Fruit Ninja and other Halfbrick games free for 24 hours

By , Dec 17, 2012

So this is pretty cool. Australia-based app-maker Halfbrick Studios just announced a massive end-of-the-year celebration sale. For the next 24 hours, every single one of their games, on both the iPhone and iPad, is completely free. This includes hit titles like Jetpack Joyride, and Fruit Ninja — which has never been free before. More details after the break…

MacRumors has some comments from Halfbrick:

“This is by far the biggest sale we’ve ever had,” said Phil Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick. “Over the past three years we’ve given everything we have to make our games the best, and were rewarded a million times over with love and support from our fans. Now it’s time to give something back, kick some ass and start 2013 with more momentum than ever. Have a blast playing Halfbrick’s finest!”

And here’s a full list of the apps (just click link to download):

While we typically see a number of app sales around the holidays, I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a developer list its entire app catalog for free. Take my advice and take advantage of this while you can. Even if you don’t play all of them right away, at least download them so they’re in iCloud. The sale is only for 24 hours, so expect it to end early tomorrow morning.

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  • Abhinandh Ajay

    End of the World Sale!!!!! Nice!!! 😛

  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m sure my little brother will enjoy some of these games more than I will but regardless, thanks.

  • The Shoonchy 

    Downloaded all of them, Thanks for the heads up

  • RV


  • Mo Ali

    I got all of them thank bro

  • Piyush

    Who said there are more free apps in android than iOS , I am starting to think the opposite

    • iphone5&sgs2

      there is alot of shit at the android market

    • Jonathan Jaimes

      Andriod play store has great apps some that apple doesn’t even have.

      • Piyush

        Tell me one name of app exclusive to android and plz don’t tell me antivirus or how to speedup your devices and memory mangers and last but not the least live wallpapers , name one useful apps .

      • Pedro Ramírez

        iOS has Infinity Blade I and II 😛

  • BossMan Britt

    i got them all too

  • syler

    Thanks for the heads up bro

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Sweet, grabbed them all. Awesome report!