iphone game controller case

The iPhone gamepad space is starting to get a little crowded these days, mostly thanks to Kickstarter. It seems like every week now we see a new controller pop up on the crowd-funded site promising to be better than the last.

But so far, none of them have managed to go mainstream — outside of maybe the iCade line — meaning it’s still anyone’s game. And this week, Justice Frangipane and crew decided to throw their hats into the proverbial ring…

Frangipane, alongside iDevices — the team behind the popular iPhone-friendly meat thermometer iGrill, would like to introduce the ‘Iphone Game Controller Case,’ a slim case for your iPhone that has built-in gaming controls.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0, which requires little power to operate and has 16x the response time than that of the previous version, and charges via solar power. It even supports trickle charging, meaning it can power up with little light.

And now for the big question, what about developer support? Because without high-profile, compatible games, this controller is just like the rest of them. Well actually, there’s been some interesting talk about this. From the FAQ:

“I’ve heard that many popular Gameloft games will be supported by this controller, is this true?

Good question.

Gameloft recently released a controller of its own called the “Duo Gamer”. We believe that the Duo Gamer uses an Apple created api. If this is indeed true we will very likely be able to use the same standard as set by Apple for Gameloft to use.”

Gameloft, who produces some pretty big iOS titles like the Modern Combat series, support would actually be a pretty big deal. But until that gets confirmed, this is still a Kickstarter project like all the others, and it has to prove itself.

The solar charging angle is cool though, as is the lower-powered Bluetooth support. If you’re interested, head on over to the Kickstarter page. A pledge of $60 pre-orders you a controller case, if the project hits its goal of $135,000.

What do you think of the iPhone Game Controller Case?

  • What I’m wondering is how he got super Mario bros on there. Unless he’s jailbroken too.

    • There was a ripoff game that looks just like it.. It got pulled by apple..it was even shown on iDB before it was pulled

  • JomanJi

    Great thing! Might get it….

  • iPad please.

  • Crristic

    Useless just like any other controller out there. You guys should stop writing about these devices until there’s going to be real support from apple on this front.

    • Did you actually watch the video? the dude said we are working with Apple..

      • ap3604

        You are being quite gullible.

        “A guy is asking for a ton of money and promises he is working directly with Apple so it MUST be true!”

        If you are that gullible then I have a bridge to sell you in New York. I am the owner, I promise!

        Obviously this guy is going to say whatever he has to in order to get $135,000 from the public… even if it’s a lie (which it is until there is proof).

      • RarestName

        How much for the bridge?

      • I’m also curious. Will this be an auction?

      • Sean

        Is it out yet

      • Falk M.

        All I got from his statement is that they are making sure future iPhones will fit with the device.
        Well, that can mean anything.

        Seeing how Apple probably won’t go beyond 4″ screen size anytime soon and how the devices get smaller not bigger from now on you can make anything fit that’s built for the iPhone 5 on future generations.

  • with that super Slim battery plz make a Case that is with battery …… 🙂

  • look dumb and of course it will only iwr with some games.. which sucks..



  • This looks and sounds really cool… but until I see official Apple endorsement and a very very very high level of game support, (and by that I mean good games… not games like jetpack joyride and doodle jump) I am not going to jump in.

    • the best controllers are the ones that work with all game loft games

  • We’re gonna be updating as soon as we get updates lol!

    • Ronald Weaver

      i missed that! LMFAO!!!

  • Awesome app. You could change font sizes and colors. Being able to use the flash cards of others from the web is amazing!

  • ReanimationXP

    cancelled, surprise surprise

  • IvanoBlood

    Does this controller has shoulder buttons?!