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Up until now, if you wanted to shoot 360-degree video with your iPhone, you’d either need a snap-on accessory, like the GoPano, or a pair of steady hands and some patience. But a clever new app is looking to change that.

Introducing Cycloramic, an iPhone app that uses the handset’s built-in vibrate motor to spin it around in a circle, allowing you to capture 360-degree video, completely hands free. Hard to believe? Check out the video demo…

The concept here is pretty simple. After loading up the app on your iPhone, you must balance the handset upright on a flat surface — as you can imagine, it has to be really flat for this to work — and press the “GO” button.

Cycloramic works its magic by making the phone vibrate at just the right frequencies to force it into a steady a twirl. And the handset will continue to spin in a circle, while recording video, until you press the “STOP” button.

Your phone must be set to vibrate, on both Silent and Ring profiles, for the app to function properly. And while the app is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, they don’t tend to spin as well as the iPhone 5 due to their sizes.

If you want to check out Cycloramic for yourself, you can find it in the App Store for $0.99.

What do you think of Cycloramic? Ingenious idea, or just a gimmick?


  • Crap. It just records video. No stil panoramas. Wasted $0.99.

    • Jordan Dixon

      I know – imagine all those other cool things you could’ve bought with $0.99 🙁

  • creative thinking using what you’ve got. i like it.

  • That’s… new.

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  • nice

  • Woah guys it’s vibrating, next thing you know it’s on the floor with a broken screen

  • I know i wasted $0.99 but I wanted to try it. And it works awesome. I was afraid that it would fall, but on a glass surface it’s amazingly stable, can’t fall at all, and it’s fun…

  • Hmm, i bought it on my iPad mini and it trys to load on my iphone 4s with ios 5.1.1 but i can’t start it. Strange…

  • iDevizes

    Smart idea to use the inner vibrate function. But what can you do with the mp4 output? A panoramic picture is more useful.

  • pegger1

    What’s next, a game where you put two vibrating phones standing up and let them duke it out, last one standing wins

  • redundant…

    • armandolara94

      This app is faaar from redundant. If anything it’s original. Useful? Maybe not so much, but still original.

  • is this a joke?

  • ThatSam


  • Falk M.

    iPhone looks pretty beaten up. Use protectors and a case. 😛

    And that camera man needs to get a kick in his a**.

  • iAskTank

    Ingenious yes…useful..probably not. It strikes a cord for a future app that’d do stills. I can imagine a future jailbreak app that adds the “Cycloramic” option to the stock camera app.

  • JaeM1llz

    $0.99 for an app that is sure to cause damage to your phone? No thanks.

  • knows anyone this song?

  • Coach’s EYE is seems good. Is it available on installious?

  • steve

    waste of money…. it doesn’t spin. smooth wooden surface, plastic, and even on glass.. just a little bit. maybe my iphone 5 vibration isn’t up to its standard?

  • Reginaldo


  • Tariq

    im mind-blown!!!