iPhone 5 (three-up, profile, front, back, black and white)

If you skimmed recent headlines, you could think Google’s Android was clearly in charge of the smartphone arms race. Yet, there are these pesky indicators that Apple’s impending collapse ranks right up there with the Mayan Calendar crazy talk.

However, a new report by a smartphone tracking firm shows Apple has more than half of the US market.

In other words, one out of each two smartphones sold in the country is the iPhone. According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Apple now has captured a cool 53 percent of the market for smartphones in the United States, an increase from 37 percent in 2011. Meanwhile, Android fell to 42 percent, down from 53 percent a year ago. Along with grabbing ten percent from Android, Apple also apparently gained six percent of the market from RIM…

The record domestic market share is largely due to strong iPhone 5 sales, the firm announced.

The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Apple has achieved its highest ever share in the US (53.3 percent) in the latest twelve weeks, with the iPhone 5 helping to boost sales.

The numbers are good news for Apple, which has seen its stock price whipsawed between Wall Street analysts one day worried that it can’t sell enough iPhone 5 handsets to meet a huge demand and the next worried that too few iPhone 5 devices are selling to hold off Samsung.

Meanwhile, investors sell the stock because of concerns capital gains tax breaks won’t survive fiscal cliff negotiations. Lost in the shuffle is just how well Apple devices are selling.

Kantar US smartphones 2012 (chart 002)

After Citi earlier this week set off a rash of downgrades and sell recommendations, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz essentially told Wall Street to cool its jets.

Yes, orders by Apple to its suppliers have dropped – but not because of lower demand for the iPhone 5.  Instead, the likely cause is suppliers have finally improved their processes that Apple can dial back pressure applied to catch up with shortages.

The iPad mini is seeing a similarly strong uptake, with Apple reportedly increasing 2012 orders for the device by an additional two million units.

Of course, the pressure from Android is not going away.

Google is still gaining in much of Europe, and elsewhere. According to the Kantar report, Android has 61 percent of the smartphone market (up from 51 percent a year ago) in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Kantar US smartphones 2012 (chart 001)

Europe is Samsung’s key stronghold:

Meanwhile in Europe, Samsung continues to hold the number one smartphone manufacturer spot across the big five countries, with 44.3 percent share in the latest twelve weeks. Apple takes second place with 25.3 percent share while HTC, Sony and Nokia shares remain close in the chase for third position.

However, a week that began with irrational trading appears headed for an equally unexplainable end. Monday, Apple announced it sold more than two million iPhone 5 handsets during the first weekend in China.

The company stock promptly dropped below $500 per share. Now comes word that Apple has the highest US marketshare – and the stock is down more than five points at 516 in early morning trading.

Apple Store (iPad mini banner, holiday 2012)

Perhaps news that yacht owned by the late Steve Jobs was impounded in Europe is yet the latest hint Apple is on the skids?

Where do you stand?

Is Apple up, down, or somewhere in-between?

  • Wow! iOS is back at No. 1!!! cheap, half baked & laggy android phones are decreasing!!! Yes! *grabs popcorn

    • Tr1pTr0p

      And the retards are back as well. Maybe you should, you know, TALK to an Android smartphone owner or two and ask them why they chose Android over iOS.

      And P.S. Thanks for your kind wishes against competition – the main reason why both iOS and Android are as good as they are today.

      • Qiren_94

        Well, my first, second and third smartphones were Android phones and I chose the iPhone 5 as my fourth smartphone, and I’m perfectly happy with my decision.
        Maybe you should also talk to some iOS users why they choose iOS instead of Android as well.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I don’t have to ask anyone because I was one of them. By that I mean I was one of those who complained how Android was fragmented, laggy, ugly, etc.. Lack of updates, support, and so on. But guess what? Things have dramatically changed, but Apple has remained the same. iOS is still the same old boring grid of icons as it was on day one. When I bought my first iOS device, the iPod touch 4, I LOVED the ecosystem, the simplicity of the OS, speed and fluidity… Unfortunately, that was 3 years ago. Whenever I use my 4S with iOS 6, I still feel like I’m holding and using that iPod touch.

        Looks like the day I chose simplicity, fluidity, the ecosystem and great design was the day I made a giant mistake.

      • Apple only problem is that It lacks certain features which it is implementing slowly but it is fully stablilze OS , no hangsup no crashes and full support of apps but android was opposite it gave features but lacked polish and was not at all stable , developers hated it after 5 yrs they have overcome the lags in android but where as ios was lag free from first iPhone 2007. I can live without features but i can’t live without a stable OS And that’s where apple wins.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Like I said, things have changed over the years and Android has improved A LOT since those unstable and “polish-lacking” Froyo days.

      • But marketshare says 50% owners have froyo and gingerbread 😉

      • That’s true and unfortunate because it paints peoples perceptions of Android. Personally I don’t consider anything before Android 3.0 Honeycomb to be the same OS. It couldn’t be more of a stark difference. It will take some time for newer devices to penetrate and the meme that Android is unpolished and laggy will fade away. It’s just not true anymore.

        Edit: BTW, as an Android dev, I’m accutely aware of the market share percentages. At my most recent check we are almost at a full third on ICS (4.0) or better. I expect 50% will be on ICS+ by this time next year.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Sure. And number of smartphones (compared to other types of phones) on the planet is less than 30%. That means for every ~30 smartphone owners, there is a 100 people who don’t need or can’t afford a smartphone.

      • Android is equivalent to Windows. it may have improved over the years but it DOES still freeze, crash, lag, run like garbage often. and before you run your mouth…YES i have owned android phones and i currently own an android tablet. i have more than enough experience with windows, android, osx and ios to be able to form a rational fact based opinion. it’s great that android exists because it will push apple to do better but the harsh reality is android is garbage. that is my opinion and i can’t be wrong so don’t bother trying to tell me how wrong i am and why. i formed my opinion from personal experience and knowledge, not by reading lamers like you telling me how i’m supposed to think. it is fantastic if you want a plastic piece of garbage. i prefer quality in life. i prefer things simply work. going back to the original iPhone to now i’ve had every version, sans the 4s, and i’ve never had the issues with lagging and freezing and crashing as i have with android. yes freezing or crashing has happened but in a more acceptable way…maybe once every few months as opposed to DAILY.

        also…if you have such and android erection then why the frig are you here if not to troll? trolls need to get a life. i don’t waste my time going to a windows site or an android site or a lady gaga site or a justin bieber site so i can tell them how much i hate them or their product because that is a complete waste of time. so get your fat ass up out of your mom’s basement, join society and quit trolling!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        img17 imageshack us/img17/5417/rdyfctvg.jpg
        I’m an iPhone user, and not retarded as some iOS users I saw on a few Android blogs.

      • yea, but windows doesnt crash, freeze or lag by itself, it’s because you cant use it well enough….

      • incorrect. windows has always been prone to crashing and freezing. that has nothing to do with how well someone uses an OS. the simple fact is windows is riddled with errors. why else would they push update after update after update? if they wrote code well they wouldn’t need to release patches weekly so it has nothing to do with how i, or anyone else, uses windows.

      • yes, it does. Like i said, it doesn’t crash by itself, you either dont have required drivers / SW to run something -> it crashes / doesn’t run. I have never seen windows to crash without good reason. Concerning those updates…they update to improve the system and patch security flaws, everyone does that, just not as often as they do, i dont see how thats bad thing

      • When android crashes, it’s garbage. When ios crashes, it’s acceptable.
        You just won a best isheep of the year.

      • yeah i can see where you got that from what i typed but that isn’t really how i meant it. the point really is that every OS has its issues but it comes down to overall experience and the amount of crashing factors into it. my android tablet freezes DAILY and i have to reboot it. it lags and crashes DAILY. that makes for a shitty user experience. it is frustrating. the point i was making was that my apple devices have their times when they will freeze or crash but it happens so infrequently that it doesn’t ruin the user experience and it isn’t overly annoying. for what things cost there should be NO crashes or freezing by any device but as long as it is a reality then i’d prefer the platform that has proven to me to be more stable and reliable.

      • I don’t heavily disagree with that Piyush. Certainly if your number 1 thing is stability and such then iOS is a better choice. It’s also true, though, as someone else mentioned that while it was once true that Android lacked polish and was not at all stable, it is not anymore. A modern Android device running Jelly Bean is an amazing device with desktop power and utility in the palm of your hand. For me the greatest strength of iOS devices over Android is the physical design, materials and construction which the Android device makers generally can’t seem to figure out (with the exception of ASUS who makes beautiful tablets and Motorola who has some nice phone designs – still neither on par with Apple yet though).

      • That’s why people choose to jailbreak so that they can get out of that ecosystem and install some things that Apple just doesn’t have.

      • jose castro

        both apple and android are good…. but,…….. if apple got the stick out of there asses and let people jailbreak there phones… then in my opinion iPhone would blast android in the face..

    • dude i have you use an Android phone before?

  • Apple is clearly doomed

    • Tr1pTr0p

      If they keep innovating like they have for the past 3 or 4 years, then yes.

      • You mean bringing out the iPad and dominating the tablet space and profit share in smartphones?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Yes! Also, by implementing already existing features as their own, while at the same time fighting in the courtroom over patent infringements. Please tell me, how does it feel to be brainwashed?
        And you know, I gotta admit it. Its incredibly hard to have high profit margins with a $700+ smartphone. Really, hats off.

      • What features existed before the first iPhone (2007) came out? I’m pretty sure there was NO other phone out there like it before.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That argument again? First of all, that is why I said 3 or 4 years. (Because all possible innovation stopped with the iPhone 4. You know you’re in deep shit when a couple jailbreak developers can hack and drastically improve your most advanced OS on the market.) And second… Yes, the first iPhone was something refreshing and new on the market. But on the other hand, Apple patented already existing ideas and concepts as theirs, whether it is pinch to zoom or something else. Pinch to zoom first appeared more than 10 years before the iPhone, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think they should get to patent something simply because they decided to use it in a different way.

      • “Yes, the first iPhone was something refreshing and new.” Really? You make it sound like Apple created something nice. No man, they changed the game and how people use mobile phones moving forward. A culture change. You are so naive.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Call me naive as much as you want, but you need to check your facts. If you take a look at devices that came out before the iPhone, you will realize the game was already changing. Devices were getting bigger, with touchscreens, etc.. Apple didn’t change the game, they only sped it up.

      • You didn’t answer my question (which most Droid homers can’t). Name me a mobile phone that had these features before the original iPhone?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Droid homer? Yeah, very creative. *clap* *clap* Maybe I haven’t answered your question (Name me a mobile phone…) because that is NOT what you asked (What features…)?!

      • Still dodging. Love it.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        “Dodging” your question you haven’t even asked? Well, that’s new. Samsung Vessel, Q-Bowl, Bowl, Slide, LG Prada… There are a few that resemble the iPhone, before the iPhone was released.
        Pinch to zoom existed for ~a decade before the iPhone… What more do you want?
        Let me create a new way to use the wheel, so I can patent the wheel. That’s not how it works, but that is exactly what Apple did. And like I said, the market was slowly evolving to the “black rectangle” shape with a touchscreen. Its not like we had Nokia 3210, then Nokia 3310, and then BOOM! iPhone! No, iPhone wasn’t a revolution, it only pushed things up a notch. Stop falling victim to Apple’s “revolutionary, innovative” advertising.

      • I just don’t understand and can’t fathom why you don’t see what Apple did to the smartphone industry. You downplay it so much, and won’t ever, for once, give them any credit for building and shaping what it is today. We all know who started it, and we all know who walked in line behind them.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        And that argument is exactly what I debunked in my previous few posts. Go and read them again.

      • My god…every time. I’m more convinced every day that you are the shepherd of the iSheep.

      • inovating in what?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I was being sarcastic.

  • yes… im glad for that… congrats apple 😉 my lovely product 😉

  • I don’t understand this either or mentality with iOS and Android. This is great news for Android. The best thing for us as users is the best thing for Android & iOS: fierce competition.

    This is great news! Android got ahead, Apple caught up…let’s keep it going. If you never touch an Android device in your life surely you realize that Android has made iOS all the better. iOS users benefit from Android’s competition and Android users benefit from iOS competition.

    It’s like Obi-Wan explaining to Boss Nass that the Gungans are connected to the Naboo and what is bad for the Naboo is bad for the Gungans (and vice versa). If Android never rose to challenge iOS then iOS would be in a far poorer state.

    Apple is as dead serious a capitalist company as any that has ever existed. It doesn’t spend money for kicks and it wouldn’t have improved iOS as much as it had if it didn’t have to.

    • Amp

      Loved the Star Wars reference. It made this whole iOS vs android argument less depressing.

    • icisz

      Agreed. Its like anything in life really… And ppl tend to be very passionate about their smart phones. There are many clear benefits to ios, and the apple ecosystem. But to say that one is an isheep for having an apple ecosystem is something only someone with below average IQ could come up with. Really now. Do you not see samsung, Sony, etc. etc. doing exactly the same thing?
      They all want you to buy their take on how your media should be connected.
      The fundamental difference is that in MOST cases Apples products provide that promise. Now thats a huge point that needs to be given some serious thought. Apple doesn’t add or change stuff just because, and they take mistakes very seriously. Maps is a prime example.
      Now do you think anyone at Samsung lost their job because allshare is half assed? Apple if anything is accountable and more than happy to give you your money back, and send you on your way. Try that with LG. At the end of the day, the biggest reason apple rose from almost imminent doom is because they had a good business model, and quality products, easy to use. They are not likely to change that just to be “customizable”.

      Their competition can only dream about that level of success, and Sony may well be the only competition that has ever come close to the success and influence Apple has manifested.

      In recent years, Google, Samsung, Asus etc. has done a fantastic job improving their products, but make no mistake, they have not really innovated anything groundbreaking recently either, but rather have built layers of new tweeks and options on an existing standard.

      Everyone has a choice in which product they support. If apple products didn’t deserve their clout, they (Apple) would not be the wealthiest company in the world, nor would they ever be. Quality and fluid functionality is what people want in their investments, and thats just simple fact.
      Competition as mentioned already, clearly benefits us all.

      Innovation does not always mean making some break through that changes the world, and you don’t see that happening every six months. (despite what marketing would have you believe, and again thats any large corp.)
      The bottom line is, we all have choices, and some great ones.
      If you aren’t feeling Android, or iOS, now you have windoze 8…. (Which is also a very nice fresh look). Find the system thats right for you, and go with it, but don’t think just because you like a particular system its the best or greatest…. It’s not about that. People all have different needs and likes/dislikes etc.

      Final thought:I have many different devices, and components, most of which are different makes and they all serve me perfectly. No they are not all apple.
      It is easy to recognize, though, that the profound success and influence Steve Jobs and Apple have had on the smartphone and tablet industry, has created a marketplace that the likes of Samsung,google and everyone else might not be enjoying so much otherwise. You don’t have to be a fanboy to recognize that truth. Who did it first means less than who put it all in a nice box so you could play with it, and think every day is Christmas.

  • @Tr1pTr0p, number 1 troll on idownloadblog.

  • i wish that android was better iso that they could compete and force apple to see the need to make a better iPhone and IOS…