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Samsung has reportedly filed a new lawsuit in its home country against Apple regarding its iOS Notification Center. It says that the feature, which Apple introduced last year in iOS 5, infringes on one of its active patents.

Of course, patent lawsuits have become commonplace between the two tech giants in recent years. Typically, however, Samsung has used its standards-essential, hardware-related IP to go after Apple. But this time it’s software-related…

PatentlyApple points to a new report from business-to-business resource BrightWire:

“The Korean online news site iNews24 is reported today that “Samsung Electronics has brought a lawsuit against Apple in a court in South Korea over its ‘Notification Center’ patent infringement.” No other details were made available at this time.

The delay in launching the lawsuit may have been due to Google’s patent pending notification patents not being officially granted. However, that changed last month when one of their notification patents was indeed granted under the title “Priority inbox notifications and synchronization for mobile-messaging application.” This may have been enough for Samsung to get the lawsuit rolling.”

Not much else is known about the suit right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Google had a hand in it. The search giant was just awarded a patent covering Android’s notification center, and it’s been known to help out its partners.

Back in August, it was reported that Google was quietly lending support to Samsung during its high-profile lawsuit with Apple, offering advice and searching for prior evidence. And it also lent patents to HTC during its feud with the iPad-maker.

It’ll be interesting to watch this develop, because I think we’ve all heard the argument that Apple’s iOS 5 NC menu implementation “was inspired” by Android. And if Samsung has the documents to prove that, it could be very powerful.

What do you think, does Samsung have a legitimate case here?

  • Okay this is funny. 😀

  • So assuming Samsung won this lawsuit, would Apple have to remove Notification Centre or just pay a huge ton of money? Or both?

    • a lot of money to keep the notifications center in IOS

  • I like Androids Notification Center better. I have never owned an Android phone, but I have messed around with my friends phone and I love how it has quick settings, etc, built in. Why must Apple keep us in the dark ages for so long?

    • Is that only me or other as well, people care about thing less what they’ve ,but care about stuff what they don’t have more and more…

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Personally I like Notification Center better than androids notification thing. I have iPhone 5 and nexus 7. Android pull down notifications are.. Well, they work. But they seem cluttered and unorganized. Apple has done a very good job keeping the notification center look neat

      • I have a 4s that is JB’ed. I run SB settings and a few other tweaks to make the NC center more functional. That is the issue with Apples version of a NC, it is not really functional. It is strictly a NC center, where as the Android version actually lets you do certain functions.

      • JomanJi

        You should try ncsettings for total beauty ness 🙂

      • David Villamizar

        That’s right, Android notifications are such a mess, you can’t really find a new message notification easily, they are always chronologically ordered, they should offer the option to group them by app, just like iOS does.

  • samsung proved that they will keep whining about those $1 billion but sadly they will always end up making it even worse.. they better stop being jelly now

    • It’s a BILLION dollars. You telling me you would brush it off like nothing? -_-

      • skyrainbowz

        They’ve made more from the infringements, winning overall.

  • I love this suing each other……keep going till both of them die…..

  • RarestName

    I’d rather that Google sue Apple than having Samsung sue them. Why? Because the notification center is from Android, and Samsung doesn’t own Android, a.k.a. suing with what the company doesn’t even own.

    You might as well sue with Bada.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • Guess Samsung is passionate , sorry , 😉 desperate to copy apple every strategy , so why live suing also, they want to copy this also.

      • Kurt


      • That just great you proved your self a bigger dork than me 😉

      • i love you blind apple folks cuz no matter what Crapple releases (even if its complete shit like the iphone 5), you still buy it and claim it to be the best on the market.

      • Duhnuts

        Lots of Malware, open source still doesn’t have half the quality of apps as iOS, relies mostly on sale through companies who make 5.5” phones and 7” tabs and produce similar looking models though they claim to release one model every month…. And then claims to be the best….. Problem??? 😉

      • yea no… cuz unlike apple where you have no choice between which phone you want, Android has 400 to choose from. I HATE the iPhone 5, too bad, cuz apple says i gotta get it. For Android, i dont like like persay the gs3, so i get the note 2. As for apps, most of the ones on Crap OS are already on the google play store and, if not most, are already free :P. plus there is no need for jailbreaking on android cuz unlike your dictatorial empire like Crapple, android allows for TONS of customizations that surpasses jailbreaking. Running out of fanboy cue cards there bud?

      • David

        Well at least we dont buy stupid repititions like gs3, gs3 mini and note 2, and not hide behind the ass of a companies that knocks off the macbooks and idevices, apple tv and macini, list goes on.

      • yea no… have you been living under a rock for the past several years? Have you seen phones like the Droid DNA and GS3? they are completely different and in my opinion have surpassed Crapple by at least 5 years in terms in features. Keep using the same grid of apps on your iphone because its SOOOO innovative and Siri is SOOO responsive (Google Now beat it in every one of my tests :P).

      • its great coming to an “crapple” sight and trollling… right?

      • btw, your retina screen sucks cuz the Droid DNA’s screen kicks it ass.

    • Blahblahtldr

      You cant sue over something you don’t own.. Samsung has the patents so Samsung sues.

      I’m curious to see how this goes though, Apple started developing this pretty quickly after it first appeared in the cydia store and the jailbreak community.
      This was before it was implemented in android.

      Perhaps Apple will call on prior art.

      • no, android devices had the notification center before iPhone I remember when watching the keynote of when they announced iOS 5 saying to myself “android has that already” and I remember my girlfriend telling me her S2 already has that feature.

      • Blahblahtldr

        Do you even read?
        I never said iPhone had it first did I?
        I said it was available trough cydia for years, this means on jailbroken Iphones not from Apple.
        When Apple saw it as one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks they immediately started to make one of their own. Android just did it faster. (Most popular android features come straight out the iOS jailbreak community) But this does not mean that Apple cant combat the lawsuit with prior art.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Notification Cemter was not in Cydia, it was Lock Info and it sucked

      • Blahblahtldr

        Aha so because you never knew about it, it didn’t exist..
        Are the people here really this stupid? Ive had a notificationcenter since my iphone 3g.. and you’re telling me it does not exist.

        Pro tip! Do a Google search before you make yourself look like a idiot next time.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Dumb fuck, listen to me. I’ve been jailbreaking since 2008, and there was NOTHING good like notification center before iOS 5. Shut the hell up.

      • Blahblahtldr

        I can’t listen to you, I can read tough.. Because you have been jailbreaking since 2008 (something a monkey can do) you think you know about every repository and every tweak ever made?
        Apparently you don’t since I’ve had the notification center and you didn’t.
        Now stop being so butthurt, you’re digging a hole you cant get out of 😉

      • Latrese

        There was a tweak,I believe it was notified pro.. I’m not sure but Ik I downloaded it back when I had the original iphone

      • Kurt

        @johnathanjennings:disqus knows all that…he just said it sucked. which it did and does. as ios sucks (but we all have idevices because of the apps no the crap os)

      • Latrese
      • Kurt

        lock info still sucks

      • JomanJi

        They’ll probably start copying other stuff such as sbsettings/ncsettings, cydialer, sbrotator, the infiniapps, etc. Totally with you on this one 😛

      • Kurt

        so you think apple is going to use the jailbreak community to defend itself…yeah good luck bud

      • Blahblahtldr

        Are you shitting me?
        Of course apple wont defend themselves by using the jailbreak community. If you learn how to read you would see I said that Apple was also developing a notification center at the same time it got released for android. Depending on when they started development they might successfully defend by calling on prior art. However i do not give them much of a chance since its in Korea but we will see.

      • Kurt

        ill take a reading course tough guy but apple still won’t be using the jailbreak community as a defense for prior art. oh wait, i don’t need to take that reading course after all its you. and your retarded memory who can’t even remember what they wrote on this site.

      • Blahblahtldr

        After you’re done with the reading course come back here and read the
        comments again since you still don’t seem to get what I’m saying.

      • David

        Ignorant fuck.

      • only ignorant fucks write two word sentences 😛

      • yep, there was a Cydia tweak for the 3g. I remember using it when I first jailbroke mine.

    • Samsung has a touch wiz layer over the original Andriod OS. I’m not familliar with android, but the notification center could be part of touch wiz?

    • iphone5&sgs2

      I hate android more than I hate samsung,
      as a one who has an android device, I cant tell you that im sick of switching roms and I hate the slow cam open and the slow apps open.
      I got the iPhone 5 yesterday and im VERY happy with it.

      • remydlc

        you obviously had an old phone. both of my phone, gs3 and nexus 4 were faster than my 4s, and a video shows the N4 as fast as the i5. sooo?

        oh never mmind,,, you have a 2.5 years old galaxy S2….no wonder. even that phhone was faster than my i4.

    • Also, Android is open source so you can’t patent any feature of android, hence you can’t sue for an android feature.

    • Actually Android is Open Source, meaning nobody owns it, but Samsung did made the notification center first, so I say Samsung is gonna win this one

  • MPD01605

    If Google won the patents, how can Samsung sue Apple over it? Wouldn’t Google have to sue?

    • Lordthree

      Androidcentral already did a piece where they show how Apples implementation gets around the google patent.

  • The notification center originated on Android. Then iOS hackers/coders implemented their version on jailbroke devices. Silly Apple you didn’t even think of if for your own device first. This goes against everything you stand for about companies copying…

  • Greyhound Mom

    I wish they would all just grow up and learn to play nice in the sandbox.

  • Lobo555

    Would be nice if iOS 7 gives a new look to notification center, widgets anyone? Bring on the widgets Jony Ive

    • maurid

      Well, widgets in the Notification Center have been around since iOS 5. But seriously, how bad can you want Weather and Stocks widgets? Because that’s pretty much all there is to its “widget feature”.

      • Lobo555

        Yeah but i mean other “fun” widgets

    • I think widgets are overrated. Live tiles seem so much better… and yes, I have an android (HTC One X).

  • I’ll be honest, I pop on and off this website every now and again since the iPhone 5 launch. Between “patent wars” and “rumors” I just couldn’t deal any more and I log onto today and lo and behold… I have but one question… how do you LOAN someone a patent. Am I the only one that thinks that is absolutely RIDICULOUS?!

    • It’s called licensing

      • My point is, if they are “loan licensing” that’s ridiculous. I think the idea of both loaning and selling patents is absurd, sure it makes complete sense if a company is going out of business to sell their patents but to “loan license” a patent just to help other companies win court battles is insane.

  • Lordthree

    iNews24! ROFL

  • therealjjohnson

    Seriously though… who grantinng these patents? “Sure you can have a patent for 12pt font. No one can ever use this size lettering or you can sue them.”

  • @kokhean:disqus nice 1

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Great…patent wars continue. This will go on for years til both of them crash and windows will quietly take over again. Coming from a previously iOS supporter to Android based gs3…looks like windows will be next in the game to actually innovate than play patent wars.Just face it samsung and apple copied from each other. Call truce and move on. Android was doing its own thing before apple iphone even game along. Only thing they changed was form factor. Apple is only suing them cause they realize their threat. Samsung is suing to cover their ass and stand their ground. Clash of the titans…both will not prevail.

  • sbsettetings hide in that bush!

  • Guys Christmas is near 🙂
    Peace 😐

  • kickappleass

    If google sale their patent to Samsung then Samsumg have a legitimate case. Samsung and their lawyers aren’t stupid to sue for patent they have never owned, but who would know whats behind this lawsuit, anyway Sammy keep suing apple ’til its die.

  • Yo!

    What’s the problem with that samsung? Samsung owns Android? Joke. Sue another company”s feature when the company itself was not the one who came out with the feature. Shame on Samsung.
    Comes out with ads to mock apple. Shame on you, Samsung gives me a feeling that it admits defeat so it has to use a last resort to “win” apple. SHAME!!

    • Everyone owns Android. It’s open source. CrApple is just of guilty of doing everything Samsung has ever done as far as copying. Steve Jobs, the owner even said it himself…

  • Irfan Tarique

    apple could have done a lot more with the notification system, but they just had to make a dumber version of the androids notification centre and call it revolutionary! I have to go with samsung/google or whoever in the hell invented this. Unless they have patent it, its useless to sue

  • nima

    Laughing Out Loud! Like me if you think that…
    Samsung made the notification and apple used it and they don’t even look like each other… It’s like saying Edison invented lightbulb and he has to sue us for using it… Shamesung

    • That made no sense at all. Samsung was the first to implement the Notification drawer. Apple merely copied it. Steve Jobs even said his company “stole” ideas. Apple is just as guilty of copying than Samsung is.

  • iDevizes

    Maybe i don’t get it but this must be Android sueing Apple instead of Samsung…. or is it a skin what only Samsung devices with Android have?

  • This is hilarious. Androids notification center is nothing like apples. Androids is pretty much customizable to your liking while apples is set, unless jailbroken. and they operste completely differant. Good luck Samsung. (Haha)

    • They don’t need luck. They will win because it runs off the same principles. A notification center wasn’t implemented into iOS until after it’s inception on Android.

      • Say what u want, it wasn’t copied, they are nothing alike, so once again… Good luck Samsung haha.

      • Whatever you say, but iOS only got it after Android did so…yeah, way to win Samsung.

      • Typical “salty” android owner.

      • I own a Windows Phone? Typical assuming BlackBerry user.

  • jailbreak tweak had something similar ages ago? so should those developers sue both apple and samsung ?

    • Unfortunately, they didnt patent their tweaks. If they did, android wouldve been non- existent

  • Apple and companies that use android need to suing each other. This isn’t doing anything but stifling inovation. I agree with the woz, they need to share the patents and make the best products imaginable.

  • God Notification Center is almost 2 years old, Samsung must have run out of things to troll with Apple.

    • Kurt

      youre the troll

      • David

        he has a point there brainiac,nevr has samsung mentioned suing apple when notification center came with ios5,they also do not own the full patent

  • Kurt

    Go Samsung!

    • David

      Pussy whipped fandroid dog

      • Kurt

        don’t be a twat. i dont and never owned an android device. but you sure seem whipped. probably planning on how you can make love to steve jobs’ ashes

      • David

        bitch all you want about not owning an android device as an excuse, we still both know you’re whipped deep by google’s dick

  • Applekid

    Wtf there are a lot of difference s in the notificatio. Center and that notification center is from google and not from samsung they just need to take al the credit from google if samsung didnt make it smartphones with google they where so bad

  • Samsung is just being a baby, because they wanted to sue Apple for anything that would give them money, I love Apple and I will stay there hopefully still after 80 years! I am never going to switch to Samsung, I love Apple, love, love, love, But I wish they would give me an iPhone 5 for free, just like that

  • JomanJi

    Google should patent everything in android and then sue apple for EVERYTHING that they’ve copied -_-

    • David

      especially when its been put for a year already.

  • Who integrated the concept of notification center first, android or iOS?

    • David

      android but samsung shouldnt own anypatents of it.

  • sounds dumb, oh samsung yu say? this is stupid

  • Jason

    What many don’t get is Apple could shut down Cydia in a heartbeat. They allow Cydia to be what it is because it is FREE development work and ideas they can play on to improve their native IOS. They by all means can use apps developed by these developers and distributed through Cydia to legally implement on thier native iOS. This means if there was a Cydia app that did anything near the function of Notification Center they can easily prove that this functionality came from the Cydia network and therefore Samsung, nor Google will have any grounds to sue them.

  • Doesn’t the one on the right look like teh suck?