Apple seeded beta 4 of iOS 6.1 to developers last week. The word is, this could be the final beta, meaning a public release for the new firmware would be just around the corner.

Don’t get too excited though. We’ve seen few changes in 6.1 that will be worth updating for. And if you’re planning on jailbreaking, it looks like you’ll definitely want to stay away…

Today, controversial, but proven iOS hacker i0n1c tweeted:

“There must have been some change of guard at Apple.iOS6.1 adds again tougher protections although public JB community hasn’t broken iOS6 yet.”

It’s not clear what exactly he’s referring to here — at the moment, it’s possible to jailbreak some devices on iOS 6.1. But anytime Apple beefs up iOS security, it’s bad for jailbreakers.

Compounding the bad news is the fact that hackers have yet to break open the current firmware, iOS 6. There are some smart folks working on it, but there’s currently no release in sight.

  • Just when developers found some loopholes in 6.0.1.. Apple covered them in 6.1


    • yes… it is normal for a company to fix security breaches… lets not forget the other 400 million people who are not jailbroken and want a secure platform

  • Gary Juan Yu

    what was the changes in iOS 6.1? is it worth for update for iPhone 4s?

    • There’s a table of features at

      Worth updating the 4s if you don’t mind losing the stock Google maps. Worth it for improved Siri, sat nav, panorma etc

      • Blake

        Stock google maps was sh*t. And the new one works but is just as bad.

    • Toni

      They changed the lockscreen controls for music. So no its not worth it.

  • pod2g and planet being , Muscle Nerd , Saurik ,… come back! 😀

    • nima

      Are they gone?

  • SimonReidy

    Let’s face it, Jailbreaking is probably going to die off over the next few years. Or at least many good developers won’t bother building tweaks any more, and it will slow to a crawl. There just won’t be enough devices jailbroken out there, for it to be worth developers time making cool tweaks.

    I hate saying the above as I love jailbreaking, and am hanging for a 6.01 jailbreak for my iPhone 5, but things aren’t looking good for the jailbreaking scene in general right now.

    I certainly don’t blame the awesome Dream Team or any other hackers working hard on finding exploits either. The blame is squarely at Apple’s feet for making iOS and A5+ chips so hard to jailbreak and for not allowing unsigned apps or giving the user any control over choice of default programs (or countless other system level settings). Apple are going to lose quite a few iOS power-users as a result.

    • This why I like andriod because it’s an open source OS.

      • b_boy

        wait, android is an open source OS? thanks jonathan, but everyone who reads a smartphone blog site (even an iOS blog site), knows this. even all the carriers know this… so they can load up your device with bloat ware. open source is also why you have to download all the standard apps like keyboards, text messaging, and calendar apps because the ones that come on your android device are garbage. at least thats the experience I had with my GS3. the open source OS also means its more vulnerable to malware, and apps that suck precious battery life, as if your drive-in-theater size screen didn’t drain enough.

      • john

        I think most consumers are smart enough to judge bloat ware/ malware… If you can’t then well, iOS is a more secure choice.
        And let’s face it. It’s not like apple’s stock apps are that great either.
        Messaging – replaced by bitesms
        Weather – weather hd+
        Camera – instagram / camera+ etc
        Notification center – sucks without SB settings.
        And the list goes on.

      • b_boy

        I’m not sure about that… “more than 175 million downloads of ‘High Risk’ apps were found in Google Play’s Top 500.” (
        iOS’ stock apps just work. I tried biteSMS and it was a little glitchy and unrefined. instagram/camera+ are more for photo editing. True, there are a ton of apps that are better than iOS’ stock apps, but I just don’t feel like I should have to install a new keyboard or application monitor… things like that. they take customization to another level.

      • Exactly , most of us change the stock ios apps with jailbreak alternatives. And as u said notification center sucks. No toggles. Every time you turn no/off wifi you have to opne settings. In android you just swipe down…

      • what you see as problems, i see as features. At least i have a choice about what kind of keyboard or calendar app i want to use.

      • nima

        Dumb ass it’s not a KEYBOARD, it’s called touch keys…

      • iKool

        Here we come judging someone’s respectful comment just for a small miss-wording.

      • Dan

        yes but the fact that it’s open source means you can root it then remove that said bloatware

      • Blake

        I can easily remove many things from iOS without jailbreak also (like newsstand etc). But the Android operating system is just to buggy and it doesn’t have the same fluidity that iOS offers. And honestly you can not say that the security even compares. The new breakthrough NFC feature on the GS3 that Samsung loves to promote (as well as sending porn to your loved ones) has huge security holes. Security researchers were able to hack the NFC in one day and were able to remotely execute code that transferred all of the phones contacts, pictures, etc without the user even knowing. I have a friend that just got the GS3 and he says its cool, but it just doesn’t have the same user friendliness that iOS has. I will agree that iOS has become somewhat stale. But the pros outweigh the cons.

      • Andrew Kim

        User friendliness is not androids game. They are about innovation and innovation does not stop for the weary.

      • Simon

        Linux OS is open source, and well known in the computing world for being more secure and stable than any proprietary OS, including Mac OS X and Windows. Android is based on a modified Linux Kernel, and everything else is developed by well paid and highly respected Google developers. So, any malware or ‘bloat’ that is on your device is not the fault of open source software, but the fault of an inexperienced user adding unnecessary apps or software. I personally prefer a choice in the matter, which Apple currently does not provide.

      • Andrew Kim

        At least the apps don’t crash as often as iOS does. Bloat ware is deleted by root not hidden unlike an iPhone 5 which still isn’t jailbroken. Battery life is subjective to use and any os can be simply hacked by going into a weak browser like safari

      • yonathan dominguez

        Open, and do not care about your personal information, bank account, keys and other things that you can steal

    • And then Apple is wondering why there are more Android users than iOS users -__-

      • Damani Brown

        They know why there are more Android users… Jailbreaking is not the reason. Google simply puts out Android in high volume. Currently the number of Androids to iPhone’s, are like PC’s to Macs. Google does not profit off of Android, they break even. Apple makes a profit. Google simply wants huge numbers because those numbers will increase the numbers on it’s Google products which appeals to advertisers thus making Google money in the long run. Has absolutely nothing to do with jailbreaking.

      • Damani Brown

        And if you didn’t understand that I will fix it. Android is cheaper so it sells more. Don’t even say it’s the same price as that only applys in the U.S with a 2 year carrier contract. In the U.S Apple own most of the market share showing users prefer iPhone when price is the same. However, offshore there is no contract and to get an iPhone it will cost those users £2000+ just for an iPhone. Why would they pay 2k when they can get an Android for £500? Thus Android rules the UK.

      • “to get an iPhone it will cost those users £2000+”

        Really? Where you getting your figures and phones from lol

        Bonzy, UK

      • iKool

        Google has a more open principle. Apple doesn’t. The results reflect that.

      • bigzjoseph

        to be fair Apple has not done any exciting things since Steve died

      • antonio rios

        Yep, only the day when the iPhone came with 3 f*cking D camera and water proof together not the iPhone 7 and then 7S (sh*t)

        I will had and orgasm

      • And they will fix it in the future hopefully………..

      • Blake

        Just so you know. Apple actually has 53% of the smartphone market in the United States.

      • RealTrueFact

        Up from 37% a year ago.

      • RealTrueFact

        Apple has 53% market share in the USA according to Kantar.

        I read a comment on BusinessInsider that nicely explained the iPhone’s positioning in the marketplace.

        “On a serious note, when price doesn’t matter (most phones in the U.S. are sold for less than $199), the masses choose iPhone. Even when price does matter somewhat, consumers will pay the premium for iPhone (free Androids vs. $199 iPhone).

        In industrialized nations where price does matter, the iPhone is occupying the top of the market. In some countries you talking 10-15%, in other countries 20-35% (incidentally mobile operators who don’t subsidize their phones are making a whole lot less money and seeing slower revenue growth vs. AT&T and Verizon)

        In other countries where price is all that matters, the iPhone is regarded as the premium phone that is just out of reach for many. Does Apple necessarily mind holding the very top of the market in these countries? I don’t think so. If you look at usage data for the bottom 60-80% of the smartphone market in these countries, phones are used very differently than compared to U.S., England, etc. We now know Symbian’s replacement: Android. Brand loyalty is non-existent and I really don’t see any long-term benefits from occupying this segment of the market. You can make a claim that this segment will eventually advance to a point where a 3-4 year old iPhone may very well do just fine if unsubsidized costs reach $199 or so, but even then that price tag would be considered premium. Would love to hear benefits from owning the bottom 20-30% of the market. Makes for good activation number tweets and such, but beyond that, where’s the benefit? If Apple were to address that segment, I would imagine a new product altogether would have to be introduced. I’m sure that debate is ongoing, but I’m not convinced the need is there.”

      • Hassan

        So true what you are saying dude therefore i might just move to android cause of how open it is plus it’s all the jailbreak users that are moving

    • Dan

      I agree with you 100%, reason being why I didn’t get the iPhone 5 when it was time to upgrade, and why I will never upgrade my iPad 2 from 5.1.1

      • i got the 5 but still use my 4S as my daily phone cause it is

      • Dan

        that ridiculous, why buy a phone if you’re not going to use it…

    • Yeah, all I know is they won’t be seeing money from me. They just lost a potential buyer of future iPhones. I really am happy with my jailbroken 4S, but my next phone definitely will be something else.

    • DomPerignon1

      This is the crude reality; unfortunately, the jailbreaking community lost the cat and mouse chase. By the way, I don’t think it is going to take a few years for jailbreaking to die, I think less than a year, I hope I’m wrong.

    • DomPerignon1

      Rooting an Android phone seems like a lot of fun now more than ever!

    • iphone 5 is my last iphone.. once its jailbroken i will keep it until it dies then go for something else

  • Hmmmmmm

  • I hope the JB tweak can convert to official ipa apps, I need SBsetting, Zephyr, weekillbackground 🙁

    • Not likely. Apple won’t approve anything even remotely usefel

    • Blake

      Those are not applications they are essential system addons. You will never have them in forms of ipa’s

  • seeing to the previous jailbreak users had to update their ios to 5.1.1 as a jailbreak was available for that but not for ios 5.0.1 (untethered for all devices). So who knows there might be another jailbreak for 6.1 when it releases and users will have to update to the latest firmware to jailbreak

    • nima

      Exactly!!! That’s it!!! They will release it in ios 6.1 so it would stay JailBreaK for a long time…

  • nima

    Well well well…. There are jailbreak for every device now, but it’s not public released according to my researches, remember ios 5? There was a untether for ios 5 then ios 5.01 came out and no JailBreaK… My point is the iPhone 5 has a harder JailBreaK and security so they know every time apple opens ios X.1 So it’s clear that they have the untether JailBreaK and its not public release yet so apple doesn’t the exploits, that means they can’t patch it…. I guarantee that 1 week after ios 6.1 there will be a tethered JailBreaK and after one week of that there will be untethe

    • Why capitalize the J, B and K in jailbreak?

      • nima

        I added a shortcut on my iPhone, when I type jb it auto gives me JailBreaK

    • DomPerignon1

      Excuse me, but I think you are full of it.

      • nima

        Shortcuts? Ya I have a lot!
        For example:
        LauGhinG mY F**kinG a*s OfF

        Laughing Out Loud!


        HoW aBoUT yUo
        And a lot more

        Also my email! I type yn and gives me

  • Matthew

    Am I the only on curious about this: Apple usually releases an iOS software update with an iOS hardware update. 6.1?

  • Should we upgrade to 6.01 and go with the tethered if we’re using an A4 device? Or not worth it to lose untethered using 5.1.1.

    • 0xn1c

      Nope, just wait a bit more.

    • Mark

      If you’re A4 you can go back and forth as long as you have the necessary blobs.

  • God damn it!
    God bless our Jailbreak!

  • Deadassclown

    If Apple implemented NC Setting and Zephyr in new iOS. Surely, i will leave jailbreaking 😛

  • Now on christmas i decided to get a new phone. I had the samsung galaxy s2 and before that i had the iphone 4 and before the i4 the 3gs. I also own a ipad 3 and some other apple products so im pretty familiar with ios etc. I was thinking of moving to iphone 5 or galaxy s3. I got 250 euro for my s2. The iphone 5 costs 970 euro with 64 gb. 16 and 32 gb are to low because you cant event extend the memory with an sd card. The s3 costs 500 euro with 16gb but i have a 64 gb sd card so 80 gb are more than enough. Why should I buy an overpriced iphone 5 , with a dual core processor at 1,2 ghz and not buy an s3 for the half money with a quadcore processor at 1,4ghz with a easily costomizable os ( meaning 1,4ghz can go up to 1.8 or even more with overclocking software( i keep it at 1.6 ghz so that the battery doesnt drain to fast ) , sd card slot and a lot more feautures ? And then apple doesnt even let us jailbreak. What an irony. I will try to switch my ipad 3 to an android tablet and say a big GOODBYE to apple. Ok I have to admit that apple products look great and are made of high quality materials. What i didnt like about my s2 was the plastic but the s3 looks really nice.

  • I used to always Jailbreak my device… but apple keeps releasing things that I wanted to Jailbreak my phone in order to get. Face time over 4G.. turn by turn navigation… random Facebook/twitter tweaks.. hotspots.. now all there.. Im finding less of a reason to jailbreak.. or even desire

    • lol you sound like you work at or for apple…lol tell them to stop letting IOS be so damn boring

  • bigzjoseph

    big load of shit

  • ic0dex

    they need boot rom exploits or there is no more point in them finding userland exploits anymore. Also the iPhone 5 is jailbroken already its just they can’t create a jailbreak tool that won’t break any laws or some crap like that. Again iPhone 5 is Jailbroken already but they can’t make a tool because of the loop holes. So if you have extra cash laying around you can ask one of them to jailbreak your iPhone 5.

    • What you put is true , but there is a work around. The Dev teams need to wright there own code that doesn’t copy the code that they used in the jailbreak.. That’s the hard part

      • ic0dex

        Correct but like I said if you were any of the current hackers you will always have a jailbroken iPhone. They should put this information on international servers and sell it. I’m more then happy to pay $10-$25 for an iPhone 5 jailbreak.

      • It will only work if you have a mac ( need Xcode) plus if they sell it Apple will sue them for selling there code..

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Thank Comex and other sycophant Apple groupie fan girl devs for betraying the jailbreak community with their “internships”. Why else would Apple be interested in them if not for patching potential security exploits. F’em and if JB goes, I go to Android! Why? Because I want an F’ing firewall on my phone. Never mind the malware protection benefits, regular apps just shouldn’t be allowed to snatch my identifier, contacts, sms, location, music collection and send the info to where ever they want including to others like advertisers unless I SAY SO!!!

  • DomPerignon1

    If you like to jailbreak an iPhone, forget about that if you have a new device; however If you like jailbreaking, start thinking on ROOTING (jailbreaking for Android devices) a lot of the jailbreak tweaks that you are missing in your iPhone you can have them in a rooted Android; and by the way, there are rooted apps that let you substitute the native apps! I’ll be selling my iPhone 5 soon, a rooted Galaxy SIII is a very nice toy for me, and I think that I’ll have more fun with it than with a native iPhone 5.

  • yonathan dominguez

    That means we have the safest system iOS so far. on one hand it is good

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Jailbreaking is becoming a thing of the past faster than anyone realizes, unfortunately. If ios only had Zephyr, SBsetting, quick reply text, gridlock, folder enhancer like tweaks I wldnt give a damn about jb’n. Oh wait, none of tht shyt is ever gonna happen. All these r things tht apple will lose in the end for not implementing, for certain. Lol, and I thot they were smarter than tht.

    • the 4S too 6 months + to jailbreak so why wouldn’t the iPhone 5 take the same or longer?

  • Apple you need to stop playing with my emotion, I don’t care if you charge an extra $200 for jailbreak iPhones but plz I can’t take it no more. It’s been freakibg 3months without a jailbroken iphone. I’m this close to get an android, wich I hate with a passion. You should realize that at least 20% of your users have a jailbroken iphone and you will lose them if you keep playing games. And it will be too late when you decide to allowe it. We’re not gonna come back.

    • RealTrueFact

      20%? More like 1-2%.

  • chan myat oo

    don’t jailbreak just make it able to downgrade to 5.1.1 from 6+ on A5 chips

  • Anonymous

    I have iPhone 3gs. I had never updated it from the day it was purchased. Earlier version was iOS4.3. It was jail breaked to use in India. I mistakely upated to iOS6.0.1. Now I am unable to get it activated from apple. It says “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.” Please suggest how to go about this.

  • Koollife

    Hello i have come arross fluidjailbreak and redsnow 0.9 16B are they real tools to jailbreak iphone 4s and 5

  • didnt someone jailbroke the iphone 5 the first day or something like that

  • Jairo

    If these guys were paid, would they work faster?

  • BASiQ

    Whatever. If they dont get a 6.1 JB. I am switching to an Android Tablet. Plain and simple.

  • In my opinion, the only reason Apple is beefing up security is to hault Jailbreakers, not to get better profit or better business. Apple is the leading smartphone provider regardless of whether people are going to jailbreak or not. One reason Apple doesn’t support Jailbreaking, yet steals ideas of tweaks is because of piracy I believe. I think in the future, Apple will still be the leading smartphone provider. Now if jailbreakers can’t jailbreak then they will have to live with it, myself included. Don’t get me wrong, I love my jailbroken iPhone and have been using Jailbroken devices ever since the exploit came out. But the Dev’s have to be 20 steps ahead of Apple.

    • nima

      Jailbreakers need to find a new way or this will be their last JailBreaK at least. I my self am a developer, JailBreaK can only do one thing to make an untethered JailBreaK fast… The can take the ios and rewrite it and just deleting a few of the securities, but not all, just for a few exploits, and users can then get the JailBreaK iOS and install it and rewrite it on their iOS…..

  • Giggitygoebbels

    Damn.i want to hack windows rt into my ipad.i had enough with ios.and the only method is…to jailbreak.

  • Giggitygoebbels

    And wait for news

  • ggg

    Fuck Apple, iphone it’s an amazing pice of technology and yet it can be used more than 30 % of it’s real potential.

  • iKool

    You know what, it would be cool if the jailbreak community build their own OS. All members from the jailbreak should join and support this.

  • ahh no i know of two dev teams that say they already have a jailbreak for 6.01 and 6.0.2 but are unwilling to release it till 6.1 is released because they don’
    t want to burn an exploit that apple might not patch.