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Given the fact that millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches were given as gifts this year, and that a number of apps and games were on sale, it’s no surprise that there was a huge spike in app downloads on Tuesday.

In fact, app analytics firm Distimo found that daily downloads in the App Store increased by 87% on Christmas Day compared to the December 2012 average. So what was everyone downloading? Read on to find out…

According to Distimo’s data, the top 10 most popular apps (in 40 countries) on Tuesday were:

1. YouTube

2. Google Maps

3. ElfYourself by OfficeMax

4. Where’s My Holiday?

5. Skype for iPad

6. Subway Surfers

7. Flow Free

8. Furby

9. Instagram

10. Emoji & Unicode Icons – Special Symbols For Messages & Email

Numbers 1 and 2 aren’t really surprising, as they were once stock iOS apps. Skype at number five and Instagram at number nine aren’t shockers either. But the other apps are kind of a toss up — there’s a few there I’ve never used.

Distimo also found another interesting statistic: iPad downloads and revenues rose by a staggering 140% and 83% respectively on Christmas day, suggesting that the iPad was a very popular gift this holiday season. A quick look at Twitter confirms this, as Apple’s tablet was a trending topic for much of the day.

At any rate, did you get a new iOS device for the holidays? What were the first apps you downloaded?

  • RarestName

    Furbies are going to take over the world.

    1. Get to the top 10 on the iOS app store.

    2. World domination.


    No, I did not get a new iOS device for the holidays. But I got cookies and I’m not even a Christian 🙂

  • Why google maps not in all App Store

    • RarestName

      Creating a US iTunes account will solve all of your problems.

  • thor_molecules

    Didn’t iDB not too long ago run a piece claiming that (essentially) no one cared about Google Maps and how it barely moved the needle on iOS 6 adoption rates? Based on some “analyst” that was talking out the side of his neck?

    Funny how when evidence came out proving that to be not only untrue (over ten million downloads in the first 48 hours), but patently ridiculous no correction or retraction was issued.

    And now I see you guys have changed your tune completely.

    ….just an observation.

    • In fact several “analysts” reported that iOS6 adoption rate wasn’t affected by Google Maps being realised–In fact, two of them retracted their statements after evidence was shown that the figures were altered due to the release of the iPhone 5 in markets like China.

      Do you serious expect iDB to “correct or retract” every time something is reported based on facts available at the time? Get real…

      • Why would these bloggers at IDB waist there time going back to offer a correction. They dont care if there stories are correct. Its not like the writers here do any fact checking. The find the story else where, then rewrite it with a link and send it on its way up the chain.

      • Why would these bloggers at IDB *waste* *their* time going back to offer a correct*?* They *don’t* care if *their* stories are correct. *It’s* not like the writers here do any fact checking. *They* find the story *elsewhere*, then rewrite it with a link and sent it on its way up the chain.

        Speaking of checking, it looks like you don’t do any grammar or spell checking before posting your replies–Do you? Plus do you have proof they don’t fact check their articles before posting, or they steal from other sites?

      • thor_molecules

        Not really.

        Though, I admit that has never stopped me from calling out blatant hypocrisy when I see it.

  • Falk M.

    “10. Emoji & Unicode Icons – Special Symbols For Messages & Email”


  • Got a new iPad 4. I installed all the apps I had on my ipad 2, nothing new.