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Apple, usually the benchmark for customer satisfaction, fell from its lofty perch during the all-important Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping period. After quickly jettisoning its senior vice-president of retail and suffering questions surrounding supplies of new products, the company “stumbled”, falling to a four-year low, according to a customer satisfaction analytics firm Thursday. The iPhone maker fell 3 points to 80 out of 100, dropping it from the overall top five online holiday retailers and behind #1 Amazon.com, which was rated 88 out of 100 by Forsee…

“Satisfaction with the customer experience, when measured correctly, is the most important predictor of future success,” Forsee announced while releasing customer satisfaction figures for online retailers.

“While Amazon clearly gets it, Apple stumbles from their usual focus on the customer experience”.

The firm advised Apple’s Internet store needs to improve its “usefulness, convenience and variety of online features available to site features.”

A number of events this year may have impacted the online satisfaction results.

The iPad maker fired John Browett as the company’s SVP of Retail just days after a series of controversial Apple Store layoffs were announced.

In a bit of irony, JCPenney.com had the sharpest decrease in online customer satisfaction during the holidays, dropping by 5 points. J.C. Penney’s new chief, Ron Johnson, formerly led Apple’s retail efforts.

Where did Apple stub its toe online?

The desire to buy was already weak, with some reports indicating retail demand rose less than one percent for holiday merchants. Couple this with the incessant drumbeat of negativity coming from Wall Street and you have a self-fulfilling prophecy of people seeing Apple as wounded and with a halo not as shiny as years past.

In your view, is the online Apple store experience lacking?

  • People are upset with Apple. Millions of people bought into this revolutionary Idea, and now these same people are feeling screwed over. The millions who bought the 3rd gen iPad for example. Then the mini comes out and it is a smaller iPad2, and is over priced. The iP5 has the most ridiculous screen size, and iOS is outdated. Then, to top it off, there black friday deals blew major ass.

    Meanwhile competing firms have really been forced to up there game and are making very very good products now, at a very fair price. I love Apple but they are quickly digging their own grave at a very fast rate.

    When Apple was the minority, their view was perfect for their business model, but now they are at the forefront. If they dont start giving consumers what they want, they will be yesterdays new’s, and they will only have themselves to blame.

    • True, the apple’s logic: refuse to put NFC on their iPhone 5 yet they use a new sim standard only used by them and a new lightning connector…

    • Lordthree

      bitching about iPhone 5 and Apple’s black Friday deals? Wow. Go suck a droid.

      • I am not bitching, I am stating the obvious. I don’t wait for sales, I buy what I want because I can. But, it adds to the reason people are unhappy with Apple.

      • Lordthree

        You can’t please all the people all the time. MOST people are VERY happy with Apple. For you to even mention ‘black Friday’ and Apple in the same line shows you’re new to the club or simply have no knowledge of how Apple works.
        They’re having problems keeping wares in stock at NORMAL prices- demand is THAT high. These aren’t $2 waffle irons, and they aren’t looking to open the doors to a bunch of black Friday ghetto trash just to LOSE money.
        iPhone 5 = fastest, thinnest, sleekest phone in the world. iOS is getting revamped. Your points are invalid.

      • The Droid Razr is thinner than the iPhone 5, and in benchmarks, the S3 with JellyBean is faster than the iPhone 5. Your points are invalid. I’ll give you the sleek though, it’s a nice looking phone.

      • Lordthree

        1) http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/09/13/yes-the-iphone-5-is-the-thinnest-smartphone/
        2) link or it didn’t happen. Gs3 might trump in a ‘couple’ of benchmarks but loses on most. Benchmarks mean nothing compared to real world use, and iPhone is STILL consistently faster at opening software and smoother running it. This is because android is a JAVA RUN TIME and not a proper OS. Even with all the RAM, and CPU buff it still under performs.
        Your points are invalid because they simply aren’t true.

      • 1. I am not new to Apple by any means.
        2. Inventory probs seem mostly affect consumers ordering online, and in certain city’s. I live in a huge city and the Apple stores around me are always in stock. Always!
        3. Black Friday does not mean ghetto trash. That is absurd
        4. iPhone5 is OK, yes, it is sleek, and light, but you don’t what is happening with iOS in the future. You must be new to the club or you would of already known that.
        5. My points are not invalid, they are the truth, but thats my opinion that I am entitled to.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Virginity is strong with this one. For starters, I’m sorry to break it to you, but the iPhone 5 is not the fastest, nor the thinnest one around. (And I prefer the previous design, but to each his own.)

        Most still are happy, but that number is not even close to what it was in recent years. Satisfaction is dropping and that is obvious even on this blog. Apple’s arrogance is going to cost them in the long run.

        Apple’s profit margins on these devices are pretty damn high and they sure won’t operate with a loss even with significant price drops. And in case they do lose money by selling the devices for less, they would still easily make up the difference with their other services. (Look at current Nexus devices, and Google’s pricing. Those devices aren’t cheap because they’re made of plastic, as you may assume, oh wise one.) And calling black Friday shoppers ghetto trash just shows how mature you are.

      • maurid

        “Ghetto trash”? Get your head out of your ass.

      • ExRoot

        I was also put off by the ‘ghetto trash’ comment. Not cool!

      • aj

        Are you happy with your iPhone 5 or iPad 4 or iPad mini or whatsoever Apple product you’ve got. When you pay such a premium price for the iPhone 5, don’t you want it to have something extra ordinary (other than its extra row of icons)?! What Apple wants us to do is buy their over-priced shit every six months. I bought the iPad 3 but do I want to buy the iPad 4 just 6 months from then? NO. I always felt that Apple was unique because they had a yearly refresh cycle but now that has changed. When I buy an iPad or an iPhone, I want it to be the best in market at least till the next year (and it will be second best after 2 years) but now the 6 months refresh cycle changes it. Now when I buy an Apple product, it will be dated with in 6 months and will be completely outdated within a year. Well, I don’t have the money to buy a new product every 6 months. I really appreciated Apple’s one year refresh cycle because other companies like nokia and samsung were releasing a new phone every six months. But as samsung and nokia have learnt that consumers will buy their crap only at a 1 year refresh cycle, Apple has gone nuts. We have to face the truth. my friend, which phone did you use before your iPhone?probably Nokia or samsung or HTC or whatsoever and you would’ve said the same for Nokia (you would’ve be crazy about it and would’ve bragged that it is the best phone in the market..failing to see the potential of iPhone). The same is happening to Apple, they fail to see the potential of Android and other companies,

      • john

        and here we have a classic example of a hardcore apple fanboy.

      • Lordthree

        Sure thing dude. Don’t argue the facts- just say ‘fanboy’. Derp

      • maurid

        Sad to see such a lame and childish response to a serious (and spot-on) statement. Try harder.

  • I think the online experience isn’t lacking at all, the only thing (that I already said and will keep saying forever) is that Apple needs to improve and add new features to its phone in every model it releases. Adding one or two features isn’t satisfying anymore.

    • They add 200 or more useless features with each upgrade in iOS, is that not enough. LOL

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I could easily go back to iOS 5 and not notice the difference. Then I could at least jailbreak. Too bad I can’t do ANY of that! Gee, thanks, Apple!

  • Guest

    Not sure what customer experience was like before, but have had recent issue with the experience surrounding delivery of an iMac purchased through the AppleStore : extremely poor end2end oversight of order delivery, including clearly incorrect tracking information on AppleStore website. Very disappointing as this will be my 1st mac.

  • You know, the problem here isn’t as simple as “Apple didn’t do the right thing.”. The problem with Apple trying to continue with the momentum they started out with is you… Media, blogs, the fucking Wall Street Journal is given the status of Apple Insider Guru when they’re wrong dramatically more than they’re right.
    You get people all wound up with article after article about the next rumor as if it’s an absolute fact, then you berate Apple for not living up to unrealistic expectations set by people not in the know. It’s positively stupid.
    You’re left with an environment where people actually feel cheated for being given something astounding, but apparently it’s wrong because you all said it was going to be gold dipped, have a direct line to Steve in Heaven and give B.J.s in the morning….
    You have a responsibility to report but also to not report. If you don’t have facts how are you going to write an entire article?? About something that ISN’T REAL?!?
    The problem is not Apple. The problem is too many people reporting on what Apple is doing, when they’re all actually wrong.

  • maverick

    In the Apple store famous for their “geniuses”, when I asked them why they ditched the best up to date Google Maps and why they forced iOS update download on my device without my consent, their response was that they are like car sellers, just dealers and if I have complains about to go to talk with Apple engineers. In the Apple store. Seriously? The device was bought in the store. Already paid almost double its real price. And it included best maps as feature. Why removing it and forcing user to update your already outdated looking iOS?

    The truth is that after paying the most overpriced device on the market you don’t own your device at all. Apple can do whatever they want with it: they automatically download their “update” on it, they cannot provide decent commands to not be necessary to go several levels in the menus to only turn on Wi-Fi, you even cannot choose to downgrade or keep your current iOS version on it. They can even block your device completely.

    The only way is the Apple way. They are the “smartest”, the customers just iSheeps who needs to follow whatever “vision” they have. And also the most important thing you can do your YOUR device is to spent more money on their store.

    Amazing still that with so limited options and access left to developers, some of them are pulling out such nice apps.

    Apple will be down again very fast. They’ve been there only that this time there will be no genius mind to pull them out…

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Could someone tell me why everybod is criticising iOS?? I’m convinced that it still offers the best user experience out there. And btw: nobody cares about benchmarks, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. If you take that into account, the iPhone 5 is far superior. The phone feels solid and of great quality, not a crapy piece of plastic. you’re typing on real glass, not on cheap plexiglas. The iOS all integrated with your mac, it’s simple, convenient, good-looking, stable and has far better app UI’s than on android.ho cares about a quad or dual core chip if the os works smoothly as butter?

  • MarcPhilippeB

    And btw: the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t even have 4G.