now supporting iOS 5, this makes v1 look like a zombie. Seriously, butter smooth by comparison.

    Thanks again for the support!

    • Lordthree

      Tomarrow ehh? Very nice XD

    • ExRoot

      I am seriously excited!

    • Would Love ios 5.0.1 Support

  • Guys don’t want to be rude or anything but you got to wake up from that idea that android is a laggy piece of shit. Right now I’m using an HTC one x+ and I swear I had less lag then on iOS.

    • Dan

      I just skim over those comments now, you won’t convince anybody over the web. IOS users will always think android is sluggish. Heck, I did too before a friend forced me to play with his GS3.

      • I have been using my friends S3. It is smooth for the most part. Pinch to zoom seems choppy though. I still prefer and trust iOS more.

    • We don’t care. This is a blog about iOS, not Android.

  • I would add to this list : Reveal, statusbulletin, swipe safari, bridge, browseinapp, brightvol, forecast, torch, music2ipod, mountaincenter

  • Boris Bozo Herrera

    I miss jailbreak…

  • Please anyone tell me what is the animation shown in this video for AnimateAll. THANKS!

    • I believe it is ICS Boot or something like that

  • Thanks for publishing this list, it’s far mor interesting than the official App Store list you published before..

  • Kai from Japan

    “ayecon” theme was new to me, and pretty impressed to know that you like m-flo!

    • Jeff

      m-flo is awesome.

  • you should know pirates hurt this community. Developers are the ones who keep this community up. You are one of the pirates who put developers down

  • Dan

    wow what a jackass

  • Dan

    Great list. Here’s hoping IOS 6 gets jailbroken and that we have some amazing tweaks in 2013.

  • Go elsewhere
    You deeply hurt the person that you trying to pirate his work

  • christodouluke

    Activoice is better than nownow


    Hey Jeff… No worries, I believe as soon as the iPhone5/iOS6 untether jb is out, there will be WAY TOO MANY awesome tweaks, even for you to follow 🙂

    (But, wish Apple would stop this cat-fight)

  • Reading from my iPhone 5. *sobs*

  • RarestName

    Don’t you mean trialling them?

  • RarestName

    You mentioned Emblem, but MiniBanners (Pro) deserves a mention too.

  • Thank you @JeffBenjam:disqus

  • Mark de Vocht

    Thanks to everyone for liking CameraTweak! Next year will bring a new version with new GUI and more functionality. QRScan and BurstMode included 😉

  • im waiting for the Auxo IOS 5 version

  • idontknow

    @disqus_PxHDwaGr9F:disqus People must understand, we don’t pirate works because we want to put a bad reputation on jailbreaking, or so we could destroy the will of developers. In most cases it’s because we are the lower class of the world. We’re just those people who are lucky to own an apple device and wish we had money to buy these amazing works developed. Think of it is a compliment if your work is pirated, people put time out of their time to distribute it to the people who seriously don’t have any extra money to buy these. Although, completely aside this jailbreak tweak, It’s only 1.99! How could someone not afford this, redistributing of this tweak if horrible and just puts a bad a reputation on jailbreaking and discourages developers to do anything more.

  • Hengki Dian Rahasto

    Thank you for all your information, you are my great theacher too MR. JEEF…
    I,m always looking forward your great information on the next future…

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  • MagicDrumSticks

    The funny thing here is that Auxo pretty much resembles what my Note 2’s notification system and quick toggles resembles. Only difference is, I don’t have to wait six months to get it on my phone, it’s there from day one out of the box.

    I guess iDB just admitted that Android’s multtasking and toggle features are far superior to iOS.

    On the other hand, I see people using GOOGLE maps and GOOGLE voice instead of Siri and Apple maps.

    The Irony

  • I am just waiting for iPad release of Auxo!

  • BattSaver should’ve been on the list.

  • Ronald

    How do I install Siri on my jail broken iphone4 with iOS 6.1

  • I’ve purchased all tweaks above, seriously I spend more on Cydia Store than App Store,

  • What about an article of some Sources for Cydia?