I love my iPhone for what it does and even more so for what it might be capable of doing the next year and the year after – and beyond. Heck, a whole cottage industry of mockups and concept renders has sprung up around forthcoming iPhones.

If you ask Aatma Studios, a future iPhone will have a holographic keyboard (Fox News shamefully thought the concept was real!). Another guy, a student, dreamt up a Vibrative Virtual Keyboard that lets you “type” on flat surfaces. Taking their design cues, YouTube user “FranSnk3d” last week posted this nice clip.

I know it is too easily admissible, but so would had been the original iPhone if someone had laid out the concept for you years prior to the January 2007 introduction. Let’s also not forget pico projection is here and that holographs have come quite a long way.

Indeed, who’s to say this won’t be a future iPhone five or so years from today?

You may have not realized it yet, but the future is already upon us.

For starters, Samsung is promising us phones with bendable displays.

Increasingly, high-end phones with 1080p displays are becoming a norm (HTC was first) so a 1080p iPhone is very likely, too. And with flexible displays making their way into smartphones and tablets in 2013, many feel Apple should make an iPhone with a bendable display.

Samsung shows off flexible AMOLED at CES 2011

Speaking of displays, how about an iPhone with a transparent display?

At CES 2011, Motorola was first to bring to life the idea of a smartphone that could also be a desktop PC (remember the Atrix?).

Motorola Atrix dock
A CES 2011 breakthrough: Motorola’s Atrix could drive the real computer, if need be.

And what do all these examples have in common?

Easy, these are all technologies either readily available (and incorporated into consumer products) today or in the process of being validated for mainstream use.

Sure, Apple only taps the latest tech where it makes sense – that’s why NFC still hasn’t found its way into the iPhone – but the industry won’t be standing still and if Apple doesn’t do this dream iPhone, somebody else will.

At least we know Apple’s researching the future.

The firm patented pico projection systems that can read and react to the silhouettes of gestures in front of the projections. They also hold an interesting patent on Minority Report-style 3D gestures.

However, it’s anyone guess whether these inventions ever find way into Apple devices of the future.

So, does anyone dare say that an iPhone around end of the decade won’t be anything like that concept clip?

Just be careful with predictions – we might revisit your comments in 2017.

  • This is the stuff. I better see this!

  • The iPhone five years from now will be thinner than the iPhone 4 years from now.

    • and will have one or two features more than the iphone 4 years from now… probably won’t have Bluetooth transfer, NFC or wireless charging.

      • But it will have a better camera and battery and the headphone jack will be on the side!

      • And will still be the single best selling phone around.

      • I agree and I’m guilty and part of those sales numbers.

      • Best selling doesn’t equal best product.

    • and no doubt with a crappy 8 hour battery life!

      I’m still puzzled why they didn’t keep the iPhone 5 a little thicker to allow for a decent battery life!

      What good is the damn thing being so thin if the f***ing battery just died on you… again!!!

      • Apple is proud of the lightning cable so they want us to use it more often!

      • “want us to use it”….

        NO, they F***ing are FORCING us to use it and pay the exorbitant cost for that micro-chip infused “POS”!!! All I can say is than goodness for the Chinese who have already “cracked” it. 🙂

      • ReanimationXP

        you sound upset.

      • What’s up wi you dude, don’t like it don’t use, just buy the adapter. .

      • I just received two extras today!! Lol

      • KewlDewd

        My suggestion would be to move out of whatever country you live in whose citizens are forced to buy iPhone 5’s against their will. That’s just not right. As an example, here in the United States, and most other countries that I’m aware of, we have the freedom to choose from a large selection of phones from many different companies.

    • ReanimationXP

      what you did there, i see it.

      • ??

      • KewlDewd

        He likes your lightning cable joke, but he hasn’t mastered the use of the played out “I see what you did there” joke. It doesn’t fit here.

      • Guest

        Hit reply on the wrong message.

      • ReanimationXP

        wrong thread there bud. it’s you and the OP that are confused. i was responding to:

        “The iPhone five years from now will be thinner than the iPhone 4 years from now.”

    • ReanimationXP

      what you did there, i see it.

  • This is a waste of someone’s time

    • I thought the same thing as I was waisting my time watching the video. Nice video, but really?

    • You watched it so it did its job right?

  • who cares

    Yea well it not gonna happen…not atleast from apple…which is always behind the tech curve..if anything it would done by other companies and apple would adopt it years later and claim to have invented it..so keep dreaming disillusioned apple fans

    • No, Apple will just perfect years after the fact. They would make it better.

      • Ronald Weaver

        Let’s hope so. I’m hanging on because I want to! But I realize there is some phone products out there that would possibly be better for me.

    • goofygreek

      Apple is not really behind the tech curve. When the original iphone came out, all the way through the iphone 4, they were ahead of the tech curve. Then Steve Jobs gets sick and apple starts falling behind. They still have great devices, but i really think they would be much farther ahead if steve didnt pass away.

  • The Motorola Atrix system was good, but I believe the system that needs to be watched is the fusion of Android with UBUNTU. One device for everything! Open architecture under UNIX for expanded development and security!

    • goofygreek

      That looks awesome.

  • nabham

    I think after 10 years iphone 10 will become like a baseball bat if we consider the increase of length by 1 inch per year (same as pinnochio’s nose that increases with each lie)

    • It took 5 years to make it larger.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Bendable displays, rlly? And please enlighten me as to how me or any phone will benefit from it. Sounds like a garbage idea to me.

    • iky1e

      When you can get technology down to 1mm or 2mm thin then the danger of snapping the device becomes a real problem. Making them flexible would help keep them safe.

      Put it this way. If I asked you to carry a 1mm thin piece of glass around with you and not break it. Would you prefer it to be a solid but brittle piece. Or a flexible piece?

      • I will NOT want a 1mm piece phone, I’d say the iPhone 5 is of good size and shape.

        Furthermore, I would prefer a solid to a bendable pice of 1mm glass. It is the material that makes it brittle. I doubt that by the time phones are able to be only a piece of glass at 1mm there will not be nano strengthening technology in it.

      • I thumbed you down for saying iphone 5 is of good size and shape.

      • Kurt

        iphone and its out dated 2007 design

  • boring

  • ReanimationXP

    Of all the concepts I’ve seen, this one is at least realistic, in that it could be done. The rest I see are transparent sheets of glass or flexible. (where’s the motherboard, battery, etc morons?)

  • seyss

    iDB is now a comedy blog

  • Ricardo

    Is it going to be jailbreakable?

    • Nah, jailbreak is dying right now. In 2017 there will be HellBreak.

  • Judging by todays rate of innovation in between apple and samsung, five years from now apple will make a great product but samsung will make the greatest.
    And i think idb also must come up with new name like TechDB and start writing article about all the products. So that ios fans, android fans, windows fans can come in this one blog and read the unbaised article and share their idea. Rather than sharing ideas it can be like a warzone but that would be fun.

    • Maybe you need to be on techradar or some other blog to get ur fix… This blog has its main focus on iOS. That’s why you have people like me here. If you change it’s name and content then it’s not what people came here for.

  • MEN

    This is an old concept. I can’t see with good eyes that the new mobility world will go back to a virtual fixed desktop. Be creative!

  • Ace


  • bigzjoseph

    The iPhone five years from now look nice but battery’s gonna last less than 5 mins

  • I see many people bitching about the video, personally I like it. How many people saw the bendy screen from Samdung a few years back, not to forget the transparent larger screen laptops and TV’s? Did you bitch then as well as neither have come to market yet? And to be honest nothing really new here, just features already available as in a projectable keyboards and displays, just packaged into a much loved device. I would choose the phone in the video over a bendy galaxy phone anytime…

    • What if in future apple comes up with projectable keyboards and display without bending capability AND samsung comes up with exact same feature with bending capability. Which one will you choose then?

      • Apple… I don’t do Samdung products.

  • Lobo555

    How about first we get a water proof phone then we can talk about holograms makes me feel like playing yugioh (get the reference ;-))

  • coejam

    If apple continue making one thump iphone in the future then in 2017 there will be no iphone.

    • Ronald Weaver


  • mwpitt52

    It will probably be another 5 years before we get to tether without extra data plans.

  • Fantastic! Too bad it’s a wow factor, and we all know Apple is now too standard to care of such innovative ideas when they have enough iSheeps to milk for cash.

    • That’s exactly what i feel. All these isheeps are spoiling apple.

  • The laser keyboard does actually exist its just expensive and I believe is Bluetooth powered google it its real but it’s an accessory

  • Kurt

    In five years the iPhone will still have the same 2007 design (front of phone). ahhh so innovative. Apple’s moto, “Don’t think different”

  • Just wasted 2 minutes of my life watching a video that will never come to life.

    • i didnt cause i knew it would be BS….hahahha

  • Singularity19

    What about battery life and cooling the heat, the virtual keyboard will kill the battery life, not to mention the heat it generates

  • Jimmy Parker

    iPhone is Tops every time.I just love this brand & iphone after 5 years will be combination of all the apps designs we need in regular or business situations.I am dying fan of APPLE

    • me too but want them to keep making new great shit not the same boring shit over an over

  • Battery life: 5 minutes.

  • wolverine

    since 1st release of iphone on June 29,2007 to till now September 21 2012 what did you guys find out the difference on it to be honest not major changes i admit it has change while releasing iphone 4s they had put voice assistance siri and change to dual core but still that is not enough bcoz these are already ported in different phone so apple is not gr8 at my oppenion

    • it has only gotten faster.. wit better screen and camera.. thats all.. its still the same iphone but everyone loves it so apple wont change it… apple needs to keep the iphone and come out with a new phones called “macphone” that has a 4.3 inch screen and runs OSX mobile which is a hybrid of IOS and OSX that runs all apps from both…

      iphone is stale and boring i really think apple need to bring something totally new

  • I bet the battery could last 11 seconds with the projector mode.

  • Jason Pletcher

    Everyone saying that battery life would be 5 min is thinking too narrow minded. Think of the battery life of the original iPhone or even the 3G. Battery technology will evolve with the rest of the technology field. It always has. On another point saying that apple isn’t innovative is laughable. We would all be stuck with Blackberry style phones if it wasn’t for apple. Android would have never been a reality if it wasn’t for apple. As far as what we will see I have no clue but the possibilities are endless.

  • i think some guy is so enthusiastic..inevitable!
    dude this won’t be a reality for at least the next 50 years, and i think i’m being optimistic when i say that.